Saturday at Glastonbudget 2015

Jilted Generation at Glastonbudget 2015 Photo: RhinoFeroSs Courtesy of Glastonbudget 2015

Saturday 23rd May 2015

Glastonbudget Festival

on Saturday

with 5th Pier, Aaron Stratton, Abandon Her, Becky Orton, The Bench That Rocked, Bloodsugar, Dead Frequency, En Route, Ferris, Final Coil, Fufu Sailors, Guns 2 Roses, I Surrender, Jonezy, Led Zeppelin, Metropolis, Midcity, The Moderators, The Mininukes, Monochrome Empire, Parasight, Part of The Problem, Skyves, Stop That Train, Toyah, The World Can Wait, Violet Cities.

2nd edition – updated 29th May

A full photo gallery of all the pictures our team took at Glastonbudget will be available in a few days.

Photos © RhinoFeroSs Photography and © Music in Leicester,  courtesy of Glastonbudget 2015.

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5th Pier on the Icon stage

From Mansfield, 5th Pier did their audition for the festival at The shed on 16th December, along with The Catalogues from Coventry and Leicester.

5th Pier was one of the bands that auditioned for Play@LMF on 26th March 2014 at The Soundhouse. Fronted by Steven Smith on vocals and guitar, the band has had recent airplay from BBC Introducing.

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Abandon Her on the Libra Stage

Abandon Her at Glastonbudget 2015

The female-fronted band that we have seen before a few times, was a draw for this time in the afternoon. Good vocals from lead singer Olivia Bowles and backing vocals from the rest of the band makes for a sound worth hearing. Good vibes from this Leicester band. A set of songs that was well played and well sung. A band that was a pleasure to see and hear, including well-known covers and some of their own compositions.

Read our feature article about Abandon Her.

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Aaron Stratton on The Acoustic stage

Aaron Stratton at the Musician
Aaron Stratton at the Musician

Aaron Stratton is no stranger to the pages of this magazine; in fact we have been following his music career for several years now. This still young Leicester artist takes his inspirations from the likes of Jake Bugg, Two Door Cinema Club and Ed Sheeran. Stratton performed at the obsUnplugged at The Musician in January.

Stratton’s singing has been delighting music fans a lot recently; he appeared at the Glastonbudget Festival Christmas party at the Barley Mow in December. In 2013, Stratton performed at the Singers of Distinction show on 14th August 2013. [Music in Leicester]

and in September we saw at his audition for the festival and wrote

Aaron Stratton is a young singer from Leicestershire. His set of covers plus one of his own sings, went down well. Having drawn a substantial following for his appearance tonight, the room was full of people supporting his set. Having followed his career for some time now, since he started playing at the age of 14, Aaron is a performer with a lot of talent; he rose to the occasion with his set of well-known songs. Looking confident on stage, he sang to the audience and they responded back. His voice has matured and his guitar playing has blossomed. His vibrant delivery held everyone’s attention. Being the sole person on stage is challenging but he sailed through it even though he tackled some demanding numbers. Aaron gave an astonishingly good performance. [Music in Leicester]

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Becky Orton on The Acoustic stage

23 year old Becky Orton is a singer and songwriter. and says that her music style lies somewhere between Taylor Swift and Gabrielle Aplin.

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The Bench That Rocked on The Icon Stage

The Bench That Rocked at Glastonbudget 2015

A band that did a really good job of entertaining the crowd with a set of cover songs and a performance that nothing short of professional. One of our featured bands, we can echo what we said when we saw them in February:

The four-piece band was led by vocalist and bass player Billy Chamberlain (from Coalville), with drummer Bradley Dennis, rhythm guitarist Harold Billingham and lead guitarist Thomas Ion. The band’s set of covers – including their own rendition of Tainted Love – and own songs, made its mark with the crowd and provided a very enjoyable finale to a night of impressive music-making. [Music in Leicester]

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Bloodsugar on The Icon Stage

Leicester band Bloodsugar played at The Soundhouse on 15th April when they supported Neon Waltz. They also appeared in the callbacks show for the OBS.

Our report on that gig said

Bloodsugar’s music is self-described as a mix of light and heavy indie-rock. I would add anthemic rock to the description. The band play mostly up-beat catchy songs with a powerful dual guitar sound which for one song is augmented with some keyboards from a prostrate Luke Immins, as lead singer Callum assumes the role of second guitarist. I like the way some of the songs ebb and flow as they slow them down before building the sound back up. They demonstrate their adaptability by adding in a slowed down number, Kaleidoscope, before returning to upbeat rocking. The band has a great sound and play with a refreshing, visible, natural enjoyment of their music. If they keep up this latest level of performance and continue writing new material of this quality, I can see a very bright future for Bloodsugar. [Music in Leicester]

The band’s name is said to derive from the rhythm guitarist’s diabetic condition. They formed in the summer of 2013.

