Glastonbudget 2013 Sunday

Glastonbudget Festival Review 2013

Friday 24th May

Report by Kevin Gaughan

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  • Beneath The Lights
  • Vengeance
  • The Sex Pistols Experience
  • Souled Out 2 Funk
  • Enraged
  • Oasish


Beneath the Lights – Icon Stage at 12:10

Beneath the Lights, a young four piece pop-punk/rock band from Leicester had the unenviable task of being the first band to perform on the Sunday, but still had no problems pulling a crowd to the Icon stage.

Beneath the Lights

Their well-crafted and enthusiastically performed set was just the tonic for a sunny Sunday lunch time crowd. Nothing too heavy, nice catchy riffs all round with competent singing. Probably helped by the fact hat there were no other bands on at the time, but the crowd at the Icon stage grew dramatically when they were on.

Beneath the Lights

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Vengeance – Icon Stage at 14:30

Vengeance, a five piece rock band from Leicester that don’t hold back in coming forwards – thanks to the three show-off guitarists, Harry, Will and Conor, they were fantastic to watch and great to listen to.


With lead singer, Rebecca gaining more confidence with each performance, so it seems, it was great to see them but I’m never sure if they are quite there yet with the vocals. Backed up by good song writing and a blistering performance, they were a pleasure to watch.

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The Sex Pistols Experience – Big Top at 15:35

Stopping off at the Big Top marquee for a bit, I had no choice but to see the Sex Pistols Experience. Looking a bit like the real thing, they certainly had all the attitude, spontaneity and sound of the Sex Pistols.

The Sex Pistols Experience

Hurling colourful insults at the audience, as long as you didn’t take it seriously, this lot certainly made it feel as though you were experiencing the Sex Pistols. The plentiful crowd had been worked up into a decent sized mosh pit, too.

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Souled Out 2 Funk – Icon stage at 18:00

Souled Out 2 Funk

With the sun still beating down on Glastonbudget, when Souled Out 2 Funk (SO2F) hit the stage, their soul/blues covers went own a storm. There must have been eight people in this band, but the crowd had their dancing shoes on, big time!

Souled Out 2 Funk

Playing songs from James Brown to the more soulful Temptations and doing so extremely well they provided a fantastic and entertaining 30 minute set.

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Enraged – Main Stage at 19:40

A four piece tribute to Rage Against the Machine from Leicester. Unleashing their funk/rap metal to the appreciative Glastonbudget audience, these guys hit the Rage Against the Machine button. At times also developing their own funk-pit in the crowd!


Looking respectfully like the real thing and sounding uncannily authentic, they put on a great stage show with 100% enthusiasm and professionalism. Enraged have been quoted as being ‘one of Leicester’s finest tribute bands’. After this performance, I’m left with no doubt that could well be the case!


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Oasish Main Stage at 21:20

Oasish, an Oasis tribute band from Reading, have headlined Glastonbudget a few times now and I have special memories from all of them, so I had been looking forward to seeing them all weekend. The audience at the main stage was actually bursting at it’s seams when Oasish graced the stage.

With all the attitude and swagger of Liam Gallagher himself, complete with his gritty voice, the show was every bit Oasis. The huge production on the main stage really coming into it’s own in the evening with the massive crowd jumping, singing and clapping, this was one truly spectacular performance.


A nice touch was towards the end when they brought on the young Leicester Theatre Group and the crowd was told to show their appreciation as they’ll be ‘brickin’ it right now…’! As always, Oasish left me wanting more… much more!

Finishing off one truly fantastic weekend, graced with perfect weather, I came away feeling I had been a part of something special this weekend, a never to be forgotten experience.

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