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Trevor writing up his notes. 13th May 2017 at Duffy's Bar. Photo by Kevin Gaughan.

Saturday 5th October 2019

It’s been a long time. Much has happened.  Let me catch up.

21st September

Cosmopolitan Carnival.  One of the well-established features of Leicester’s annual calendar of events. Now in its sixth year. There was a main stage at Jubilee Square. There I saw several acts I knew. The Tony Webster band was on at just after 13:00. Six of the Best gave us a great set of songs and tunes. There were many other great acts but, for me, the highlight of the afternoon was the performance by Harry Georgio & The Well Behaved Young Men. The festival also brought us the clock tower stage, the Humberstone Gate Youth Stage and a dance zone.  It is very gratifying to see this annual event is still going strong.

Tuesday 3rd September

Another good night at Regent Jazz. This time with Tony Gershlick’s Jazz 24.

Have you seen my other column which is about live jazz in Leicester?

Tuesday 30th July

Kevin Hewick at the Soundhouse, 15th August 2017.

The page that I maintain on Acoustic and open-mic nights has been updated.

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Coming up…

In may I am playing ‘catch up’ with my writing programme.

I am working on an article about the celebrated jazz drummer

Paul Dufour, jazz drummer, Leicester, 17th April 2019

Paul Dufour.  He once played the drums in The Libertines, with Pete Doherty

I am writing an article about the early history of the Shed. Leicester’s longest-serving live music venue.

Quarternary Limit at The Shed.

I am also writing a piece

The Regent Jazz club concert. 15th May 2018.

about the history of The Regent Jazz Club.

That’s enough to be going on with.

17th May

Open mic nights

Today I made a new page that lists open-mic nights in Leicester and Leicestershire for 2019.

Andrew Moran

7th May 2019

Rhett Barrow’s open mic night, at the Soundhouse, has always been a happy hunting ground for new musical talent. Well-established artists perform at these shows, on a regular basis. But, once in a while, someone new comes along who is remarkable. One of the joys of this job is spotting new musical talent. Singer Andrew Moran was the feature act at tonight’s show and that is primarily why I was there. I discovered Moran at the Shed, in 2018, and I, like many others that night, was impressed by his musical abilities. A young singer who is now emerging on the Leicester music scene, Moran is outstanding and extraordinary. I asked him how he had got into music. He told me that he had started when he was ten or eleven when he began to learn the guitar. He is now a student at the British Institute for Modern Music (alumni includes George Ezra.)

Andrew Moran at the Soundhouse, 7th May 2019

One of the benefits of being a music journalist is that you get to discover emerging talent. What stands out about Moran, is his beautifully crafted vocals. His singing reminds me of artists like Samuel Idwal, Ash Francis, Prash Gor and Reuben Wisner. I am not sure how many readers will remember those artists today but when they were active on the scene, they were some of the finest male singers in the city. In Moran’s vocals, I heard some of the qualities that had so enchanted audiences, back in 2016, when these artists were active, particular Wisner, whose abilities as a singer and songwriter were outstanding. Another singer who some might remember (for his exceptional ability at a young age) is Jack Kenworthy. There were people at the Soundhouse tonight who remember the early performances of Kenworthy and how everyone was stunned by the young man’s musical abilities.

Tonight Moran sang extremely well, delivering vocals with delicacy, superb control and backed by exquisite guitar work. He chose, tonight, to give us a set of covers but they were well-chosen songs that suited his voice. He made the songs his own. He has the ability to deliver songs with a sensitivity that charms his audience and there is a sweetness in his vocal style that is captivating.

As I commented to a friend, there are people who sing and there are singers. There is no shortage of competent vocalists in this city but finding one who is an exceptional artist is a rarity. Using the voice, as a musical instrument, is something that Moran knows about and, to my way of thinking, that places him in the league along with Idwal, Wisner and others who have gone down that path before him. Don’t be mislead by his youthfulness; there is a maturity in his work that belies his tender years. Moran is without a doubt an artist who has a promising future ahead of him.

Andrew Moran at the Soundhouse, 7th May 2019

Watch my 2018 interview with Moran at The Shed.

Check out Andrew Moran’s website.

Listen to his songs on Soundcloud.

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