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We feature  Jonezy – one of Leicester’s most successful music artists.

Saturday 19th November at The Shed.  Jonezy’s birthday bash with support from Aztec Temples, The Scrubs and other artists plus celebrity meet and greet with Norways’s Alexandru.

19th November 2016. Jonezy at The Shed
19th November 2016. Jonezy at The Shed

Jonezy- music artist

Jonezy is a positive vibe music artist from Leicester. Jonezy has become one of the fastest rising artists on the Leicester music scene. An increasingly popular artist,  with all age groups, Jonezy combines the energy and beats of hip-hop with the compelling music of pop and urban sounds. If you want a good time, listening to songs that will make you laugh, cry and feel good to be alive, check out Jonezy now.

city festival jonezy


Jonezy writes and performs his own original songs. His style of music is a fusion of Hip Hop, Rap, and Pop. Jonathan Jones (25) has been performing publicly for over three years. Vocally, Jonezy is a rapper rather than a singer. He describes his style of music as ‘having a good time, poverty, life, true stories or anything that has a meaning or is cool.’

He grew up around music, listening to mainly Eminem and New York rapper 2pac, all the time. He was inspired – back when he was 13 – to start writing rap songs. This lasted a year and, at the age of 14, Jonezy then gave up writing songs due to other events in his life.

By the age of 19, Jonezy was starting to write songs in his spare time. He produced his first album My way of Music, in 2011. His second album, This Is Me,  was released in October, 2012. Jonathan is a committed Christian; that comes through in some (though not all) of the songs he has written. This makes him a very suitable artist for festivals and shows that are specifically aimed at a Christian market. It is important to bear in mind, however, that Jonathan performs for mixed audiences and most his songs appeal to the general listener.

Profile of Jonezy

Now one of the fastest rising music stars in Leicester, Jonezy has won a large following of fans from across all areas of the Leicester music scene. His high-energy performances and masterly level of audience engagement make Jonezy an ideal act for larger events, particularly festivals and outdoor occasions. Jonezy started out as a rapper but his love of rock music led him to develop his style to appeal to a broader cross-section of music fans.

Now widely liked and followed by rock and hip-hop fans alike, Jonezy has a unique sound that is pulling in a much wider fan base than most rappers get. Jonezy’s love of metal and post-hardcore rock has led him to writing a set of new songs that combine the rhythmic passion of rap with the high energy sounds of hardcore.

Jonezy’s original songs span the bridge between rap as a vocal style and the full-on beats and rhythms normally heard from modern rock bands. Jonezy collaborates with a number of other artists. He has recently recorded with rising young singing star, from Norway, Alexandru. He has also collaborated with rock bands including Strike Up The Colours, Four Point Oh and Titan.

Leicester’s Abbey Park Fireworks show, in 2013,  saw Jonezy on stage with a set of his own songs on Saturday 2nd November. Also appearing on the line-up was Leicester artist Curtis Clacey and headline boy band The Vamps. Jonezy’s set included his songs Forever and Ever, Alive, Live Life, Love Around and Stronger Now. Despite wet weather and high winds, the show attracted an audience in the region of 15,000 spectators, some of whom had queued since 7 am to make sure of a good position at the front. Even though many of them had not heard Jonezy before, they responded enthusiastically to his music and his stage performance.

Read about Jonezy with The Vamps on Music in Leicester.


Jonezy on stage at Foxton
Jonezy on stage at Foxton

Jonezy now manages himself as an artist.


Jonezy New Album called Stories
New Album called Stories

Previous appearances


17th September, Heart and Soul at the Y Theatre. Read our review.

28th August 2016. Beaconsfest, The Beacon Inn, Loughborough.

28th August 2016. Sunday Night Live, at Costa Coffee, Loughborough.

20th August 2016,  Aberdale Inn, Charity Extravaganza, Leicester.

16th July at the Enderby Music Festival.  Read our review.

