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Welcome to the contents page of Music in Leicester magazine from 2017 and on into 2018.

We cover popular music in Leicester and Leicestershire.

Rock, metal, punk, indie, alternatives, jazz, folk, hip-hop – we cover all types of popular music.

We write about bands, singers, soloists, rappers and the gigs they perform and the venues in which they play.

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Reviews of gigs for 2017. 2016 review of the year

NEW SERIESTrevor Locke’s column called Going To Gigs 

2008 – a look back at the bands (Round 9 in the series Going to Gigs.)

Alphabetical list of subjects

About us – find out about Music in Leicester magazine.

Attik, music venue, Leicester

Band competitions in Leicester; battles and other kinds of series (Round 10 of the series Going to Gigs.)

Bands – from Leicester and Leicestershire

Bands from the noughties (Round 4 of the series Going to gigs)

Bands – register your band with us

Contact us – how to get in touch

Cosmopolitan Carnival and festival 2017.

Demons of Ruby Mae, review, 2017

Download festival 2017

Download festival 2018.

Dreaming In Colour Productions (feature article january 2017)

Echo Factory (report)

Employed to Serve (band), 2018.

Enderby festival 2018 at Dog and Gun.

Festivals – see under the name of the event

Festivals in 2017.

Glastonbudget festival, 2018.

Going to gigs series of articles. Introduction and list.

Greatest hits of the Leicester music scene.

Help with using this website.

Ill at The Soundhouse, 2018.

KGB Jazz bad, the, 2018

Oxjam Leicester festival 2017.

Gary Numan 2018

Gigs and venues (Round 2 of the series Going to gigs)

Glastonbudget festival 2017

Glastonbudget festival 2018 overview

Glastonbudget festival 2018 for Saturday

Glastonbudget festival 2018 for Sunday

Glastonbudget festival 2018 (see monthly reviews for reports on audition gigs)

Going to Gigs – the series

The golden age of indie (Round 5 of the series Going to gigs)

Hand Made conference, May 2018.

Help with using this website

How do gigs get organised?  (Round 3 of the series Going to gigs)

How the rise of the Internet changed the face of music.

Jazz – our new homepage for all that jazz. New in 2018.

Kevin Hewick at The Criterion. (review)

LIFE (band) at The Shed, 2018.

Linear (band) last ever gig

listening post 2017 (record reviews)

Listening post May 2018

Metal 2 The Masses 2018

Metal (bands and music) in Leicester.

Middle ages, music in Leicester in the

News about music in 2017.

Not My Good Arm band

Open-mic nights

Oxjam 2017

Oxjam 2018.

Promoters of live music 2017.

Pyramids band

Record reviews

Record reviews May 2018

Riverside festival 2017

Romans, music in the time of the ancient Romans, in Leicester

Roots of Leicester’s popular music

Shed, music venue of Leicester

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Singers from Leicester

Singers and soloists: We celebrate the singers, song writers and solo artists who have wowed the fans of Leicester over the years. (Going to gigs round 8.)

Skam band

Traps at the O2 in November 2017 with Milburn and Neon Waltz.

Uprising (Metal to the Masses) final, 2018.

What is it about gigs? (Round 1 of the series Going to gigs)

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