Young bands night May

Thursday 29th May 2014

Young Bands at The Shed

On stage tonight: Elle Grace Foxon, Before The Crash and Radio Active.

The Shed is one of the top Leicester venues where young bands and artists often make their debut appearances.

Tonight’s show was opened by 13 year old Elle Grace Foxon. She had recently been featured in the Area Final of Teenstar in May, a national competition for young artists. Leicestershire’s Elle Foxon showed tonight that she was a natural, born singer with a fullsome, clear voice. She sang a series of popular songs, soome of which she had written herself and some covers.

Sining to backing tracks, Elle demonstrated her vocal and melodic abilities with a well-chosen set list.

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Coalville band Before The Crash featured the lead vocals of Shezza Wileman. The four-piece band played a set of their own songs and some covers including Greenday’s American Idiot,Papa Roach’s Last Resort and Time is Running Out by Muse. The band’s own songs were not bed at all – engaging and evocative.

Before The Crash at Shed's young bands night 29th May 2014
Before The Crash at Shed’s young bands night
29th May 2014

The band has played before at The Shed on 20th March. Lead singer Shezza had a strong voice backed by guitarist Hayden Hodgkinson. She took the mic off the stand so she could move around more on stage. A good point.

Before The Crash at The Shed 29th May 2014
Before The Crash at The Shed
29th May 2014

Too Late‘, one of their own songs, is due out in their EP later his year, told told the crowd. They put some effort into their performance and Shezza had dressed up the occasion.

An enjoyable set.

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Lydia Mason is a young artist with a lot of talent and voice that can easily fill a room. Her performance had vitality and she performed well on stage. She holds the mic, taking it off the stand to use it. Lydia’s set of songs was enjoyable.

It’s amazing how good these young singers are – where will they be in ten years time, one wonders. It was only in 1999 that Ellie Golding was starting out on her career, when she performed at The Shed. Food for thought there!

Lydia has appeared before at The Shed

Radio Active was a very young group of musicians but they had three singers, including the lead vocalist, backed by the guitarist and bassist.

Radio Active at The Shed, 29th May 2014
Radio Active at The Shed, 29th May 2014

They opened with a stomping number, getting their set off to a ripping start, delivering a great selection of rock songs. For a young group they certainly know how to do exhilarating songs; they clearly have rock in their viens. With three good singers on the front line, they reminded me of Kid Vicious, a young band that was well known at The shed in preivous times.

Radio Active at the Shed Young Bands night 29th May 2014
Radio Active at the Shed Young Bands night
29th May 2014

The Lead singers and the guitarist were impressive, providing a remarkably good set – rock stars of the future. Despite their tender years, they played a set that much older bands would have been proud of. You can watch 500 bands and not see one as good as this.

Past rock star musician Conor Evans said “they were f*cking awesome).

The next young bands night at The Shed is on 19th June – see Shed listings.

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