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Page updated: 18th November 2017

The listing provided here is not intended to be a fully comprehensive list of every gig that is coming up in Leicester. However, it is hoped that it becomes the place to check to see what is on in Leicester, but bear in mind that it is only provided through the voluntary effort of the Music In Leicester team collating and inputting the data.

Always check the venue’s information as schedules can change right up until the gig happens.

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Saturday 18th November.

  • The Shed.  Demons Of Ruby Mae.
  • The Cookie.  Bad Sounds + Kyko.
  • The Musician.  Mr Punch (Marillion tribute).
  • The Donkey.  The Cactus Blossoms + The Hardy Band.
  • Firebug.  Digital Criminals + Scarsun + The Boom Sons + This Elegant Chaos.
  • Duffy’s.  Mystery Action + The Doc’s.
  • The Soundhouse.  Maker + John Dhali.

Sunday 19th November.

  • The Donkey.  Barb’d Wire.  4pm start.
  • The Musician.  Just The Dust + Graham Summers + Jenny Carter.
  • The Shed.  Eva Plays Dead + The Surrealists + FiveHead.  Free entry.
  • Firebug.  New Device + Via Dolorosa + Skies In Motion + Nothing Clean + Skaciety + First Wave + Panic Island + Cairo Son.

Monday 20th November.

  • De Montfort Hall.  Imelda May.
  • The Musician.  Sally Barker + Vicki Genfan.

Tuesday 21st November.

  • The Musician.  Mawkin + Sam Walter.

Wednesday 22nd November.

  • The Cookie.  David Thomas Broughton + Adam Weikert + Peter Wyeth.
  • The Globe.  Gina Le Faux.

Thursday 23rd November.

  • The Musician.  Graham Bonnet Band + The Brink + Kings Of Broadway.

Friday 24th November.

  • The Soundhouse.  Bad Flowers + Dig Lazurus + Cabezudos.
  • The Musician.  Danfest with Multi Story + The Amber Herd + This Winter Machine.
  • The Donkey.  The Moderators.
  • Academy.  Definitely Might Be (tribute).
  • Pi Bar.  Blank Atlas.

Saturday 25th November.

  • The Musician.  Danfest with Touchstone + Schnauser + Tiger Moth Tales + The Room + Last Flight To Pluto.  12:30pm start.
  • Academy.  Arcades + Paves + The Surrenders.
  • The Shed Vault.  Dog Explosion + Iversen + Lorraine James + Colossloth.  Free entry.
  • The Cookie.  Haus.
  • Firebug.  Mage + Krysthia + Internal Conflict + Blood Oath.
  • Duffy’s.  The Burning Hell.
  • The Soundhouse.  November Plot + Her Burden + Barracuda + Finches Of Attica.

Sunday 26th November.

  • The Donkey.  Jim Hammond Trio.  4pm start.
  • The Musician.  John Fairhurst Band.
  • Academy.  Shed Seven + Cast.
  • Firebug.  Raging Speedhorn + Puppy + Fractions.

Monday 27th November.

  • The Musician.  Brooke Bentham.

Tuesday 28th November.

  • The Cookie.  Hunter & The Bear + Her Burden.
  • The Musician.  Richard Strange + Lilybud Dearsley + Kevin Hewick.
  • Academy.  Scouting For Girls + Ben McKelvey.

Wednesday 29th November.

  • Nothing on.

Thursday 30th November.

  • The Cookie.  Swedish Death Candy.
  • The Musician.  JW Jones + Ali Clinton.


Friday 1st December.

  • The Soundhouse.  Sham 69.
  • The Cookie.  Jordan Allen
  • The Musician.  A Foreigner’s Journey.
  • The Donkey.  The Paradimes.
  • Duffy’s.  The Courtesans + Bullet Height.

Saturday 2nd December.

  • Dryden Street Social.  Beans On Toast + Skinny Lister.
  • The Musician.  John Otway.
  • The Cookie.  Anoa.
  • The Donkey.  AKA Noel Gallagher.
  • Firebug.  Doomsday Outlaw + Stevie R Pearce & The Hooligans + Gorilla Riot.
  • Academy.  The Antarctic Monkeys (tribute).
  • Duffy’s.  Produkty.
  • The Soundhouse.  The Heartland Roots Band + Rip The Sky.

Sunday 3rd December.

  • The Donkey.  Tres Hombres.  4pm start.
  • The Donkey.  Danny & The Champions of the World + William The Conquerer.
  • The Musician.  Terry & Gerry.

Monday 4th December.

  • The Musician.  Arrows Of Love + The Burnout + FiveHead.
  • De Montfort Hall.  Paul Heaton + Jacqui Abbot.

Tuesday 5th December

  • The Cookie.  Otherkin.

Wednesday 6th December.

  • The Shed Vault.  Invisions + Death Remains.

Thursday 7th December.

  • The Musician.  Nick Harper & The Wilderness Kids + Phil Doleman.
  • The Soundhouse.  Tyla’s Dogs D’Amour + The Main Grains.

Friday 8th December.

  • The Musician.  UK Subs.
  • The Donkey.  In By Ones.
  • The Soundhouse.  Mad Dog McRea.
  • Academy.  Pearl Jam UK.

Saturday 9th December.

  • The Cookie.  JSP.
  • The Musician.  Simon ‘Honeyboy’ Hickling + David Bristow.
  • The Donkey.  Slade UK.
  • Leicester Cathedral.  The Mediaeval Baebes.

Sunday 10th December.

  • The Musician.  Aynsley Lister Band.

Monday 11th December.

  • The Musician.  Alexis Taylor + Green Gartside.

Tuesday 12th December.

  • The Musician.  La Reverie.

Wednesday 13th December.

  • The Musician.  Mugstar + Vietnam Flashbacks + KittenFang.

Thursday 14th December.

  • The Musician.  Matt Chandler Trio.

Friday 15th December.

  • The Musician.  Dr Feelgood + The Wilbur Project.
  • Duffy’s.  The Blue Carpet Band.

Saturday 16th December.

  • The Cookie.  Jersey Budd.
  • The Musician.  The Quireboys + The Gloris Story + The Midnight Dogs.
  • The Donkey.  Bellatones + Restless.
  • Duffy’s.  Ducking Punches
  • Academy.  The Twang + Jaws + Methods.

Sunday 17th December.

  • The Donkey.  Nile & Jordan (By The Rivers).  4pm start.
  • The Musician.  AC/DC UK.
  • Academy.  Family Silver.

Monday 18th December.

  • The Musician.  City Acoustic Club.


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