2nd May 2015

Featured bands

Featured bands are those that have articles written mainly about them (although other bands might also be included on the same page.)

Bands that are feature in this magazine are those from Leicester or Leicestershire; occasionally, we also feature bands that have played in Leicester.  We would not feature a band that is not from the local area or that has never performed in the local area.

8MilesHigh (2014)


Ash Mammal

Aztec Temples

Beneath The Lights

The Bench That Rocked

Cabin Boy Jumped Ship

Casino Empire (2014)

Elizabeth Cornish

Flying Kangaroo Alliance

Formal Warning


Great Imitation


Jonezy (solo artist)


Martyr De Mona

Midnight Wire (2014)

Neon Sarcastic

Neon Waltz


Reckless Youth

Resin (2014)


Sonic Boom Six

Strangler Figs

Superevolver (2014)

Swamp Delta

Tha Dedeye (solo artist, 2013)


The World Can Wait

Music in Leicester does not feature a new band every month.  In previous times Arts in Leicester magazine used to feature a band every month. Here is the list of all the bands featured in the old Artsin magazine:

The Manhattan Project, Backline, Messini Assault, Beat Club, The Utopians, Breek, Subdude, Full Circle, Forty More Autumns, Razmataz, Smoking the Profit, The Heroes, The Truth, The Chairmen (Oct 08), Kids in Cars (Nov 08), Formal Warning (Dec 08), The Steptoos (January 09), The Pennyhangers (February 09), Project Notion (March 09), Skam# (April 09), Shortwave Fade (May 09), The Waits (June 09), Kill The Batman (July 09), The Fazed (August 09), Autohype (Sept 09), Weekend Schemers (Oct 09), AstroManiacs (Nov 09), Azidify (Dec 2009), Kicking Habits (Jan 2010), Drive By Disco (early Feb 2010), The Stiggz (late Feb 2010), Iziggy (Mar 2010), Third Time Lucky (May 2010), Neon Sarcastic (June 2010), Silent Resistance (Jul 2010), Ashdowne (Aug 2010), Go Primitive (Sep 2010), The Black Tears (Oct 2010), Us Wolves (Nov 2010), Maybeshewill (Dec 2010), Skam# (Feb 2011), Glassfoot (Mar 2011), Aphtershock (April 2011), The Boobytraps (May 2011), SuperEvolver (June 2011), Rassoodocks (July 2011), The Chairmen (August 2011), Midnight Wire (September 2011), Muleta Smiles (October 2011), By The Rivers (November 2011), Arms of Atlas (January 2012), Raptusound (February 2012), Resin (March 2012) No band of the month in April, May and June 2012. Vengeance (July 2012). Smokin’ The Profit (August 2012), Axis Mundi (September 2012)

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