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Page updated: 22nd September 2017

The listing provided here is not intended to be a fully comprehensive list of every gig that is coming up in Leicester. However, it is hoped that it becomes the place to check to see what is on in Leicester, but bear in mind that it is only provided through the voluntary effort of the Music In Leicester team collating and inputting the data.

Always check the venue’s information as schedules can change right up until the gig happens.

The attention of venue owners and promoters of shows is drawn to our message to them on our About Us Page.

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Friday 22nd September.

  • The Musician.  John Murry + Mountaintop Junkshop.
  • The Cookie.  Soeur.
  • The Donkey.  The Millmen.
  • Natterjacks.  Echo Drive.  Free entry.
  • Duffy’s.  The Fazed.

Saturday 23rd September.

  • The Cookie.  Van Zellar.
  • Dryden Street Social.  Bo Ningen + Kagoule + Ash Mammal + Kermes.
  • The Soundhouse.  The Vixen Trio + Abandon Her + Leyley + Andrea Kenny + Charlotte Mahdoodi + Charlotte & Hannah Hardy.
  • Pi Bar.  Feed Them To The Forest.
  • Duffy’s.  Soft Kill.

Sunday 24th September.

  • Y Theatre.  Luke Broughton + Kevin Hewick + Kenneth J Nash + Aztec Temples.  From 4pm.
  • Natterjacks.  Courtney Askey.  Free entry.

Monday 25th September.

  • The Musician.  The Subhumans + The Rong’uns + Try Subversion.

Tuesday 26th September.

  • The Shed.  Avec Sans + April Towers + Jinjo.  Free entry.
  • The Musician.  Jess & the Bandits.  Postponed until 8th Feb 2018.

Wednesday 27th September.

  • The Cookie.  Micah P Hinson & The Holy Strangers.
  • The Soundhouse.  Borders + Monachopsis + Awaking Athena + Redspace.
  • The Musician.  Camila Larsen.

Thursday 28th September.

  • The Cookie.  Huntar.
  • The Musician.  Marrakesh Express.
  • Duffy’s.  Foul Body Autopsy + OneSoul.  Free entry.

Friday 29th September.

  • Firebug.  Morass Of Molasses + Green Lung + Gevaudan + Line Of Fire.
  • The Cookie.  Abandoman.
  • The Donkey.  El Pussycat.
  • The Musician.  Sex Pistols Experience + Ed Tudor Pole.
  • Music Café.  Omar.
  • The Soundhouse.  A Night of The Verve.
  • Pi Bar.  Kill The Ideal + Entwives + Oceans + Lightscape.  Free entry.
  • Natterjacks.  Bone.  Free entry.

Saturday 30th September.

  • The Donkey.  The Della Grants.
  • The Musician.  Stacie Collins + The Midnight Dogs
  • The Cookie.  Flyte.
  • Firebug.  New Generation Superstars + Star Mafia Boy + First Wave.
  • Pi Bar.  The Jjohns + Yodaclub + Ebent Horizon + Luna Blue.  Free entry.
  • Duffy’s.  Nylon 9.
  • The Soundhouse.  Oxjam launch party.


Sunday 1st October.

  • The Donkey.  Dawson Smith & the Dissenters.  4pm start.
  • The Musician.  Andre Krengel + Roland Krause.
  • Natterjacks.  Blu Haiku + Her Burden + Joe Doyle.  Free entry.

Monday 2nd October.

  • The Cookie.  Estrons.
  • The Musician.  City Acoustic Club.

Tuesday 3rd October.

  • The Musician.  Jess Klein + Mike June.

Wednesday 4th October.

  • The Cookie.  Carl Hutchinson.
  • The Musician.  The Frank Carducci Band + Red Bazar + Mary Reynaud.

Thursday 5th October.

  • The Cookie.  Dead Pretties + Pink Kink.
  • The Musician.  Robert J Hunter + Jesse Wright Band + Homeless Shakespeare.

Friday 6th October.

  • The Cookie.  Yak + Skinny Girl Diet.
  • The Soundhouse.  This Is The Kit.
  • The Musician.  The Sounds Of Simon (tribute).
  • Firebug.  Alia Tempora + Winter Storm.