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Dead Frequency on the Icon Stage

John Sinclair introduced Dead Frequency, playing at the festival for the second time. They got an encore. The band, from the Midlands (Daventry, Rugby and Northampton), offers high energy glam rock punk in something akin to Green Day meets Van Halen.

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En Route on the Loco stage

En Route at Glastonbudget 2015

Broughton Astley is home to this three-piece band that formed early in 2011. They perform both their own songs and covers, described as being foot-stomping, funky folk rock.

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Ferris played in the Big Top

Ferris at Glastonbudget 2015

Leicester band Ferris is a well-known and popular band. Lovely, listenable songs from the band filled the huge area of the Big Top with ear-vitalising rock sounds. Last year Ferris played Glastonbudget on Sunday; in our report we said

One of Leicester’s veteran rock bands, Ferris has been part of the backbone of musical entertainment in the city for many years. With a string of albums and EPs behind them and a gigography of much substance, Ferris is a band that has a strong profile in the annals of local music

with their inspiring rhythms, strong vocals and impressive instrumental playing, Ferris’s set was a great opener to the day in the Big Top stage. The band also got an interview with Radio Leicester.

Read more about Ferris’s performance at Glastonbudget 2014.

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Final Coil on the Libra Stage

Final Coil at Glastonbudget 2015

The four members of Leicester band Final Coil have been going since 2008. Sounding akin to Alice in Chains, Tool and Soundgarden, the band’s complex riffs and powered sounds result in them being a band that has been widely admired for some time. In my view, they are outstanding for this style of music. Technically brilliant and vocally magnificent they are a band that provided some seriously good music.

Read our review of Final Coil at the auditions show at The Shed on 6th February when we said:

The night was completed by Final Coil – a band for which I have considerable respect and admiration. Four excellent musicians playing music of high calibre. They had the audience screaming with delight; big, pounding sounds brought alive by a scintillating stage presence and their two front singers adding a substantial vocal layer to the tunes. Final Coil’s set of metal songs was tightly executed with inspirational incisiveness and explosive guitar work. It was a set that was incandescent; well-harmonised vocals, mesmerising melodies and good to watch as they were to hear, a seriously good piece of live music. They played all their own songs. Listen to Final Coil’s single Waste Your Time single on Soundcloud [Music in Leicester]

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Fufu Sailors

Fufu Sailors at Glastonbudget 2015

This is a band that can always be replied on to offer something to dance to. Plenty of tasty beats got the crowd going. The band performed at the Glastonbudget Festival launch night, held at the Barley Mow in March. It was a memorable gig and the band’s set that night was amazingly entertaining. This is the fifth time that the band has performed at Glastonbudget. The band’s set included covers from the 60s through to chart toppers from today.

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Guns 2 Roses on the Big Top

Guns 2 Roses at Glastonbudget 2015

Having started in 2002, Guns 2 Roses has become one of the best known tributes to GNR (and have received that band’s approval for their work.) The band claims to have sold out Liverpool’s Cavern club for two nights in a row. The band’s faithful rendition of the GNR sounds is matched by the members’ close resemblance to Axl Rose and the other musicians in the original band.

See the website for Guns 2 Roses.

I Surrender on the Libra stage

I Surrender at Glastonbudget 2015

I Surrender opened their set with Kaiser Chief’s I Predict A Riot gaving us a foretaste of what this band would offer. Armed with two good front singers, they showed just what an amazingly good band they were. Last year, we saw this band when they were on the Icon stage on Saturday; Our reporter said

I Surrender played for an hour and a half, mainly doing covers and a few of their own songs. I have to say how impressed I was with the fact they carried on playing to keep the crowd happy and for a band aged 10 to 17 this was amazing. [Music in Leicester]

Well this year they were no less amazing. This talented group of musicians have performed around the country, delighting audiences with their passion for music and their energetic set of songs covering Arctic Monkeys to Muse, alongside their own impressive songs.

I Surrender at Glastonbudget 2015. Photo: Jesper Joergensen
I Surrender at Glastonbudget 2015.
Photo: Jesper Joergensen

Today they stuck me as being a band that was made to be entertaining. Their lead singer Ben put in a resoundingly good performance, both vocally and on the guitar, and their rendition of Jonny Be Good was exceptional (I often cringe when I hear young bands attempt this iconic rock classic) and for once I really did enjoy listening to it – they smashed it like no other. This is a band that really does know how to cover a great song. I Surrender left the stage with the audience shouting for more.

