Music Diary February 2014

Music Diary for February 2014

Our selection of live music shows that we went to in February

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Friday 28th February 2014

Deep Red Thread at The Shed

Deep Red Thread vocalist Sophie
Deep Red Thread vocalist Sophie

Bands and artists put on a fabulous night of live music at The Shed

28th February 2014

Club Milk at The Cookie.

The Wytches with Blonde Bunny and We Three And The Death Rattle.

by Keith Jobey.

Time to rinse and return – it’s Club Milk night at the Cookie again.

It’s Club Milk night at the Cookie again – meaning great up and coming bands, DJ sets and of course drinks served in milk bottles. Little Night Terrors brothers Andy and James Stone are warming up proceedings with a selection of fine tunes. It’s a sell out tonight and James tells me that Club Milk seems to now be attracting people as much for the event itself rather than just to see a particular band. There is certainly a good cross section of gig goers present as well as an additional crowd there just for the DJ set in the main area.

We Three And Death Rattle Photo: Keith Jobey
We Three And Death Rattle
Photo: Keith Jobey

We Three And The Death Rattle can be quite elusive, playing their home town on an occasional basis, so it’s always great to catch them when they do. The first time I saw them I’d run down New Walk, from a late-running show at The Lansdowne with The Screening,  to arrive at the Firebug to the line “you’ve arrived just in time for the death rattle.” Unfortunately,  I’d arrived a little late as it proved to be their last song. I made sure I caught them properly a couple of days later at Summer Sundae 2011.

Featuring twins Andy and Jon Bennett on drums and guitar respectively and Amy Cooper on vocals, it’s another great set of blues-tinged tunes. Simple raw riffs and drums support Amy Cooper’s vocals with Amy occasionally adding to the mix with maracas, cowbell and theremin. We’re treated to Alligators, a slower song from the early days featuring some great lyrics that has happily been revived and included on the album. There’s a new song I See Static,  along with more album tracks and also European Honeybee, an excellent song not included on the album. Remember, it’s never too late to arrive just in time for the Death Rattle – so go buy their album.

Blonde Bunny hail from Oundle in Northamptonshire and,  according to Facebook,  feature Toby Wardle, Gerry, The RZA, Bigg Wisdom and Samuel Gull. They are guitar and synth-based band and there is a touch of prog rock about them mixed in with some psychedelic indie. With many style changes in their songs along with vocal range that extends to falsetto they are an acquired taste I’d say. One of those bands you gradually fall for over time.

The Wytches at The Cookie Photo: Keith Jobey
The Wytches at The Cookie
Photo: Keith Jobey

The Wytches partly originated in Peterborough but now reside in Brighton. With Kristian Bell on guitar and vocals, Gianna Honey on drums and Daniel Rumsey on bass they play grungy surf rock above which Kristian’s pleading vocals sound great.

Within seconds of the opening riff of Digsaw,  the crowd was jumping. A great sight to see and it’s not until twenty minutes in when the slow paced and Weights And Ties is played that they have a rest. And a rest is all it is, because it’s back to jumping and moshing as Wire Frame Mattress begins. It culminates with several members of the crowd on stage with the band at the end of closing song Crying Clown , a superb never to be forgotten scene. The Wytches return to Leicester on the 28th April at the Musician supporting Pulled Apart By Horses.

The Wytches with their fans Photo: Keith Jobey
The Wytches with their fans
Photo: Keith Jobey

Upstairs the DJ set continues and the crowd are dancing but I head off, looking forward to the next Club Milk coming soon.

26th February

Young bands night At The Shed

Leicester’s young bands played at the The Shed.

Afterthought Playground, The World Can Wait and Stating the Obvious were on stage tonight.

Jamie Borland writes:

Afterthought Playground opened the night.  Whilst they  started a bit nervously, during the middle of the set they loosened up and started getting into the performance;   I thought, however,  they were a bit flat during when playing Radiohead’s  Creep and I also thought their cover of Black Sabbath’s  Paranoid wasn’t heavy enough, from a guitar-tone point of view.  They finished the set off with a cover of Rage Against The Machine’s  Killing In The Name Of. Towards the end of the song they really got into it and put the aggression of the song into the cover, which they changed to put their own take it.

Lead singer from The World Can Wait
Lead singer from The World Can Wait

The World Can Wait, played its first ever gig.  I noticed four microphones on the stage,  so I looked closely to see if they all used the mics during the songs and they did – which was superb! Sully Archer, the lead vocalist looked really comfortable up on stage, making a warm relationship with the crowd. For a first gig this was really surprising but great! The band did covers and their own original songs.  I look will look out for this band playing around Leicester in the future.

The World Can Wait on Facebook.

Stating The Obvious had two vocalists and gave an attractive set of songs.

