Friday at Glastonbudget 2015

Glastonbudget Music Festival.

Friday 22nd May 2015

Friday at


Glastonbudget Festival on Friday.

with Abba, Alligatr., The Bombardiers, Coldplace, Eden Avenue, Egg Ladies, Fell Out Boy, Jilted Generation, Joe Connor, Kazabian, Papa Shango, The River Chickens, Stating The Obvious, Tondka, We The Brave.
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Photos © RhinoFeroSs Photography and © Music in Leicester,  courtesy of Glastonbudget 2015.

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ABBA Revival on the Main Stage

Abba Revival at Glastonbudget 2015

Remember this band in 2011? They packed out the Big Top that year. They are the best ABBA tribute band to emerge from the UK. For seven years they have been selling out shows in both the UK and internationally. For many in the audience this weekend the music of both Abba and Queen would have been the highlights of their experience. This is music that is timeless, ageless.

Visit the ABBA revival website

Alligatr. on the Libra stage

Leicester’s five-piece indie rock band draws its inspirations from The Courteeners, The Rifles, Kasabian, Catfish and the Bottlenecks and The Strokes. The band played at The Cookie in January with Midcity. Alligatr. played at the Young Bands night at The shed in September 2014. We wrote of them:

Leicester indie/poprock band topped off a really good night with a vibrant set of songs. The five musicians on the stage tonight had plenty of character and held the crowd in the room. A band that is no stranger to the stages of The Shed, they took the time to introduce each other to the audience. It was good to see that most of the audience stuck around to support all the bands tonight. Singer Jonathan Doughty received backing vocals from other members of the band (always a brownie point in my book) and he delivered an impressive set with the help of the other musicians. [Music in Leicester]

Alligatr. at Glastonbudget 2015

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The Bombardiers on the Libra stage

Dripping with attitude, passion and entwined with emotion is how the programme described the music of The Bombardiers, a quartet formed in 2014 and based in Northamptonshire. They band auditioned for its festival slot at The Shed in February. [Music in Leicester]

The Bombadiers at The Shed. Photo:  © RhinoFeroSs photography
The Bombadiers at The Shed.
Photo: © RhinoFeroSs photography

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Coldplace on the Main Stage

Coldplace at Glastonbudget 2015

A tribute to the music of Coldplay, this band has been playing for eight years both throughout the UK and abroad. They have played with Bob Geldof, KT Tunstall, Ringo Starr and others.

See the website for Coldplace

Eden Avenue on the Icon stage

Eden Avenue at Glastonbudget 2015

The five-piece rock and alternative band from Leicester originally formed under the name Vengeance back in 2008 and went on the perform at previous Glastonbudget festivals (2011 in the Charnie Arnie stage.) One-time Eden Avenue guitarist Harry Pentony now plays with Leicester rockers The Reckless Youth.

This four piece with their female vocalist only recently appeared on the local music scene but already are showing people what a lot of potential they have. Their set of own songs and covers went down well with the audience in the Charnie and have clearly improved a lot since they first started playing. [Arts in Leicestershire magazine, 2011]

and, still under the name Vengeance, they were at the festival in 2012:

There was a bit of a stir on The Saddle Span stage where a very big crowd had gathered to enjoy the music of Vengeance. A band that is definitely going places, even festival organiser Murray (Muz) Stewart briefly appeared on stage with them for a guest vocal performance. Although a still quite young band, Vengeance played with all the confidence of Wembley Arena veterans. Their performance punched well above their weight. They were fantastic. [Arts in Leicestershire magazine]

Eden Avenue at Glastonbudget 2015

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Egg Ladies on the Acoustic stage

Egg Ladies at Glastonbudget 2015

Egg Ladies are a quirky two-piece acoustic act featuring a combination of eclectic heart-felt, feel-good music mixed with close harmonies and an upbeat, sing-along vibe. The artists are Ellen and Ant.

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Fell Out Boy on the Big Top

Fell Out Boy at Glastonbudget 2015

Tributing the music of Fall Out Boy, this band is back after their appearance at last year’s festival. Having formed in 2013, the band played its first show in its home town of Southend-On-Sea.

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Jilted Generation on the Big Top

Jilted Generation at Glastonbudget 2015

The only full live tribute band to the Prodigy, put all a sensational set tonight. The band has performed with the Prodigy’s guitarist Gizz Butt. They have toured in Europe and around many UK venues. They played to over one thousand people both tonight and on their last appearance at Glastonbudget.

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Joe Connor on the Acoustic stage

Joe Connor at Glastonbudget 2015 Photo:  RhinoFeroSs Courtesy of Glastonbudget 2015
Joe Connor at Glastonbudget 2015
Photo: RhinoFeroSs
Courtesy of Glastonbudget 2015

Joe Connor was once a guitarist with Leicester band The Furies. After launching himself as a solo artist we have seen him played on several occasions at Leicester venues.

