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This is our new list of bands from Leicester and Leicestershire for 2015.

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Bands are listed in alphabetical order by name (band names beginning with “The” are listed under the next word in their name.) The name of the band is linked to a website or a Facebook page. Links always open in a new window.

8Miles High (Leicester) Indie/alternative rock

Beneath The Lights at The Musician Photo RhinoFeroSs
Beneath The Lights at The Musician
Photo RhinoFeroSs

Alligatr (Leicester) indie rock

Another Day Down (Leicester) Alternative rock

Aztec Temples (Leicester) Alternative

Basilisk (Market Harborough) Hardcore

Before The Crash (Coalville) Rock and more

The Bench That Rocked (Coalville) Dynamic rock/punk

Beneath The Lights (North West Leicestershire) Alternative rock

Black Diamond (Whitwick) Rock/punk covers

Bleechbox (Leicester) Pop-punk

Blueshine Brothers (Leicester) Bluegrass

The Brandy Thieves (Leicester) Gypsy ska-infused punk rock

Tommy Cobley from Casino Empire Photo: Olly Stabler
Tommy Cobley from Casino Empire
Photo: Olly Stabler

Casino Empire (Blaby) Alternative

Christopher Moody & The Underground Kings (Leicester) Rock/pop/acoustic

Dig Lazarus (Leicester) Rock

Drowning Grace (Leicester/Nottingham) Metal/various

Echolocation (Leicester) Avant Rock

Eden Avenue (Leicester) Alternative rock/Metal (previously called Vengeance)

English Guns (Leicester) ska punk

En Route (Leicester and Leicestershire) Acoustic

First Wave (Leicester) Punk

Flight15 (Leicester and Birmingham) Rock and Alternative

Flying Kangaroo Alliance (Leicester) Alternative Grunge Punk

FourPointOh (Leicester) Hard rock

Goldstein (Leicester) Punk rock/ska punk/ska/dub/rap

Graystarr (Leicester and Coalville) Rock

Goldstein at The Soundhouse 2014
Goldstein at The Soundhouse

Great Imitation (Leicestershire) Hip-Hop / Soul / Acoustic

Halfway House (Leicester) Beatdown/deathcore

Icons (Leicester) Metal/hardcore

Internal Conflict (Leicester) Metal/Thrash/Hardcore/Metalcore

The Lost Future (Leicester & Nottingham) Post-punk/Rock

Martha Bean Band (Leicester) Acoustic

Midcity (Leicester) Alternative rock

Midnight Wire by Mat Borland
Midnight Wire
by Mat Borland

Midnight Wire (Leicester)  Indie

The Mini Nukes (Leicester)

Neon Sarcastic (Leicester) Alternative Rock

Noise Abuse (Leicester) Grindcore

Not My Good Arm (Leicester)

The Pale Faces (Leicester) garage pop

The Reckless Youth (Leicester) Alt/rock

The Relinquished (Loughborough) Metal

Revival (Leicester) Indie rock

Roboter (Leicester)

The Ruby Doos (Leicester) Folk/retro

The Sedations (Leicester) Punk

Skam's Steve Hill
Skam’s Steve Hill

Sepia Sun (Leicester) Post rock alternative

Skam (Leicester) Rock – one of Leicester’s longest-serving rock bands.

The Smokestacks (Leicester) Jazz/Blues

Stating The Obvious (Leicester)

Strange Blues (Leicester) Blues rock

Strangler Figs (Leicester) Indie art rock

Super73 (Leicester) Rock, alternative

Superfake (Leicestershire) Indie rock

Velocity (Leicester) Hardrock/rock/blue

Violet Cities (Leicester) Indie/pop

Waldorf (Leicestershire) Grunge/rock

Weallfallsilent (Leicester) Acoustic/Electronica/Prog/Indie/Rock

We The Brave (Leicester) Pop/alternative

Lead singer from The World Can Wait
Lead singer from The World Can Wait

The World Can Wait (Leicester) Alternative rock

The Zufflers (Leicester) Rock covers band

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