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Page last edited: 4th January 2015

Some people collect stamps;   we collect bands.

We have also included some bands from outside the local area, if in the East Midlands.

This page lists all bands that we know of that were currently active in Leicester and Leicestershire in 2014.

A new list has been started for 2015.

No new items will be added to this page; new items will now be added to the page for 2015.

This list includes both bands that play their own music (original) and those that play covers.

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Leicester bands that are active from June 2014

8Miles High Leicester (Punk, rock)

Alligatr. Leicester (Indie, pop rock)

Another Day Down Leicester (Alternative rock)

Arms of Atlas Leicester (Power rock)

The Arcadians Burton on Trent (Indie)

Ascend the Skies Photo Steve Kilmister
Ascend the Skies
Photo Steve Kilmister

Ascend The Skies Leicester (Post-hardcore)

Axis Mundi  Leicester (hybrid of euphoric acid house and rock)

Beneath The Lights Leicester (Alternative rock)

The Bench That Rocked Leicester, Coalville  (rock)

Black Mesa Leicester (Hard rock)

Black Page Turns Leicester  (Rock/Metal/Virtual)

Blood Pressure Leicester (Reggae/Ska/Rock)

Blueshine Brothers Leicester (Bluegrass music)

The Bobcats Leicester (Blues rock) See also Blueshine Brothers.

The Botanics (Progressive Indie Rock)

The Brandy Thieves Leicester (Gypsy rock)

vy the rivers band
By The Rivers

By The Rivers Leicester  (Reggae/ska)

Cabin Boy Jumped Ship Leicestershire (Electro/post-hardcore)

Casino Empire Leicestershire (Alternative Rock)

Charitable Thieves Burton-on-Trent (Pop Rock, Indie, Classic Rock, Covers and Original music)

Christopher Moody & The Underground Kings Leicester (Rock, pop, acoustic)

Clubs Leicester (indie)

Cool Times is now known as Royal Arcade (see below)

Cream Tangerines Leicester (Blues rock)

Dave the Rock Band (Leicestershire) (Rock)

Dawson and the Dissenters Leicester

Adam Pickering of The Daydream Club Photo Kat Ullman
Adam Pickering of The Daydream Club
Photo Kat Ullman

The DayDream Club Leicester (acoustic duo)

Dedbeats Leicester (Trashy rock ‘n’ roll, punk rock, grunge, blues)

Deep Red Thread Leicester (Alternative rock, post hardcore)

Demons of Ruby Mae  Hinckley(Alternative rock/folk)

Drowning Grace Leicester and Nottingham  (Post hardcore)

Due Vendetta Leicester  (metal hardcore)

Eden Avenue (formerly known as Vengeance) Leicester  (Alternative rock)

Elizabeth Cornish band Leicester (Acoustic folk pop rock) See our feature article on Elizabeth Cornish.

Elysian Leicester (Acoustic duo playing a mixture of soul/jazz with a chilled reggae edge)

Empire (indie)

Final Coil Leicester (Heavy alternative rock / grunge)

Flip Like Wilson Leicester  (Punk/pop)

Ash Wright of Formal Warning on stage at Foxton
Ash Wright of Formal Warning on stage at Foxton

Formal Warning Leicester (Indie)

FourPointOh Leicester  (indie  and hardrock)

Fourteen Down Leicester  (Rock)

French Leave Leicestershire (Indie, alternative)

The Furies Leicester (“Rock/indie”)

Goldstein Leicester  (Punk rock/ska punk/ska)

The Greys Leicester (Rock)

The Harrowbrooks (Alternative/Indie/Rock ‘n’ Roll)

Horizon (Rock and acoustic)

Indra’s Net Leicester (Alternative rock)

Invictus Leicester (metal core)

Juniors (Alternative)

KBG Jazz Leicester (jazz)

Leaving Party (Indie) Not currently playing.

Lights UK (Indie)

Linear Leicester (indie, alt, progressive)

Little Night Terrors (Indie)

Lushon and Danny (covers duo)

Luzon Bleeding Heart (Hardcore) Not currently playing

Mage Leicester (Doom – Metal – Sludge – Metal – Stoner – Metal – Hardcore – Metal – Prog – Metal – Alternative – Metal)

Melisma Leicester (Progressive metal)

Midcity Leicester (the new name for Murmur)

Midnight Wire's Alex Van Roose by Mat Borland
Midnight Wire’s Alex Van Roose
by Mat Borland

Midnight Wire Leicester (Indie)

The Mighty Gyrators Leicester (Blues/Rock covers band)

Mondigreen Leicester (“Kemprock”, probably indie to most people)

Murmur (Alternative/Indie) – changed its name to Midcity (see above)

My Legacy Leicester (Metalcore, grindcore)

The Shed August 8th 2014
The Shed August 8th 2014

Neon Sarcastic Leicester (alternative Rock/Rock) Neon Sarcastic website.

NFQ Leicester (Jazz, latin and funk influenced instrumental soundscapes)

Nile Delta Buskers (Leicester)

No More Heroes Leicester (Alternative rock) Booking contact – Andy 07410980760

Out of Karma Leicester (soulful blend of Rock and Dub grooves)

Part of the Problem Leicester (Rap/ Reggae/ Hip Hop/ Funk/ Dance)

Piezo (formerly known as Glory for a Dead Man)

Polly Leicester (Acoustic  Blues & jazz-influenced acoustic pop)

Raptusound Leicester  (Alternative Electro Rock)

Resin  Hinckley (Rock, Grunge, Metal)

Retro Rocket  Leicester (Classic rock and new ave covers)

Royal Arcade Leicester (Indie Pop/Surf band)

Savanna Bones Leicester (rock, blues, indie)

The Sedations Leicester (punk) (Vengeance Records)

Sepia Sun Leicester (Post-rocktronica/Alternative/Noise)

The Silent Sons Leicester (Indie, garage)

Six Broken Sticks Leicester

Skam (Rock, probably classic to most people)

The… Look under the next letter in the name

The Smokestacks Leicester (Blues, rock, funk)

Tommy Bee of Smokin The Profit at Sumo, April 2014 Photo Rob Gurney Digital Mechanic
Tommy Bee of Smokin The Profit at Sumo, April 2014 Photo Rob Gurney Digital Mechanic

Smokin The Profit (Punk-Rock With A Big Ol’ Dollop Of Ska)

Soundtrack Leicester (Folk rock, funk, acoustic)

The Stacks (Nuneaton) (Indie)

Stop That Train (Leicester) Alternative reggae

Stating The Obvious (alternative indie)

Stiletto (Raunchy rock)

Strangler Figs at OBS February 28th
Strangler Figs at OBS February 28th

Strangler Figs Leicester (indie art work)

Strike up the Colours Melton Mowbray (Pop/rock)

Surf Leicester (indie)

The Swinging Bass Midlands (Covers band)

Temple of Lies Leicester (rock)

Titan (Rock probably metallic indie)

The Unknown (rock, pop, covers and original songs)

Warldorf Leicester (Grunge Rock)

We All Fell Silent Leicester (Acoustic indie)

We Can Be Astronauts Leicester (Alternative rock)

Weirdfish (classic rock covers)

Sully Archer of The World Can Wait
Sully Archer of The World Can Wait

The World Can Wait Leicester (Alternative Rock). See our feature article on this band.

The Zufflers Leicester  (Six piece covers)

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