I Surrender at Glastonbudget 2015

We have reviewed I Surrender when they played at the auditions shows at at appearance they made at The Shed:

One of the youngest groups of musicians on the stage tonight, they provided a spectacularly good set. With covers that caught the mood of the audience and their own songs that were equally as good, the vocals were impressive (three of them singing), tight playing and their ability to drive songs home with lashings of commitment, they were altogether amazing. [Music in Leicester]

I Surrender at Glastonbudget 2015 Photo: Jesper Joergensen
I Surrender at Glastonbudget 2015
Photo: Jesper Joergensen

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Jonezy on the Icon Stage

Photo TL
The Icon Stage at Glastonbudget 2014

Fans that were at last year’s festival might remember the set that Jonezy did on the Icon stage with Norwegian singer Alexandru, one that drew one of the largest crowds to the Icon stage of that weekend. In 2013, many will remember Jonezy in the Loco smashing out a set that threw the fans into a frenzy. Today, compère John Sinclair introduced Jonezy to the Icon stage.

Jonezy at Glastonbudget 2015

What Jonezy does is unique: a blend of hip-hop, rap and hardcore sounds fuelled by a rocket-propelled stage act. This year, he was supported by singer Sophie Garner. We heard two new songs – the lead from his new album Stories and Stars alongside some of his established crowd-pleasers.

Jonezy at Glastonbudget 2015

See Jonezy’s website.

Watch Jonezy performing Stars on YouTube.

Jonezy at Glastonbudget 2015 Photo: Jesper Joergensen
Jonezy at Glastonbudget 2015
Photo: Jesper Joergensen

Jonezy performs Journey Together with Alexandru at Glastonbudget 2014.

Mental at Glastonbudget 2014 – Jonezycore.

and finally, Jonezy when he supported Los Angeles legends OPM.

Hats off to Led-Zeppelin on the Big Top stage

Hats Off To Led Zeppelin at Glastonbudget 2015

The number one tribute to Led Zeppelin. and the only tribute act in the UK to be officially endorsed by Marshall amps. The band is managed by Warren Grant, son of Led Zeppelin’s original manager. With credential like that, you know you are in the presence of rock gods and that is time to take our hats off to Led Zeppelin. Founded in 1968, the band has played support slots with Queen, Ray Davies, Edwin Starr, Iron Maiden, Gerry & The Pacemakers, PJ Proby, Shaun Ryder & the Seahorses.

See the website for Hats Off to Led Zeppelin.

Metropolis on the Loco stage

An alternative rock band from Bury St. Edmunds in Suffolk.

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Midcity on the Libra stage

Midcity at Glastonbudget 2015

This Leicester four-piece band is one that has earned our praise. We saw the band in January when they played at The Cookie; our reporter wrote

Midcity are four local teenage lads, Will (vocals/guitar), Finn (bass), George (drums) and Charlie (guitar). They have come a long way in a year. Under the previous guise of Murmur, they were one of those bands who were worth watching to see how they would develop. And develop they did. Their Grody EP was one of the finest releases of last year. An EP that certainly made me sit up and pay attention to them. An EP that showed they were ready to be heard, had moved on, had matured. Hence the excitement about tonight. Right from the start of their set the crowd is active and it’s not long before a circle has formed around the chaotic moshing and body-slamming. The papier-mache Grody head the band have brought doesn’t stand a chance and is soon reduced to a shredded mess. It’s the wildest crowd I’ve seen in The Cookie. Meanwhile on the stage the band is loving it. They’re full of life and youthful energy and playing their biggest gig to date. [Music in Leicester]

Midcity at The Cookie Jar, Jan 23
Midcity at The Cookie Jar, Jan 23

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The Moderators on The Big Top stage

The Moderators at Glastonbudget 2015

This is band that has been going for a long time – 20 years in fact. Born from a love of old Jam singles, Fred Perrys and Pork Pie hats, this is a band that thrives on skanking, bouncing and sweating. They give us mod and ska.

One of the Leicester’s big ska bands, The Moderators are legends in their own time. The band was at Glastonbudget in 2012:

Big crowd, big stage, big band. A bit of UK Ska to entertain the muddy and cold Glastonbudgers. A fantastic set of perfectly performed classic mod covers. The whole crowd took part in The Moderator’s energetic set. Yet another amazing band. [Arts in Leicestershire magazine]

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The MiniNukes on the Loco stage

Leicester-based punk/ska band has a set of original songs and cheeky covers that feature bouncy riffs and catchy lyrics. The band performed at the OBS in March.

