George Simpson (foreground) and Benn Hartmann (background)

Friday 2nd January 2015

The Musician.

Launch of obsUnplugged series.

obsUnplugged is a unique showcase for our local singing and acoustic artists. This year, as in previous years, the entry has been open, including singers, acoustic groups and rap artists. There is no denying that the shows have displayed the wealth of musical artistry that our local area has to offer. It is the showcasing of singing and acoustic talent that makes this series such a valuable source of musical entertainment.

As it says on the Facebook page for the shows ‘The obsUnplugged is a series of nights to make selections for this years local festival stages. 80+ Acoustic/Electro Acoustic Acts will be selected to play over two weeks showcasing some of the best local and national acoustic talent.’ Part of what the unplugged series is about is to select artists to perform at festivals over the summer. ‘As an extension the obsUnplugged was launched specifically for Acoustic Act(s) The first event was in 2011 and to date 60+ participating Acoustic acts have been selected for the summer festivals on The Musician Stage!’, it says on the show’s Facebook page.

This is the fifth year of obsUnplugged. Later this year we will be reporting on the Original Bands Showcase (OBS) where full electric groups take to the stage. All the shows are held at The Musician pub in the city centre. Here are the dates and line-ups of the shows (not necessarily in the order of play):

Friday 2nd January

Claire Schofield
Aaron Stratton
Lucy Davies-Kumadiro
Scribble Victory
Idle Empire
Nile McGregor
Guy Jones

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Saturday 3rd January

Abandon Her
Initial Thought
Kieran Marshall
James Cull
Daniel McColgan
Rogue State Circus

Sunday 4th January

Claire Jackson
Homeless Shakespeare
Reuben Wisner
Pop Orchestra
Melanie Page
China Tanks

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Tuesday 6th January

Blueshine Brothers
Emily Crane
Alan Martin
Ashley Francis
En Route
Steve Parker

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Wed 7th January

Matthew Bloomfield
Waiting For Susan
Silvia De Sousa
Kismet Hardy
Lord of Loops
Les Hayden

Thursday 8th January

David Lacey
Edd Safell
Jack Halls
Remy Turi
Benn Hartmann Band
George Simpson Band

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Friday 9th January

Michaela Pearson
Hannah McNally
Dust and Debris
Eliza Marriott
Zeb Project
Tash Bird
Tony Alles

Saturday 10th January

Avishek Choudhury
Anka Valley Boys
Olivia Rose Dean
Gavin Bradshaw
Andessa Martin
Mikey Vickers
Michael Kurtz
Paige Roberts

Sunday 11th January

Michael Oates
Michael Keithson
David Young
Grace Jenkinson Music
Flav Giorgini

Wednesday 14th January

Blue Skies In June
Sam Instrumental Bradshaw
Christopher Moody & The Underground Kings
Richard Rands
Thursdays Child
Nick “August” Jones

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From these shows, artists will be selected to perform at the two finale shows to be held on Friday 13th and Saturday 14th February.

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