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11th July 2018

Live jazz at The Regent

The Regent Jazz club concert. 15th May 2018.

A permanent homepage for all that jazz stuff that we are supposed to be doing but that gets lost in the labyrinth of articles. A page that readers can always go to to find jazz-related content. Up now.

Friday 6th July

Mike Sole

at Attenborough Arts

Tonight’s show was presented by Parkin and Dean. Mike Sole is a virtuoso pianist, singer and musician. Mike was playing on a B√∂sendorfer piano.

Mile Sole, Attenborough Arts, 6th July 2018

On the drums was David Bryant. I remember Mike Sole when he played in one of my favourite bands – The Gadjos. They were exponents of Gypsy Jazz. Arthur Tyers also made appearances tonight, as part of the trio. He played the guitar. One of their numbers was by Django Reinhardt, the Romani jazz guitarist. What enthrals and amazes about Sole is the sheer scope and breadth of his musical talent. Music of this quality often calls for a trip to Birmingham or London and high ticket prices. Leicester can offer top-quality music for much less.

David Parkin, Attenborough Arts, 6th July 2018

David Parkin also did a couple of slots. I remember him for his highly amusing comedic musical performances, long ago. He appears in 2012 at the Musician for an event called Broken Mic night. David Parkin’s act was unique. His main song was about playing scrabble with his mother and the spoken lyrics create a strong mood about his experience of mental health issues – it’s a sardonic song about clinical depression. Sole’s musical offerings ranged across many styles of music including jazz, blues and rock. Each piece was stunning for its music skill and quality of interpretation. Tyer’s guitar work was brilliant. Songs from the set list included ‘It Had to be You‘, ‘I can’t Give You Anything But Love,’ ‘All the things you are,’ and many more. Between the songs, much light-hearted banter. What a fantastic evening. A rare treat. Enchanting. Exhilarating.

Mike Sole trio, Attenborough Arts, 6th July 2018

4th July 2018

Here we go

I decided to publish the new blog page. This one. Continuing problems with staffing, backlogs getting worse.¬† There are many reasons why things had ground to a halt. So, there’s a phrase we use – published and be damned.

Tuesday 3rd July 2018

Jazz at the Regent Club

The audience at the Regent Jazz club was entertained with a varied selection of tunes, tonight. The show we enjoyed tonight was given the rubric Summer Celebration. Tunes included those from films such as Pink Panther, The Ipcress File alongside songs by Gershwin and Irving Berlin, among others.

The Regent Jazz club concert. 15th May 2018.

The bands tonight were Jamms, Cool Jazz Quartet, Andy Kirkland group, Not So Big band, Regenerates and Afro City Swingsters (South African jazz music.) A large gathering. A game from the World Cup was also being broadcast in the bar area.

Tuesday 29th June

A night at the Soundhouse

with Scribble Victory, Kinkaid, Undercover and The Albion.

I fancied a night out. It had been a long hot day. The prospect of cold cider beckoned. Where better to enjoy a night of rock than the Soundhouse.

Two men took to the stage. No idea who they were. Never heard of them. I sat, I listened. The more I listen, the more it liked what they were doing. But the end of their set, I was hooked. This was a group from Bedfordshire called Kinkaid. One man did the singing; the other played guitar and operated a laptop, on which he operated some kind of looping system. What they came up with was different. Not a bad thing – different. In style the music was pop. Chilled. Melodic. Very likeable. To me, it had a bit of seventies vibe.

Kinkaid at the Soundhouse on 29th June 2018

It certainly had plenty of atmosphere. Were they playing covers or their own original tracks? I asked myself. Probably original songs, I concluded. Well the songs were undoubtedly original in the way they performed and delivered them. The music had a passionate resonance that was appealing. Other people also thought it was good stuff. The guitar parts were remarkably inventive. Smashing.

The first full band of the night was a new one. This might have been their first gig. A group of boys who went by the name of Undercover. They began with a song by the Arctic Monkeys. You know the one – all young bands starting up have a go at it. Something about a dance floor.