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Monochrome Empire on the Icon stage

Monochrome Empire at Glastonbudget 2015

From Grantham, the five 17 year olds performed high energy indie and alternative rock songs.

We saw them at their auditions held in November at The Shed.

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Parasight on the Icon Stage

Parasight at Glastonbudget 2015

A young band from Derbyshire offering songs influenced by classic, heavy, glam and modern rock styles. The band played at The Shed in November 2013 and we said of them:

These five teenagers played like seasoned professionals; unlike a lot of young bands, they made a splash with their scintillating stage craft in which the musicians threw some shapes and put a lively dose of energy into what they were doing.  The band’s lead vocalist certainly knew how to rock out and he was well backed by the other members of team Parasight. Adding to the overall wow-factor were stunning guitar solos and  good vocal layers from the bassist and guitarist. When it comes to big, bold classic rock songs, these young guys have got it fixed. [Music in Leicester]

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Part of the Problem on the Libra stage

Part of the Problem at Glastonbudget 2015

A Leicester band that combines a mixture of musical styles into their original and catchy songs. We said they were a band that was

making waves on the scene with their reggae and ska style sounds. Very good. [Music in Leicester]

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Skyves on the Icon stage

Skyves at Glastonbudget 2015

Skyves played on 5th February 2014 at The Donkey. Our report said

He (the leader singer) played effortlessly well on guitar and pushed through a cold to do some damn good singing. The bassist and other guitarist were also really good! So competent and talented. The drummer was something special. Very varied, interesting drumming and never out of place. In fact nothing was out of place in the whole band, they had a wonderful vibe and made the room feel comfortable. They had us rocking one moment, chilling another and dancing the next… but without losing their unique style. A bit ska in places and a Californian rock in others we’d be interested to see a longer set. [Music in Leicester]

Skyves formed in Leicester in 2013.

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Stop That Train on the Loco stage

Stop That Train at Glastonbudget 2015

Leicester band Stop That Train offered their energising set of ska, reggae and indie songs. Formed in 2011, the band has appeared in several of our reviews. In September 2014 the band supported Midnight Wire at the Y Theatre:

Singer Geno Lynch led the band in a bouncy and upbeat set of songs, injecting a good level of singing, with help from the other bands members, to deliver well-harmonised vocals. The crowd was clearly enjoying the music, boogie-ing along to the tunes and engaging melodies. They went down well with the crowd. Ska and Reggae are popular genres in Leicester. They soon got a large section of the audience dancing to their rhythms. [Music in Leicester]

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Toyah at Glastonbudget 2015

Toyah Willcox, not a tribute but the artist herself, has enjoyed a successful career spanning over 30 years, amassing 13 top-40 singles, recording 20 albums  and has toured the world. The Birmingham-born singer moved to London in the mid-1970s where she became a leading light in the punk movement and went on to enjoy a career in films and in music writing.

The World Can Wait on the Icon Stage

The World Can Wait at Glastonbudget 2015

From one young band to another. TWCW is a band noted more for original songs than covers. Lead singer Sully Archer was backed by three solidly good musicians. They write songs that have a distinctive sound. In the warm afternoon sunshine they drew a crowd and you could tell from the reaction they were getting that people loved what they heard. Archer’s vocals stand out for colour and character and there was a drive and power to what they were doing. It took a large sound stage and a big open area to really appreciate just what an impact this band can have. It was a performance that was wholly good and of impressive quality, indicated that while once they had potential, now we can really see what they are made of.

The World Can Wait at Glastonbudget 2015

See our previous reviews of The World Can Wait – at the Soundhouse on 2nd May.

TWCW is one of our featured bands.

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Violet Cities on The Libra Stage

Violet Cities at Glastonbudget 2015

Lead by band leader James Lewis, Violet Cities won the Play@LMF showcase series to gain a place at the Leicester Music festival that year. In 2010 The James Lewis Band won the OBS. In April the band played at the Firebug and our reporter Keith Jobey said:

They play a laid back indie pop style, with tunes that sound like they could have been written by the likes of Brian Adams. There’s a definite hint of American influence in their music. A quality band on so early in the evening, it’s a great start. [Music in Leicester]

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Our Team at Glastonbudget 2015

Media Team at Glastonbudget 2015: RhinoFeroSs photography (France), Kevin Gaughan, with additional images by Trevor Locke and Jesper Jorgensen (Denmark)

The Editor of Music in Leicester

All media courtesy of Glastonbudget 2015.

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