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Music in Leicester magazine went fully live on 3rd June 2013. It was published by ArtsIn Publishing, at that time it was set up. Now (2018) it is published by Trevor Locke. The acting editor is Kevin Gaughan.

Music in Leicester is an independent online magazine; it has an editorial advisory group that assists with the management of its content. It is a not-for-profit, community venture. It has no paid staff and no offices.

There was also a sister magazine called Arts in Leicester but this has closed down.

The views expressed in this magazine are those of named contributors;  where a piece is not named, it is attributable to the Editor. The views expressed do not necessarily represent those of the promoters of shows; they are the writer’s own.

Information for venues and promoters

In order for us to cover live music, we need to get into gigs and other events free, as would most serious music journalists, newspaper reporters or anyone else from the media. Ours is a free magazine that has no income; we therefore have no expenses to cover entry to music venues and events.

We do NOT send reporters to a show without asking first. No official reporter from Music in Leicester will simply turn up at a gig and ask to be let in, without prior contact from us. Regular reporters also carry our official ID cards.

Given that our reporters have to go to several gigs each week, it would cost us more than we could afford if we had to buy a ticket every time we wanted to cover a show or a band. People who write for this magazine give their time free of charge including both attending shows and writing about them afterwards.

We therefore ask venues and promoters to treat our reporters and photographers just like any other member of the press and give us free entry to shows.

We do not charge venues or promoters to publicise their gigs on our listings, so we trust that we will not be asked to pay for admission if we ask to cover a show we have previously publicised.

We do not charge bands or artists for writing reviews about their performances.

Regular contributors

Carlos Stein

Keith Jobey

Kevin Gaughan

Peter Coombs

More contributors are always needed. See below


Kevin Gaughan

Kieran Pattni

Martin Crosbie

Pascal Pereira

Trevor Cobbe

Past photographers

RhinoFeroSs photography

Rob Gurney

Mat Borland

More contributors and reviewers are needed.

We regret that we are not able to pay for contributions sent in, either textual or photographic.  This magazine is a not-for-profit publication, set up to benefit the music community in Leicester. There is no paper-based output – it’s all on the Internet. It’s all free to everyone.

Contributors wanted

You can become a contributor by registering with us.  We are actively recruiting writers, photographers and editors.

Find out more about how being a writer works

We prefer contributors based in Leicester or Leicestershire; those who are not should at least have a working knowledge of live music in our local area.  We would also be interested in ‘stringers’ for music in Nottingham, Coventry, Derby and Peterborough. We are keen to include material about music in the East Midlands. If you are a budding journalist, write about your local East Midlands area for us.

Music in Leicester is about …

This magazine is about popular music in Leicester and Leicestershire and some neighbouring cities and counties. It covers the bands, singers and music artists who are from our local area and bands and acts that come here to play.

We do not cover bands or music that do not have any connection with our local area.  Ours is a local magazine. We do, however, write about out-of-town bands, singers and artists who play in Leicester/shire.

‘Popular music’ means genres such as rock, punk, metal, hardcore,  jazz, urban, hip-hop, electro, pop, pop rock  and so on. The word ‘popular’, in this sense,  is used as a noun rather than as an adjective.

Articles about classical music, choral, opera, ballet etc. used to be published on Arts in Leicestershire but has ceased publication.

Find out how to become a contributor to Music in Leicester magazine.

Page last edited: 7th November 2018