Saturday 7th October.

  • The Cookie.  EMA.
  • The Soundhouse.  The Jam DRC + Escapade.
  • Brewdog.  Gu-Ru + Preacher and the Bear + Slum.
  • The Donkey.  Ruts DC.
  • The Shed.  Scarlet + Hanzo.
  • Natterjacks.  Chambers.  Free entry.

Sunday 8th October.

  • Academy.  Lucy Spraggan.
  • The Musician.  Big Wolf Band.
  • The Cookie.  Baby In Vain.
  • Natterjacks.  Elysian + Alexis Pretorious & Christopher Sergent + Becky Edwards.  Free entry.

Monday 9th October.

  • Dryden Street Social.  Krautwerk.
  • The Cookie.  Touts + Vistas.
  • Academy.  RedFaces.

Tuesday 10th October.

  • The Cookie.  Inheaven.
  • Academy.  Dizzee Rascal.
  • The Musician.  Warner E Hodges + Webb Wilder + Eric Ambel.
  • The Shed.  Weend’O + Jade Vine.

Wednesday 11th October.

  • The Musician.  Rodney Branigan.
  • Academy.  The Hoosiers.

Thursday 12th October.

  • The Musician.  Lexie Green & The Indigo Blue + Dust and Debris.
  • The Cookie.  Coasts.
  • The Soundhouse.  Jarrod Dickenson.
  • The Shed Vault.  Cassia.

Friday 13th October.

  • Dryden Street Social.  Superfood.
  • The Musician.  Jolie Holland & Samantha Parton.
  • Academy.  Reel Big Fish + Anti-Flag + Mad Caddies + Sweet Little Machine.
  • The Soundhouse.  Soundtrack + King Purple + Rascalton.

Saturday 14th October.

  • The Cookie.  The Big Moon + Get Inuit + Superego.
  • The Musician.  Roachford.
  • Firebug.  Lifer + Pelugion
  • The Soundhouse.  Bigtopp + Mighty Vipers + The Social Igintion.
  • Dryden Street Social.  Broken Witt Rebels + Sonia Leigh + Siobhan Mazzei Band.
  • De Montfort Hall.  Squeeze + Nine Below Zero.
  • Duffy’s.  Case Hardin + Sophia Marshall.

Sunday 15th October.

  • The Cookie.  Dream Wife.
  • The Musician.  Wild Willy Barrett’s French Connection.
  • Natterjacks.  Rooster + Aaron Duffield + Paul J Roberts.  Free entry.

Monday 16th October.

  • The Cookie. The Night Cafe.
  • The Musician.  Billy Kemp.

Tuesday 17th October.

  • The Cookie.  Slotface.

Wednesday 18th October.

  • The Musician.  Matty Coles Band + Rob Jones.

Thursday 19th October.

  • The Musician.  Roddy Woomble.
  • The Soundhouse.  Ben Ottewell.
  • The Shed.  Glass Caves.

Friday 20th October.

  • Dryden Street Social.  The Vyrll Society + Josefin Ohrn + The Liberation + Baba Naga.
  • The Musician.  Dark Side Of The Wall (tribute).
  • Academy.  Elvana (Elvis fronted Nirvana tribute).
  • The Soundhouse.  Strange Bones + Savanna Bones + Jersey Bones.
  • The Cookie.  False-Heads.

Saturday 21st October.

  • The Soundhouse.  Cud + Echolocation + Not My Good Arm.
  • The Shed.  Royal Arcade + The Hubbards + Alligatr + We Give In.
  • The Cookie.  Dodgy (acoustic).
  • Academy.  The Smyths (tribute).
  • The Musician.  Fleetingwood Mac (tribute).
  • Academy.  Declan McKenna

Sunday 22nd October.

  • The Cookie.  Howie Payne & The Band Of The Sun.
  • The Musician.  Elles Bailey.
  • Firebug.  Lite.

Monday 23rd October.

  • The Cookie.  Francobollo.
  • The Musician.  Matthew E Wright.

Tuesday 24th October.

  • The Musican.  Jarboe + Father Murphy + Colossloth.
  • Dryden Street Social.  Will Joseph Cook.


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