Stu Crown at The Musician

Saturday 15th February

Stu Crown and The Bobcats at Pi Bar

One Leicester band stands out these days – The Bobcats. Even for those of you who are not dyed-in-the-wool blues fanatics,  this band will wow you. Stu Crown’s vocals can be described as being like a sand-grinder but he sings with unsurpassed passion and lashings of character. This trio of musicians has been receiving glowing plaudits from people of all musical backgrounds and tastes, from fans and other musicians alike, for its musical magnificence, the compelling nature of the songs they play and their intense performances.

The Bobcats at The Criterion
The Bobcats at The Criterion

Tonight, at Pi Bar in Narborough Road, The Bobcats delivered a spectacular show. Having been treated to a highly enjoyable opening set by the two musicians from Savanna Bones (who replaced the billed Dirty G’s at short notice), The Bobcats took to the stage for a set that lit up the room.

A set of 12 bar blues songs, dripping with passion and atmosphere, riveted the audience as The Bobcats showed us just how impressive they are as a trio of musicians, whose chemistry produces sounds at which we can only wonder. The band’s blues rock songs came with rhythms that got ladies dancing and others nodding their heads and tapping their feet.  They created an amazing atmosphere and several musicians from other bands had come down specially to witness this performance.

Leicester is a place that has so much to offer musically;  tonight was something special –  the bands, the audience, the venue, it all came together to produce a memorable occasion. Some of those who were here tonight also saw  Stu Crown’s performance, in a solo capacity, at various shows and would go on to join The Bobcats at other gigs.

Stu Crown at The Musician
Stu Crown at The Musician

Everyone I spoke to had the same thing to say about The Bobcats – they are one of the city’s outstanding bands and musical assets.  Whilst they are relatively new (in the scheme of Leicester’s bigger musical picture), The Bobcats have made an immediate mark and have established themselves as a major player in our  music scene.

The Bobcats at The Musician on 10th December.

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