Jonezy performing in Humberstone Gate on Good Friday, 2016.
Jonezy performing in Humberstone Gate on Good Friday, 2016.


28th November – Edgar’s fest at The Music Cafe, Leicester.

31st October – Leicester Oxjam Takeover festival.  Read our review.

29th August – Cosmpolitan festival, outside Leicester Cathedral.

23rd May – Glastonbudget Festival, Wymeswold, on the Icon Stage.

Jonezy at Glastonbudget 2015 Photo: Jesper Joergensen
Jonezy at Glastonbudget 2015
Photo: Jesper Joergensen


A new album – Stories – was released on November 15th 2014. The album as featured in a 40-minute headline set, part of the special show  The Shed live music venue, with a full supporting line-up of international and local artists:  Angela Saini (Toronto), Aaron Stratton (Leicestershire), Beneath the Lights (Leicester), Alex Van Roose (Lead singer from Midnight Wire) and The Bench That Rocked.

May 2014 – release of Mental on Bandcamp.


Jonezy releases new song and video made in Norway with singer Alexandru to raise money for kids in poverty. Released on YouTube in May 2013.

This is Me is one of Jonezy’s album tracks was  released on iTunes on 16th June 2013.

Jonezy and Alexandru Hall of Fame (Norway, 2013)

Jonezy’s tracks on Soundcloud

Live Life, Live It Tall on YouTube


Jonezy’s album This Is Me (2012) is available for download from his Bandcamp page.

Jonezy in the media

Jonezy and Alexandru being interviewed by a BBC Radio reporter on Saturday
Jonezy and Alexandru being interviewed by a BBC Radio reporter on Saturday

18th October

Jonezy performed today at a European song contest in Norway. Jonezy performed with Norway’s Alexandru at The Shed for the Glastonbudget festival auditions show on Friday 18th October. They also appeared on Radio Leicester live on the morning on Saturday 19th October, on the Tony Wadsworth show.


jonezy and alexandru icon stage 2

Jonezy’s release of Mental [Music in Leicester]

Jonezy’s performance at Foxton Locks festival in June 2014:

On the main stage, Leicester music artist Jonezy presented many of his hit tracks, including Mental, Monster and Stronger Now and his moving Letter to Dad. Jonezy is a hip-hop artist who wins people over who are not normally devotees of the genre but who appreciate music that is delivered with passion, energy and considerable commitment. Songs with impact and infectious rhythms combined with the positive vibes of the lyrics drew the attention of people of all ages and backgrounds. [Music in Leicester]

Leicestershire rapper Jonezy goes from strength to strength [Leicestershire Music]

Leicester music artist JONEZY will be making his début at two shows in November. On Saturday 2nd November, the 23 year old rapper will be on stage at The Abbey Park Fireworks in a show to be headlined by rising rock stars The Vamps. His performance at the Abbey Park event is one of the highlights of his career. Jonezy said “I am thrilled to be playing with the Vamps and to have the chance to perform to an audience running into thousands.”

Big show success for Jonezy [Loughborough Echo, May 2013]

On Friday 8th November 2013, Jonezy made his début appearance at Leicester’s O2 Academy, performing with Melton Mowbray band Strike up the Colours. Top of the bill was the Leicester band The Fores, who,  in 2012,  were awarded ‘Best Newcomer’ at the prestigious International Independent Charts Awards, with previous winners being urban sensation Dizzee Rascal, The Saturdays and the Arctic Monkeys. John Sinclair, DJ for the O2 show and producer of the Leicester Music Podcast, said:

“Takeover Radio have put together another exciting line-up for their next gig at the O2 Academy on Friday 8th November.”

The night also featured the Leicester University band The Dirty Future. Saturday’s highlight was the Leicester rapper Jonezy who was partnered by the sweet voice of Norway’s Alexandru and they really had the crowd bouncing as they did a mix of covers and original songs. Headliners FuFu Sailors then followed with some solid reggae and ska covers. Jonezy, the Leicester, hip-hop artist has had a good year, playing a series of major festivals as well as going to Norway to perform in shows and to record songs with the young Norwegian singer Alexandru. [Press Party, 2014.]

