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New rock bands from Leicester 2013

On this page we list some of the bands from Leicester and Leicestershire that have just started up or which we have newly discovered.

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Surf Photo Steve Kilmister
Surf Photo
Steve Kilmister

FEEL GOOD “English Beach Grunge/Dream-Pop/Feel-Good Music”

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Satellite Empire

Liv Armon of Eden Avenue
Liv Armon
Photo Philip Vernon

Satellite Empire is a pop rock band that recently launched a new single at a show at The Music Cafe.

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Cabin Boy Jumped Ship

Electro Hardcore metal band Cabin Boy Jumped Ship created a stir on Facebook when they announced the launch of their new video and song on YouTube:  Illusions.

They told us that the band ‘infuse metal inspired hardcore riffs and hefty breakdowns with a subtle djent influence then mix it all up with a dose of filthy dubstep,euphoric trance and brutal screamed vocals.’ Well, you have to check that out!

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Friendly Enemies

Friendly Enemies
Friendly Enemies

We saw Friendly Enemies at the Soundhouse and were impressed by what we heard when they played at Edgar Fest.


Matt Chubb told us about this band:

Add strings for a Bond theme. Weighing in at only 78 seconds, this is the first I’ve heard of Daventry based Indie quartet SilverSpark. In a word? Impressed.

The track is punchy from the outset, the guitar tone edging towards Hendrix in the beginning. At points it wants to develop into a fully blown Bond theme. It flows beautifully however seems to finish before being given a chance to develop further, although you’ll be hard pushed to do that in just over a minute.

The vocals are standout and remind me of early Christina Aguilera tracks, powerful, gritty and on edge, retaining control throughout. My main and only criticism, the mix itself. The power of the track seems lost and it’s hard to pick out the individual nuances in the music. Note however it’s a live recording and having listened to their finished tracks this won’t be a problem when it’s recorded. The ingredients are all there, and with a good engineer it has massive potential.Frankly I’m looking forward to hearing this as a full length, mastered track. Musically it’s brilliant, time to polish it and present it to the world.

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The Unknown

Five 15 year old aspiring musicians from Leicester, you can follow their progress on Facebook.


Now a three-piece rock covers, Weirdfish have a song list featuring  Foo Fighters, Green Day, Oasis, Kings of Leon, Neil Young, ACDC etc

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