Undercover at the Soundhouse on 29th June 2018

What they might have lacked in technical brilliance, they easily made up for with their youthful ebullience. They had selected a pretty good set of songs for us to enjoy. That shows they have musical aptitude. All in all, an enjoyable set that went down well with the audience. Good luck to them; I hope we will see them again soon.

The last time I saw The Albion was at the Foxton Locks festival. I saw them, but only from a distance. Standing too far away from the man stage, it was impossible to see the faces. The music was easier to appreciate. This is a band I have liked for a very long time.

The Albion at the Soundhouse on 29th June 2018

Over that time they have gained considerable experience. The attention-grabbing songs that they played well-known. That was in addition to their own original songs. Lead singer Bryn Williams gave yet another solidly good performance. A star if ever there was one.

Seeing a performance by Scribble Victory is always one of the highlights of one’s musical experience. There are but two musicians but together they deliver more than most groups of four or more. They both sing. Two beautifully harmonised voices.

Scribble Victory at the Soundhouse on 29th June 2018

The Derby duo has a real zeal on stage that makes they stand out as one of the remarkable bands of the region. Consummate musicianship combined with spine-tingling excitement. What more can you ask for?

A night at the Soundhouse. One of the great pleasures of the local music scene.

16th June

Foxton Locks

I have been to the Foxton Locks festival many times before. Many, many times. But not recently. So, the opportunity to attend, this year, was something that I could not refuse. Part of my pilgrimage to the rural tourist attraction, was to support my friend Jonezy.

Jonezy on stage at the Foxton Locks festival. 16th June 2018.

He performed on a small stage but his performance was anything but small. Even though he has been in the business for several years now, Jonezy continues to bring out new songs. Today he treated his appreciative audience to a new one.

Jonezy performing at the Foxton Locks Festival, 16th June 2018.

On the main stage I remember seeing The Albion. A band I have reviewed before. One that I look forward to reviewing again.

12th June

Jazz at the Regent

Now that I have acquired a taste for Jazz, the Regent Club, in Regent Road, is my destination of choice on a Tuesday night. Tonight a programme billed as ‘Modern Jazz.’

The Regent Jazz club concert. 15th May 2018.

Many instruments were seen in the performance area – different types of saxophones, keyboard, trumpet, double bass, guitar, drums… that appeals to me. And no shortage of musicians to play or sing.

11th June

The Shed

Tonight I have come to see Rhett Barrow. He was doing the feature slot on the regular Drinks and Jams series of shows. In the upstairs bar. Most of what we heard was his own music. Memorable tunes we have grown to admire over the years. Rhett is an artist of extraordinary accomplishment.

Rhett Barrow at The Shed, 11th June 2018. Photography by Trevor Sewell.

Rhett’s slot was featured by singer Guinevere Newton. From London, I think. Not seen her before. But her powerful voice was spell-binding. She gave us a set of captivating songs. Delightful.

Guinevere Newton at The Shed, 11th June 2018.

Another performer I heard tonight was Jack.

Jack Thorpe at The Shed. 11th June 2018.

8th June

University of Leicester Big Band

at The Shed

when it comes to bands I like them big. And they don’t get much bigger than this. Both in size and in musicality. The University of Leicester Big Band is a must see music extravaganza, as far as I am concerned.

University of Leicester Big Band at The Loaded Dog. 29th May 2018.

I heard that the band is to perform two, forty-five minute slots. It was not that long that I went to see them at The Loaded Dog. Can’t get enough of them, me. The room was crowded with young people; mostly students, one would assume. This is a band that has a loyal and dependable following. The other thing I like is that the musicians dress up for the occasion. Crisp white shirts are the order of the day. They played songs that I recognised. Music that I loved. It was an evening of good sounds delivered with top-class skills. That’s what I like.

University of Leicester Big Band at The Loaded Dog. 29th May 2018.

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