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Page updated: 13th November 2018

The listing provided here is not intended to be a fully comprehensive list of every gig that is coming up in Leicester. However, it is hoped that it becomes the place to check to see what is on in Leicester, but bear in mind that it is only provided through the voluntary effort of the Music In Leicester team collating and inputting the data.

Always check the venue’s information as schedules can change right up until the gig happens.

The attention of venue owners and promoters of shows is drawn to our message to them on our About Us Page.

Jazz in Leicester gig dates coming up


Tuesday 13th November.

  • The Musician.  Gypsyfingers.

Wednesday 14th November.

  • The Cookie.  And So I Watch You From Afar + Polymath.
  • Firebug.  Jonah Matranga.
  • The Musician.  Gaz Brookfield + Michael Vickers + Jake Martin.

Thursday 15th November.

  • The Musician.  Delta Ladies.
  • The Soundhouse.  Tequila Sunrise + Vuromatics + The Excellent Adventures.
  • Vault At The Shed.  Goldblume + Timmas + Gunk + The Dead Melody.

Friday 16th November.

  • The Shed.  Finches Of Attica + Ohana + Yodaclub.
  • The Soundhouse.  The Total Stone Roses.
  • The Musician.  Band Of Friends.
  • Academy.  The Dead Daisies + Chrome Molly.

Saturday 17th November.

  • Academy.  Shame + HMLTD + Fontaines DC.
  • The Cookie.  Paul Draper.
  • The Musician.  UK Subs + Try Subversion + Gestalt.
  • Academy.  Pearl Jam UK.
  • De Montfort Hall.  Seasick Steve.

Sunday 18th November.

  • The Musician.  Project Blackbird.  1pm start.
  • The Musician.  John Fairhurst.

Monday 19th November.

  • Nothing on.

Tuesday 20th November.

  • Academy.  Courteeners + Gerry Cinnamon + Zuzu.
  • The Musician.  Soup + Reece.

Wednesday 21st November.

  • The Musician.  Bryde + Lyla Foy.

Thursday 22nd November.

  • The Soundhouse.  Nothington.
  • Dryden Street Social.  Easy Life.
  • The Cookie.  The Tin Pigeons
  • The Musician.  Elton John/Billy Joel tribute.

Friday 23rd November.

  • Dryden Street Social.  Sunflower Bean.
  • The Cookie.  The Scruff.
  • Vault At The Shed.  Lycio + Phantom Isle + FuClap.
  • Academy.  Definitely Mightbe (tribute).
  • The Musician.  The Zeppelins.

Saturday 24th November.

  • The Cookie.  We Are Not Devo.
  • Dryden Street Social.  Hinds.
  • Duffy’s.  Produkty + The Fisters.
  • The Musician.  Fleetingwood Mac.

Sunday 25th November.

  • The Cookie.  Middle Kids.

Monday 26th November.

  • The Cookie.  Pip Blom.
  • The Musician.  The City Acoustic Club.

Tuesday 27th November.

  • The Musician.  Andy White + Rob Jones.

Wednesday 28th November.

  • Fraser Noble Hall.  Federico Albanese + Peter Wyeth.
  • The Musician.  Tom Barford Quintet.
  • The Cookie.  Dylan Cartlidge.

Thursday 29th November.

  • Duffy’s.  The Derellas + First Wave
  • The Musician.  The Sounds Of Simon (tribute).

Friday 30th November.

  • The Cookie.  Sound Of The Sirens.
  • Academy.  The Sex Pissed Dolls + The Mini Nukes.
  • Duffy’s.  Wesley Fuller.
  • The Musician.  Danfest8 with Comedy Of Errors + Karmamoi + 25yd Screamer.
  • The Donkey.  Henge.


Saturday 1st December.

  • Dryden Street Social.  Lusts + Talkshow + Heart Sauce.
  • Duffy’s.  Try Subversion + Gestalt + DC Spectres + Black Light Mutants.
  • The Musician.  Danfest8 with Galahad + John Hackett Band + I Am The Manic Whale + Orange Clocks.
  • The Donkey.  Crazyhead.

Sunday 2nd December.

  • Academy.  Bowling For Soup + Patent Pending.

Monday 3rd December.

  • The Musician.  Steve Cartwright + Looma.

Tuesday 4th December.

  • Academy.  Miles Kane + Cabbage.
  • De Montfort Hall.  The Human League.

Wednesday 5th December.

  • The Cookie.  Malcolm Middleton.
  • The Musician.  Tom McConville & Tony Wilson.

Thursday 6th December.

  • The Musician.  Final Coil + Temple Of Lies + Firegarden.

Friday 7th December.

  • The Cookie.  Amusement Parks On Fire.
  • Academy.  Bjorn Again.
  • Duffy’s.  Nowhere Nearvana.
  • The Musician.  Dan Baird & Homemade Sin.

Saturday 8th December.

  • Dryden Street Social.  King 810 + Puppy.
  • Academy.  Antarctic Monkeys.
  • Duffy’s.  Tensheds + Gestalt.
  • The Musician.  Simon ‘Honeyboy’ Hickling.

Sunday 9th December.

  • The Musician.  Aynsley Lister Band.

Monday 10th December.

  • The Soundhouse.  Acid Cannibals + Knice + Earls.

Tuesday 11th December.

  • Nothing on.

Wednesday 12th December.

  • Academy.  DMA’s + Rosborough + Neon Waltz.
  • The Musician.  Mia & The Moon.

Thursday 13th December.

  • Dryden Street Social.  The Wedding Present.
  • Duffy’s.  The Burning Hell + Kittenfang.
  • The Musician.  Ben Poole.


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