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Page updated: 21st September 2018

The listing provided here is not intended to be a fully comprehensive list of every gig that is coming up in Leicester. However, it is hoped that it becomes the place to check to see what is on in Leicester, but bear in mind that it is only provided through the voluntary effort of the Music In Leicester team collating and inputting the data.

Always check the venue’s information as schedules can change right up until the gig happens.

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Friday 21st September.

  • Vault at the Shed.  Single By Sunday.
  • The Soundhouse.  Definitely Oasis.
  • The Musician.  Robert J Hunter + The Jupiter Blues + Chambers.
  • Firebug.  Foo Fighters GB.
  • The Cookie.  The Lids.  Free entry.
  • The Shed.  TrueHeights + Kill The Ideal.
  • Duffy’s.  Monkish + First Wave + Lost Future.

Saturday 22nd September.

  • Firebug.  Mini Nukes + Firebrand + Public Gallery + Kid Klumsy + Callum Cook.
  • The Musician.  Malone Sibun Band.
  • The Cookie.  Heart Sauce.
  • Duffy’s.  Model Workers + Family Of Noise + Earls.

Sunday 23rd September.

  • The Musician.  Trembling Bells + Kevin Hewick.

Monday 24th September.

  • Nothing on.

Tuesday 25th September.

  • The Musician.  City Acoustic Club.

Wednesday 26th September.

  • Dryden Street Social.  The Night Café.
  • The Musician.  Ultimate Cilla & Petula + Kenny Wilson.

Thursday 27th September.

  • The Musician.  Rodney Branigan.
  • Duffy’s.  Attila The Stockbroker.

Friday 28th September.

  • The Shed.  Wildwood Kin.
  • The Musician.  John Otway.
  • The Cookie.  Seafret.
  • Firebug.  Cretura.

Saturday 29th August.

  • Vault at the Shed.  Seprona + Tequila Sunrise + JRNL + Paper Buoys.
  • The Cookie.  Drips.
  • The Soundhouse.  The Verve Tribute.
  • The Musician.  Creedance Clearwater Review.
  • Nine Bar.  Nine Bar Festival with GuRu.

Sunday 30th August.

  • The Musician.  The Sharpeez.


Monday 1st October.

  • The Musician.  Horse Feathers + Mountaintop Junkshop.

Tuesday 2nd October.

  • The Cookie.  Crywank.

Wednesday 3rd October.

  • Nothing on.

Thursday 4th October.

  • The Musician.  Twelfth Day + Andy Griffiths.

Friday 5th October.

  • The Cookie.  WhenYoung.
  • Firebug.  Alia Tempora + Control The Storm + Alwaid + Gallows High.
  • The Musician.  The Serious Moonlights.

Saturday 6th October.

  • The Musician.  Dark Side Of The Wall.

Sunday 7th October.

  • The Soundhouse.  Say Sue Me.

Monday 8th October.

  • Nothing on.

Tuesday 9th October.

  • The Musician.  Emily Mae Winters.

Wednesday 10th October.

  • The Soundhouse.  Steve Rodgers
  • The Musician.  Edensong + Those Amongst Us Are Wolves.

Thursday 11th October.

  • The Cookie.  Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.
  • The Musician.  Big Wolf Band.

Friday 12th October.

  • The Shed.  Dzordana Butkute.
  • The Soundhouse.  Don’t Flop.
  • The Cookie.  Once Monsters.
  • Duffy’s.  SG Wolfgang
  • The Musician.  Chris Helme.

Saturday 13th October.

  • Cultural Quarter.  OXJAM Takeover.
  • The Cookie.  Cassia + Dancing On Tables + Blvff.
  • Vault At The Shed.  Atlanta House.
  • Firebug.  Siobhan Mazzei + Yr Poetry + Homeless Shakespeare and the Pigeon Theatre.
  • The Musician.  Ultimate Leopard.
  • Duffy’s.  Nylon 9 + Caaw!

Sunday 14th October.

  • The Musician.  Warner E Hodges.

Monday 15th October.

  • The Cookie.  Our Girl + Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard.
  • The Musician.  Shackleton Trio.

Tuesday 16th October.

  • Vault At The Shed.  Annabel Allum.

Wednesday 17th October.

  • The Cookie.  Arcane Roots.
  • The Musician.  Scott Matthews
  • The Soundhouse.  Sly & The Family Drone.

Thursday 18th October.

  • The Musician.  Baskery + Adam Holmes + The Embers.
  • Duffy’s.  Port Erin.

Friday 19th October.

  • Academy.  Tom Grennan.
  • The Shed.  Elles Bailey.
  • The Musician.  Eddie & The Hot Rods + The Midnight Dogs.
  • Firebug.  Internal Conflict.

Saturday 20th October.

  • The Cookie.  CC Smugglers.
  • The Musician.  Tiple J
  • Duffy’s.  jesuscarfish.
  • Firebug.  Saint Agnes + Savanna Bones + Roboter.

Sunday 21st October.

  • The Cookie.  Sam Evian.
  • The Musician.  Dr Blue.

Monday 22nd October.

  • The Cookie.  Kiran Leonard.
  • The Musician.  Glenn Tilbrook + Tom Lewitt.


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