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Kazabian on the Main Stage

Kazabian at Glastonbudget 2015

You know who this band is a tribute to but we would just like to say how much we like what they do. They are one of the ‘most accurate tribute acts’ to Leicester’s most famous band. Toursing extensively around the UK and Europe, they have shared stages with Ollie Murs, Pendulum, Ocean Colour Scene, Pigeon Detectives and stars from The Only Way is Essex. They played such songs as Empire, West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum, Velociraptor and Clubfoot. A stunning performance.

Kazabian at Glastonbudget 2015

See the website for Kazabian

Papa Shango on the Loco stage

Papa Shango at Glastonbudget 2015

We saw Papa Shango at The Shed when they auditioned for Glastonbudget. We said:

What can I say? Musical theatre with a large number of performers, painted faces, costumes of many kinds, big hats, musicians wandering around the room playing their instruments, people dressed as monkeys, getting the whole audience to sit on the floor for one song, people with sponges in their mouths, a selection of party hats – not something you see every night at The Shed. But, if you want to go crazy, party and have a good time … this is the band for you. Think of Evil Scarecrow in bed with Korn but not as serious. There are times when you just have to let your hair down and parteeee – a bunch of utterly crazy dudes. The room loved them.
Very entertaining. [Music in Leicester]

Papa Shango at Glastonbudget 2015

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The River Chickens on the Icon Stage

The River Chickens at Glastonbudget 2015

In February, at The shed, we saw The River Chickens and said:

I knew the lead singer from The River Chickens. Joel Wildgoose established himself as solo singer of some distinction and now he is with this four-piece band from Ashby de la Zouch, home of such music luminaries as The Young Knives. Also in the band are brothers Aidan Blythe and Owen Blythe who we remembered from the astonishing Bosworth band called Brother, which we reviewed in May 2012. Another member of Brother was Ali Clinton, now a singer, songwriter and band member (his band played at the OBS on 21st March.)

Joel Wildgoose, The River Chickens Photo:  © RhinoFerroSs photography
Joel Wildgoose, The River Chickens
Photo: © RhinoFerroSs photography

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Stating The Obvious on the Icon stage

Status The Obvious, Sumo, 2015
Status The Obvious, Sumo, 2015

The four guys in this band are from Countesthorpe – a village with a prestigious history of rock music musicians. The band’s offering of alternative and pop rock came to our attention in February when they played at The Shed. We said of them that night

The band opened with a cover by Green Day Holiday, with the line This is the dawning of the rest of our lives. This popular band drew the audience down to the front. With three vocalists at the front that produced the best group singing of the night. Lively and enjoyable. they made their set into a show. Alongside covers of popular pieces, they also sang their own songs. Theirs was a solidly good performance; a young band that oozed professionalism, they caught the mood of the audience with their renditions of songs by Oasis and The Beatles. On stage they really did look like they were enjoying what they were doing. [Music in Leicester]

We went to on to see them again at several performances in Leicester and were impressed by the quality of their music.

Stating The Obvious at Glastonbudget 2015

Watch Stating The Obvious at Glastobudget

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Tondka on the Acoustic stage.

Tondka at Glastonbudget 2015 Photo:  RhinoFeroSs Courtesy of Glastonbudget 2015
Tondka at Glastonbudget 2015
Photo: RhinoFeroSs
Courtesy of Glastonbudget 2015

Tondka is the stage name for veteran Leicester musician Anthony Knott. The 56 year old singer and songwriter from Leicester appears regularly at music nights in the city and around the East Midlands.

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We The Brave on the Big Top

Adam Gent of We The Brave
Adam Gent of We The Brave

We saw this band in March when they played at The Shed. Two members of the band were members of the legendary band Ictus. At their festival auditions we said:

At The Glastonbudget auditions it was good to see Leicester’s We The Brave. Members of this band were Adam Gent – Vocals/Piano, Aaron Murray – Guitar, Andy Winfield – Drums, Martyn Preston – Bass. I have known Adam Gent since he was the drummer in ICTUS, and Aaron Murray, the then lead singer of the band, back in the early OOs. We Are The Brave did a hugely good set, with sensational singing from Adam and strong backing vocals from other members of the band. They were phenomenal. So good to see these guys making music again. [Music in Leicester]

Adam Gent of We The Brave at The Shed Photo RhinoFeroSs
Adam Gent of We The Brave at The Shed
Photo RhinoFeroSs

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Our Team at Glastonbudget

Media Team at Glastonbudget 2015: RhinoFeroSs photography (France), Kevin Gaughan, with additional images by Trevor Locke and Jesper Jorgensen (Denmark).

All media courtesy of Glastonbudget 2015

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