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Tuesday 17th February 2015

Upstairs, Downstairs

Presented by Dreaming in Colour Productions

At the Shed tonight two stages offered a varied line-up of bands.

On the main stage:  The Stations, Weak Knees, Creatin’ Havoc, The Summer War and The Sedations.

Downstairs:  Homeless Shakespeare, Times to Kill, Small Pond Big Fish.

The Sedations at The Shed
The Sedations at The Shed

The main stage show tonight was opened by The Sedations. With two singers and a set of fast-paced tunes, razor-sharp stops and lashings of energy,  they delivered an exhilarating half-hour of rocket powered music.

The Sedations on Facebook

Downstairs:  Homeless Shakespeare (aka Joe Doyle) brought his unique musical moments of unorthodoxy to the gathering in the Basement. The avant-garde singer/songwriter from Leicester is noted for his Pirate Song.

Homeless Shakespeare on Facebook

Weak Knees at The Shed
Weak Knees at The Shed

Upstairs, Weak Knees, from Leeds, offered relishable riffs with their energised stage presence. Thrilling sounds were delivered by their guitarist, backing from the bassist, and their songs sparkled with sharply honed musical phrases. What they did was good; full of attack and vigour. The two singers provided a strong vocal layer.  On the band’s Facebook they describe their style of music as ‘alternative/emo’. They are currently on tour with The Summer War.

Weak Knees on Facebook

Times To KIll at The Shed
Times To KIll at The Shed

Leicester, four-piece progressive, post-hardcore band Times To Kill brought plenty of passion and the power of hardcore sounds to the small but select audience in the very pongy basement. Unusual in having a member working electro and decks – Caleb Raja (Keyboard/Programming) – this was one of the most interesting groups I have seen recently.  Dogged by technical issues, they did their best to play but things didn’t seem to work too well.  Even so, I got the idea and this is one band I would really like to hear again – hopefully when they can play at full throttle. It’s worth checking out their tracks on Soundcloud. This is a band that has a lot going for it.

Times to Kill on Facebook

Creatin' Havoc at The Shed
Creatin’ Havoc at The Shed

Upstairs Leicester band Creatin’ Havoc showed us just how much they have developed their act with a lively, punchy and passionate set of their pop-punk songs. Led by the fizzing singing of B, supported by two backing vocalists, they delivered a big set of blistering songs that lifted the roof. I wrote once that they were ‘coming on in leaps and bounds’;  tonight they showed just what that means.  Terrific.

Creatin’ Havoc

Iga Tchorz of Small Pond Big Fish at The Shed
Iga Tchorz of Small Pond Big Fish at The Shed

Downstairs, the alternative rock and punk band from London,  Small Pond Big Fish gave us a vibrant set of songs, sizzling sounds and sparkling rhythms, led by the scintillating vocals of Iga Tchorz.  It was a privilege to see them here tonight;  although,  I wish they had been on the main stage. Although I had not seen them before, this was a band that had an immediate impact for me. On the band’s Facebook page it says …’this powerful female fronted 4 piece act, are set about establishing a new sound in this scene and rising above the rest. ‘ I whole heartedly salute that. Let’s hope they will come back to Leicester again. Watch them on YouTube.

Small Pond Big Fish on Facebook

Summer War at The Shed
Summer War at The Shed

Upstairs, The Summer War from Manchester capped an evening of top-class music with a performance that was all good.  Now, regular readers will know that I have a liking for singing bands. There are guitar bands and there are singing bands. This Mancunian trio falls into the latter category. Two good singers, with well-blended vocals. I also like bands that put on an energetic show (I am usually unimpressed by instrument-playing mannequins.) So, good at singing, good at playing their instruments, an effective stage presence and a set of exhilarating songs;  I liked this band from the word go. Simples. This is the kind of band you see for the first time and which you immediately want to see again. Their music gets you our of your seat. Their music came off the stage like showers of sparkling stars (well that’s what I wrote in notes!) These guys were well and truly switched on, revved up and ready to go. They got up on stage and gave it their all. It was an electrifying set. Top-notch. Magic.

Summer War guitarist
Summer War guitarist

The Summer War on Facebook
and if you want to get an idea of what they sound like go to YouTube and watch
or check their song Early Doors‘ which they played at the show tonight.

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