24th February

Our colleagues at Arts in Leicester went to De Montfort Hall to see the musical Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

24th February

Album released by Calder McLaughlin

Calder McLaughlin's new al;bum: Songs for Sunday Brunch
Calder McLaughlin’s new album:
Songs for Sunday Brunch

We review Songs for Sunday Brunch by Leicester artist Calder McLaughlin. This new album is a work of art, a testimonial to McLaughlin’s maturity and skills as a song writer and singer.

Read our review

23rd February

Acoustic night at The Shed

Singer Ruthie Coles put on a line-up of sings and acoustic groups including Paddy Hodgeson, Chris Moody, Dan Wright, Dr. X, St Crown, Egg Ladies and others.

Dan Wright at The Shed
Dan Wright at The Shed

A well attended night with a good atmosphere, the show followed up the success of the first night that Ruthie organised on 26th January.

Stu Crown at The Shed
Stu Crown at The Shed

Stu Crown (of Bobcats fame) put his new guitar – a 1959 Hoffner –  through its paces. Leicester king of the blues used a slide to crash out a series of stomping songs.  Rapidly becoming one of the most celebrated music artists in Leicester, Stu Crown’s performances reveal his powerful vocal talents and formidable g-tar playing. When ever Crown sings the blues, it is a special musical occasion. Tonight Crown held the audience spellbound in a scintillating set of 12 bar blues songs, on a roll he pumped out one pulsating piece after another.

These nights take place on the last Sunday of every month.

22nd February

By The Rivers at The Soundhouse

By The Rivers at The Soundhouse Photo Rob Gurney (Digital-Mechanic)
By The Rivers at The Soundhouse
Photo Rob Gurney (Digital-Mechanic)

By The Rivers headlined a sell-out show.  Read our review.

17th February

Royal Blood at The Musician

15th February

The Bobcats at Pi Bar

Stu Crown at The Musician
Stu Crown at The Musician

Pi Bar witnessed a memorable night of music when The Bobcats put on a headline show

Read our review of The Bobcats at Pi Bar.

8th February

The Donkey

Dr X with The Bobcats

7th February

Skam at the Academy

skam featured image

Skam at the O2

Wednesday 5th February

Skyves The Donkey

Read our review of Skyves, Flying Kangaroo Alliance, Six Broken Sticks, The Mutineers and one4six2.

Wednesday 5th February 2014

The Exchange bar

By Stone Washed

So here it is, a review of the second round play offs for WP14, the Free festival celebrating all the great artists in and around Leicester. The Exchange Bar was buzzing with anticipation and a significant atmosphere of class was in the air. The usual bands men,mums and dads were in the audience along side the odd curious music lover, who were all hushed when John Fryer took the opening slot.

This polished professional oozed charisma with his acoustic set, extremely soulful blues melodies gained a rapturous applause and his title track If that’s alright with you was a hit with everyone there.

Jason Smith followed with another acoustic soirée, including an amazing cover of Bob Marleys Redemption Song, the deep and meaningful lyrics to his own songs held the audiences intrigue throughout his set. I would liken him in essence to an early Bob Dylan.

Dan Wright, came onto the stage with tremendous vocals and almost country sounding repertoire of powerful songs with meaning. Well crafted originals and an exquisite version of The Smiths Charming Man, a true delight of the evening and well worth looking up.

Jesse Wright, who in my opinion is Leicesters answer to Janis Joplin, enthralled the crowd with her distinctly bluesy tones and captivating lyrics to her own tunes. Her own version of Nina Symone’s Feeling Good showed passion and conviction and the underlying Spanish connections were evident in her guitaring prowess, sensational performance.

The Furies, these were in my opinion the crowd’s favourite of the night, every song was crafted to perfection. Fast paced, new sound of the streets, if The Clash met The Arctic Monkeys this is how I imagine it would sound. Great stage presence, remarkable timing and strong vocal harmonies. These guys are undoubtedly destined for bigger things.

Surf, is a four-piece indie band, very Smiths-like, and their songs well worked. The youngest contingent of the night, they played with passion, a strong use of effects added a professional sound to their tunes, however could be a little overpowering at times, in my opinion. All in all a great bunch of guys who could go far.

Dr X brought the night to a rousing finish, white guy sings the blues, undoubtedly true experts who between the two of them worked the crowd intuitively. They created an amazing old time yet truely original blues feel that held the crowd in awe. These guys would not be out of place on the Jools Holland show. Foot stomping, heart pounding rhythms. Special guest Jesse Wright complemented these two down to earth blues men, a real pleasure to watch, sensational.

Saturday 1st February

Superevolver at the Cookie

James Mabbett - Superevolver Photo Rob Gurney
James Mabbett – Superevolver
Photo Rob Gurney

Superevolver, Titan, The Brandy Thieves at the Cookie Jar

1st Februrary

FourPointOh at The Shed

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