Leicester Bands Watch Glastonbudget. Saturday’s highlight was the Leicester rapper Jonezy who was partnered by the sweet voice of Norway’s Alexandru and they really had the crowd bouncing as they did a mix of covers and original songs.  Headliners FuFu Sailors then followed with some solid reggae and ska covers. [Western Park Gazette]

Two solo acts stood out at tonight’s gig at the Shed: Loughborough Rapper Jonezy on stage with Matt Dobson. As Jonezy rapped, Matt sang. So, everyone was drawing comparisons to Eminem and Dido’s Stan of late 2000. Jonezy has developed his act, since his first appearances on Leicester stages in 2010. He now has a level style and confidence, after three years of determined development and regular public performances.
Wednesday 14th March 2012. [Arts in Leicestershire magazine]

After a brief introduction, Jonezy took to the stage to a spattering of half-hearted applause. The mood of the audience reflected a lack of enthusiasm. However, no sooner than he took to the stage, and his set began – with a bang! – Jonezy threw himself straight into his music and grabbed the attention of everyone in the room. Even the quietest people, hidden away in corners were craning their heads or standing to get a better view, as he blasted his way through his first song, excitedly bouncing across the stage and jumping into the front row of people. From the very first line, there was a sense of relief coming from the crowd. Jonezy was relieving them from the background hum of repetitive covers of mainstream music that dominates the UK charts. Straight away, Jonezy made a connection with the audience, that he managed to hold throughout his half hour set in which he performed eleven songs, each just as crowd pleasing as the last. He performed with skill and energy to an increasingly approving crowd. Jonezy has an unbelievable amount of stage presence, using the whole stage to his advantage and drawing in the audience as much as possible, through his relaxed between-song banter and his excitable nature. [Bethanie Harris writing in Arts in Leicestershire magazine, Tuesday 10th July 2012.]

Distinctly different in musical style from the rest of the line-up, Jonezy drew a crowd to the front to dance to his lively beats and energetic rapping. Whether performing in a marquee on on a main festival stage, this is one rapper who knows how to deliver a class act. It can be difficult for an urban artist to play to a body of rock fans but Jonezy won them over. Sandwiched between two block-busting bands, the lone rapper’s short set certainly had a resonance with those who got into the groove of his scintillating club-style rhythms. [Arts in Leicestershire magazine. Saturday 4th August 2012.]

His energetic act, with a lot of arm waving and movement on stage, got the audience involved and his lyrics, with their strongly positive messages (‘stay strong’, ‘victory’) resonated with the audience. Jonezy had clearly given a lot of thought to what he was doing on stage and his carefully choreographed dance-like movements brought the songs alive. He played to the audience – not just those at the front but to those at the back as well. Whilst hip-hop, at a largely acoustic dominated programme, is a challenge, Jonezy’s energy, enthusiasm and strong sense of theatre won over the crowd. [Arts in Leicestershire magazine. Sunday 6th January 2013.]

Jonezy at The Shed
Jonezy at The Shed

Our ears changed gear from melodic indie to hop-hip as rapper Jonezy pumped up the volume with his set of energised beats and spits. If Jonezy has done anything , over the past two years of his amazingly busy musical career, it has been to popularise rap, especially to the overwhelmingly rock-oriented audiences of Leicester. The Loughborough rapper had clearly done a lot of preparation for his appearance tonight – making sure that his CDs and cards were in good supply throughout the venue. By this time the crowd had increased to its full extent. Jonezy’s challenge was to win the admiration of people who would not normally listen to this style of music. With his effervescent stage craft, lively and positive material, set of compelling backing tracks and up-beat lyrics, Jonezy did this. Tonight Jonezy treated us a brand new song – always a good sign when an artist is creating new material and willing to try it out on an important live session. Even though we were all hearing it for the first time, many were soon clapping along to the infectious beats. The crowd began chanting along with the chorus; stronger now is very much what the Jonezy experience is about – positive, uplifting lyrics and ideas. It was reminiscent of a an evangelical revival where everyone is on stage with the guy at the front. The rocket-fuelled rapper soon got the house moving with his ‘get funky’ track. “Get Funky. Get Crazy. This is how we do it baby” he chanted. [Arts in Leicestershire magazine. Saturday 9th February 2013.]

