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Page updated: 18th January 2018

The listing provided here is not intended to be a fully comprehensive list of every gig that is coming up in Leicester. However, it is hoped that it becomes the place to check to see what is on in Leicester, but bear in mind that it is only provided through the voluntary effort of the Music In Leicester team collating and inputting the data.

Always check the venue’s information as schedules can change right up until the gig happens.

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Thursday 18th January.

  • The Musician.  Josh Taerk.

Friday 19th January.

  • The Musician.  Fallen (Evanescense tribute) + Gallow High.

Saturday 20th January.

  • The Musician.  Phil Collins tribute.
  • The Shed.  The Diamondbacks + Fawn Rose Griffin + Kate Elizabeth Miller.
  • The Soundhouse.  The Cosmics.

Sunday 21st January.

  • The Donkey.  The Cheeze. 4pm start.
  • The Musician.  Prostaid Jazz Bash.

Monday 22nd January.

  • Nothing on

Tuesday 23rd January.

  • Nothing on.

Wednesday 24th January.

  • Nothing on.

Thursday 25th January.

  • The Musician.  Emily Saunders.
  • The Cookie.  Casey Lowry.
  • The Shed Vault.  Sharkteeth Grinder + Frantic State.

Friday 26th January.

  • The Musician.  Bootleg Blondie.
  • The Shed.  Lydian Collective.

Saturday 27th January.

  • The Musician.  The Brew + The Jav’lins + Dig Lazurus.
  • Firebug.  Ballsdeep + King Leviathan.
  • Duffy’s.  Jack And The Real Deals + Mystery Train.

Sunday 28th January.

  • The Donkey.  Sally Barker.  4pm start.
  • The Musician.  Roger Pugh.

Monday 29th January.

  • The Musician.  City Acoustic Club.
  • The Cookie.  Blue Rose Code.

Tuesday 30th January.

  • The Cookie.  Flamingods + Melt Dunes.

Wednesday 31st January.

  • The Musician.  Kent DuChaine.
  • The Shed Vault.  Wars + Black Coast.


Thursday 1st February.

  • The Cookie.  The Sherlocks.
  • The Musician.  Songdog + Kevin Pearce.

Friday 2nd February.

  • The Musician.  Renegades (Thin Lizzy tribute).
  • The Cookie.  Billy Lockett.
  • The Soundhouse.  Siobhan Mazzei + Annabel Allum.

Saturday 3rd February.

  • Academy.  The Damned.
  • The Cookie.  Sea Girls.
  • The Musician.  Bootleg Boss.
  • The Soundhouse.  The Wholls + Traps + JSP.
  • The Shed.  Timmas + Dear Caroline + Alligatr + Monarchs.

Sunday 4th February.

  • The Donkey.  Strange Blues.  4pm start.
  • The Cookie.  Haus.
  • The Soundhouse.  John Bramwell + Dave Fidler.

Monday 5th February.

  • The Cookie.  The Blinders.

Tuesday 6th February.

  • Academy.  Rat Boy.

Wednesday 7th February.

  • The Cookie.  Jonny And The Baptists.
  • The Musician.  Orphan Colours.

Thursday 8th February.

  • Dryden Street Social.  Dr John Cooper Clarke.
  • The Musician.  Jess & The Bandits.

Friday 9th February.

  • The Musician.  Korn Again.
  • Duffy’s.  Butcher Baby.
  • The Donkey.  Queen tribute.

Saturday 10th February.

  • Guildhall.  Jackie Oates.
  • The Soundhouse.  My Legacy + Drop Down Smiling + Overseer.
  • The Shed.  Deadly Circus Fire.
  • The Musician.  Creedance Clearwater Review.

Sunday 11th February.

  • The Musician.  Catfish.

Monday 12th February.

  • The Musician.  Hope In High Water + Sophia Marshall.

Tuesday 13th February.

  • Academy.  Free Throw + Dry Jacket.

Wednesday 14th February.

  • Nothing on.

Thursday 15th February.

  • The Musician.  Solitaire (Carpenters tribute).
  • The Soundhouse.  JuJu + Early Remains.

Friday 16th February.

  • The Soundhouse.  Saint Agnes + No More Heroes + Dedbeats.
  • The Donkey.  London Calling (Clash tribute).

Saturday 17th February.

  • Dryden Street Social.  RedFaces.
  • The Musician.  Black Country Community.

Sunday 18th February.

  • Academy.  The Xcerts.
  • The Musician.  Alex Cornish.


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