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18th February 2014

We talk to Jinnwoo


According to The Fly Magazine,  Jinnwoo  is ‘Leicester’s best kept secret Jinnwoo sneaks unassumingly into view, packing a chest infection which thankfully proves no impediment to him unleashing a voice awash with waves of sorrow. His acoustic, dark–edged folk speaks directly to that part of us all which has sat forlornly on dirty doorsteps after the pubs close, trying desperately to put feelings into words.’

Benjamin David Webb went to Bosworth College and later studied at the University of Leicester. Now living in Brighton, the singer and songwriter talks to us about his music career.

MIL: Hi Jinnwoo. Tell us about yourself. How did you get into  music? When did you start?

Jinnwoo: I used to play in bands and things in my early teens, but we didn’t take it that seriously. I always wrote songs, but as i got older i had a lot of problems with anxiety so it took a lot to get me up on a stage. I didn’t do my first solo gig till I was 22, and even then I could only do 2 songs at a time because I was so scared. It took a lot of work to build up to be able to play a full set live.

MIL: What have been the main music influences on your work so far?

Jinnwoo: My dad was my main influence. He had a really diverse music collection, lots of world sounds and rare recordings that were unlike anything I could hear anywhere else. That and singing in my best friends car, we’d go on long drives when we were teenagers and listen to album after album and get really into it.

MIL: When you move down to London and why?

Jinnwoo: I moved to London twice but neither time worked out. First time I suppose I was sort of following someone there, and the second time was for uni. Both ended pretty badly. Now I live in Brighton and am very happy there. It has a good music and arts scene and I like being so close to the sea.

MIL: Tell us about wht you are doing now? What have you got coming up?

Jinnwoo: At the moment I’m getting ready to release my first EP that will probably be out in the summer all being well. I’ve just finished shooting the videos for the first two singles from the EP.

MIL: What have you got planned for the Summer? Any festivals coming up?

Jinnwoo: I will be finishing up the album over the summer with Gerry Diver, but hopefully will play some festivals next year.

MIL: Tell us about the live music scene in London? Which are your  favourite venues?

Jinnwoo: I really love playing Water Rats and the Bedford in London. Both tend to have a receptive crowd and you always meet some nice musicians there, i’ve made a lot of friends playing there. I do miss playing The Musician and the Cookie in Leicester. Ian from Magic Teapot was the best supporter anyone could ask for, he puts on amazing shows around Leicester and really cares about the local scene. I haven’t met anyone like him outside of Leicester.

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