Soundhouse May 2nd

Saturday 2nd May

The Soundhouse

At The Soundhouse tonight: Little Dead Town, The Sun Never Set, The World Can Wait, Breathe In The Silence.

The show was presented by Dreaming In Colour Promotions.

Little Dead Town

Little Dead Town at The Soundhouse
Little Dead Town at The Soundhouse

I have seen Leicester band Little Dead Town Before. The band was at the OBS show at The Musician on 14th March; commenting on their performance I wrote:

Apparently this band was here tonight playing their first ever gig! If that was true, then they certainly plunged in at the deep end. But what a way to start – a room of people who are fans of rock music and one of the most acclaimed music venues in Leicester. Little Dead Town launched themselves into musical space and were soon orbiting planet Leicester with some astronomically good sounds. The superbly good voice of their lead singer was backed by solidly good musicianship from the other members of the band to provide us with an offering of melodic songs fuelled by plenty of passion. I heard some seriously good stuff from this band tonight. [Music in Leicester]

Little Dead Town's lead singer
Little Dead Town’s lead singer

Powerful vocals from the front-man led the songs in a set that was excellent. This is clearly an up and coming band that deserves recognition. Delivering a set that was strong on attack and with ear-grabbing sounds, their music blended passion, power and melody into a cocktail of sumptuous flavours.

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The Sun Never Set

This six-piece post-metal, band with members from London, Lancaster and Vilnius, featured a strong lead vocalist – Luke Tyson. Massive amounts of energy poured from the stage and they had no end of theatrical movements to propel their music into the crowd. Propelled by electrifying emotions, they split the atmosphere with bolts of lightening in a performance to which they give total commitment. They were dazzling.

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The World Can Wait

Sulley Archer from The World Can Wait
Sulley Archer from The World Can Wait

Tonight’s performance by TWCW was amazingly good. This Leicester band has come a long way since it first started. Musically, they really nailed it this evening. It is not just that they choose attractive and listenable tunes – it was also about their whole approach to playing.

The drummer from The World Can Wait
The drummer from The World Can Wait

On stage tonight was their girl drummer – Tina Tompkin – with her microphone, contributing to the vocals led by Sully Archer. Archer was a little nervous and somewhat tentative when he first appeared on Leicester’s stages at the start of the band’s career. Now he has grown into a rock star with genuine presence and personality.

You can see The World Can Wait at the Glastonbudget festival; they will be on the Icon stage on Saturday evening at about 16:45.

Breathe In The Silence

Breathe In The Silence at The Soundhouse
Breathe In The Silence at The Soundhouse

Breathe In The Silence (from Bridgend) – what an amazing band. They far filled out the room with their sounds. They put on a set that was spectacular, one in which the lead singer delivered a performance that was stunning.

Breathe In The Silence at The Soundhouse
Breathe In The Silence at The Soundhouse

The band discharged megawatts of energy with their exhilarating songs and stage presence that was completely untamed. The audience loved them. The band’s volcanic performance was a kind of ‘stage rage.’ This was the band’s first appearance in Leicester.

Breathe In The Silence at The Soundhouse
Breathe In The Silence at The Soundhouse

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