Cookie Jar with God Damn, FKA and LBH

Flying Kangaroo Alliance at Phantomfest
Flying Kangaroo Alliance at Phantomfest

Thursday 16th January 2014

The Cookie Jar with God Damn, Flying Kangaroo Alliance and Luzon Bleeding Heart.

by Keith Jobey ∏

God Damn are starting a headline UK tour. Expect noise and hair. Let me start by pointing out a fact, the gig tonight has been listed by both NME and Kerrang as a must see.

Opening for God Damn tonight are Luzon Bleeding Heart.  Having won NW Leicestershire battle of the bands 2013 against some stiff competition and with an impressive set of songs online, I’m looking forward to seeing them live.

Luzon Bleeding Heart by Rob Gurney
Luzon Bleeding Heart by Rob Gurney

They are a young local five piece comprising Patrick Tams (vocals), Ben Swan (guitar/synth), Coco Stretton (lead guitar), Jack Hall (drums) and Ben Devoir (bass). They bring with them a crowd of friends, family and followers… and a good helping of noise and hair.

They describe their style as alternative electro rock. Blending rock, metal, grunge, electro and classical. It certainly is a contradictory blend, although live it is dominated by the rock/metal elements.

Operating in what I can best describe as a 2-2-1 formation of two attackers up front, a solid midfield duo, and captained by Jack Hall on the drum riser, I’m pleased to say that they are really good! Their stage persona defying their young age as they unleash a well polished performance that many of their peers should be envious of. Even the odd technical glitch is handled well. I’m not too sure about trying to get the crowd to do overhead handclaps though. Just doesn’t seem to fit. But perhaps that is another contradiction they are striving for.

Flying Kangaroo Alliance were next on the stage. Not quite as much hair but plenty of noise, although sandwiched between Luzon Bleeding Heart and God Damn, they are potentially going to be the mellow interlude on the bill tonight. Hah! Flying Kangaroo Alliance mellow, now there’s a contradiction.

Flying Kangaroo Alliance by Rob Gurney
Flying Kangaroo Alliance by Rob Gurney

With the feisty Meri Everitt on vocals and guitar, Ali Findlay on lead guitar, Keeley Knight on bass and Ivan Hunt on drums, the Leicester quartet deliver a lyrically drenched, dynamic nine-song set in their allocated 30 minutes.

They mark their territory early by choosing to open with the bold statement of a song Get the Fuck Off . As Meri snarls and spits out the chorus you can believe she really means this. If you haven’t caught them live yet then it’s about time you did. Their next gig is Thursday 30th January at the Pi Bar on Narborough Road and it’s free entry. And if you can’t make a gig, then their debut single is still available on their bandcamp page.

Finally it is the turn of God Damn. Hair and noise back up to maximum levels. This is their second visit to the Cookie Jar and marks the opening night of their debut UK headline tour. Still touring as a two-piece with Thomas Edward on vocals and guitar and Ash Weaver on drums. Dave Copson, although recording again is still recovering from last years accident and missing the tour.

The crowd thankfully haven’t thinned out and are rewarded with a sonic blast of Black Country badassness. A few new songs are aired alongside released material. Ending with the brilliant Dangle Like Skeletons leaving the words of the title doing exactly that in your head long after the event, rattling at every movement.

This is a band with a true quality about them; it comes as no surprise that they’ve been signed by One Little Indian records. I’m looking forward to seeing them live as a three-piece. But if they can make this much noise as a two-piece, will they be 50% louder as three-piece? And how much more hair will there be? As usual, the venue was top class. A sentiment reiterated by the bands. And which can only help make Leicester a destination of choice for touring bands.

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