I Wanna Be A Rockstar 2014

I Wanna Be A Rock Star 2014

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3rd January 2014

The competition for bands called I Wanna Be A Rockstar starts on 1st March 2014.

All heats, semi-finals and the grand final take place at The Shed, in Yeoman Street, Leicester.

The series is run by Music First Promotions.

The dates of all the gigs are:


For general information about the IWBARS shows, see Facebook. That page gives details of the prizes and details of how to enter, up to the deadline on 12th January.

30 bands from all over the UK will battle it out to be crowned the ultimate champions. I Wanna Be A Rockstar is a competition open to BANDS of ALL genres from all over the UK.

IWBAR 2013

The competition for bands called I Wanna Be A Rock Star took place at the Shed live music venue in 2013.

The winner of the whole competition, promoted by Music First Promotions, was Leicester band Titan.

titan band
Titan on the stage at Glastonbudget

The grand final took place on Saturday 15th June 2013.

We talked to Titan after the show:

MIL:  So, guys how does it feel  to be the winners of IWBARS?

Titan: It means a lot to us, we are privileged to be part of competition and we are honoured  to be winners. We’ve only been around for six months with the current line up and we feel like we’re in our prime and will be for a while. It’s been our greatest achievement so far .

MIL: When the winner was announced, how did it make you feel? What did you think?

Titan: Well James started by looking for the tissues! But on a serious note, it was a real shock, the standard of the other bands was very high and I think we were just overwhelmed by the fact that we’d won it. There was a lot of hard work and preparation that went into this so we’re glad it paid off.

MIL: What happens next? You have all those prizes to use up?

Titan: First we’re going to finish our summer of festivals and things we’ve got planned out. Then we’ll go back into the studio and record a follow-up to our debut EP which we’ve already got on iTunes and Spotify.

MIL: What advice do you have for bands thinking about doing competitions like this?

Titan: You’ve got to put a lot of time, effort and commitment in from the start. Always have the attitude that you’re going to win and just have fun. We think it’s important to mix up your set, put some different styles of songs in to break it up and just rock out.

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