Audience profile

Jonezy at Beaconfest
Jonezy at Beaconfest

Jonezy and his music will appeal to people of all ages but will be particularly enjoyed by those aged 14 to 25. He does NOT use explicit lyrics or words that might be thought offensive to very young people or to the older generation. His lyrics conform to general policies for family entertainment. Jonezy has performed to audiences of all sizes, including seated auditoriums and large outdoor festivals.


Jonezy and Strike Up The Colours
Jonezy and Strike Up The Colours Photo Music First Promotions

(not all performance are shown in this list)


Jonezy was the featured artist at The Soundhouse open-mic night on Tuesday 6th January. His set included Journey Together, Letter To Dad and Storytime.

We are currently taking bookings for 2015 summer festivals and gigs out of town.

Jonezy will be performing at the Glastonbudget Music festival, in May. On stage with him will be Sophie Garner.


All forthcoming shows are on the Shows Page on Jonezy’s website.

Jonezy’s next show will be his Album Launch on Saturday 15th November at The Shed live music venue in Leicester.

12 September – The Glastonbudget Music Festival auditions at The Shed with Norway’s Alexandru.

30 August – headline set at Ravenfest, Loughborough.

24 August – Leicester City Festival main stage with Sophie Ellen Garner.

24 August – Beacon Festival, Loughborough.

3rd August – Brush 125th centenary event, Loughborough

2nd August – The Shed at the Music First Promotions 3rd birthday show.

2nd August – Cosby Big Love Festival.

4th October – Havana nightclub – Jonezy performed at the City-Linkup show as part of the Oxjam Leicester Festival.

12th July – Hinckley Music Festival.

22nd June – Foxton Locks Festival main stage.

25th May – London, Westfield Shopping Centre with Alexandru.

23rd May – Glastonbudget Music Festival auditions show with Alexandru.

15th May – Embrace Arts Theatre, head line set at the Gospel Choir showcase.

1st February – The Shed for the FourPointOh band album launch.

19th January – The Musician live music venue – for obsUnplugged showcase.

The Vamps at Abbey Park Fireworks
The Vamps at Abbey Park Fireworks


8th November – Leicester O2 Academy.

19th October – The Shed, Leicester Oxjam Festival.

10th October – The Shed joint set with Strike Up The Colours band.

19th September – Norway, Oppdal Kulturhus.

25th July – City LinkUp show at The Music Cafe, Leicester.

10th July – Singers of Distinction show at the Exchange, Leicester.

6th July – GlastonBlaby Festival, main stage (crowd of 800+)

24th May – Glastonbudget Music Festival (crowd of 50+)

17th May – The Soundhouse supporting Los Angeles band OPM.

23rd March – The Shed, Leicester (supporting The Trinity Band, who have made the U.K charts)

Jonezy has also performed at Curve Theatre in a show organise by Bizzie Dixon.

And at the Nxlevel Competition Semi Final, Music Cafe, Leicester (crowd 100+)

and at The Arts in Leicester stage at the Oxjam festival, 2012.


See Jonezy’s official website JonezyUK

See Jonezy’s page on Facebook

Follow Jonezy on Twitter

Listen to Jonezy’s tracks on Soundcloud

Watch Jonezy’s videos on YouTube

Check Jonezy on setlist fm

Jonezy on Bandcamp

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Bookings and management: Trevor Locke, 07970 680 987 or email

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