Glastonbudget 2013 Saturday

Glastonbudget Festival Review 2013

Saturday  25th May

Report by Kevin Gaughan ∏

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Iron Python – Big Top at 12:55

Fortunately, the weather for Saturday’s Glastonbudget was looking good – sunny spells and warm temperatures – perfect for a second day of festival frivolities!

Iron Python

First on my list of essential viewing for today was Iron Python, a five piece original/covers band from LA (Leicester Area), so they enthusiastically inform me. Providing a visual spectacle, dressed in outlandish leathers with makeup and hair to match, these guys put a humorous angle on the series business of rock music.

Iron Python

It has to be said, their professionalism came across in their performance and their own original songs, full of suggestive lyrics and sexual innuendos were, from a rock music and guitar solo point of view, good to listen to and fun to watch.
Considering they were the first band in the Big Top marquee on Saturday, they pulled a good sized crowd.
An entertaining start to a sunny day.

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The Dark Side of Pink Floyd – Big Top at 15:40

Being the wrong side of middle-aged, I love my Pink Floyd, so the Dark Side of Pink Floyd was a band on my ‘essential viewing’ list.

Iron Python

The Big Top Marquee was hot, sweaty and packed. No fancy hair-dos or make up here, it was all serious stuff as you’d expect from any serious Floyd act. Not making any real effort to look like the real McCoy, apart from their black t-shirts, that didn’t matter as the music took you to planet Floyd and kept you there throughout the set.

The Dark Side of Pink Floyd

Playing all the classics including Comfortably Numb and Money, I was only left wanting more at the end of their set.
Wow, they made a maturing Floyd fan very happy!

Titan – Icon stage at 18:35

A healthy sized crowd welcomed Titan to the outdoor Icon stage. I say healthy, I mean healthy for the Icon stage.


Most of the bands on the Icon stage played their own original music, which was unfamiliar to most people and so attracted smaller audiences than the other stages. However, the size of the audience usually grew as each band performed and Titan were no exception.


Bringing their softer, commercial sounding indie rock music to the Icon stage, this five piece rock band from Leicester have been doing well in local competitions and seem to be improving each time I see them.

The growing crowd, like me, appreciated their well crafted songs with the odd twist that took you by surprise, complete with show-off guitar solos by Sam Walsh complemented by the superbly smooth singing from James Shaw, this was a superb performance that had the crowd voluntarily joining in and loving it.

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The Delis’ Mix – Icon Stage at 19:10

The Delis' Mix

Only managing to catch a glimpse of the scantily clad Tom Zbaraski and the Delis’ Mix performing on the Icon stage, again, notable for the for the quality of Tom’s singing and sounding like a rocked-up version of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, these guys were hugely entertaining. Most of the crowd at the Icon Stage were sitting on the grass, soaking up the rays while listening to the Delis’ Mix tunes, what a perfect way to spend a sunny day!

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Jonezy – Charnie Arnie marquee at 19:45

On wandering into the Charny Army marquee I found an impressively sized crowd being worked up in to a frenzy by local  Rapper, Jonezy.


There’s no doubting this young man’s enthusiasm, energy and showmanship when he’s on the stage. For a young rapper writing lyrics with a positive and generally ethical slant, it’s good to see him going down so well with the youngsters.


With songs about anti-poverty, sentimental and true songs about his own personal situation and history, Jonezy wears his heart on his sleeve, but that takes his music to another level, one which you can only respect. A highly entertaining and wholesome performance.

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Spartan Skyline – Icon Stage at 21:05

I was intrigued to see this band – an unusual name and incomprehensible logo, as you can see below:

Spartan Skyline logo

I knew they came from Leicester and so thought I’d see what they’re about.
Presenting the audience with their mostly original funk/folk/rock songs, again, for me, as with other bands on this stage today, the vocals of Dave Mathews were particularly impressive, smooth and never deviating off a note, I found Dave’s singing quite absorbing and could quite happily have listened to him sing for the rest of the night!

Spartan Skyline

I particularly enjoyed the Micheal Jackson Medley which involved Dave bravely using his high pitched falsetto range and still sounding quite musical! Josh Hadlam on lead guitar also performed some impressive guitar solos.
A good performance by a band who assure me they’ll be changing their logo soon!

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