Review – Our City Fires at The Cookie, Thursday 25th July 2019

Photo: Our City Fires

with Dark Bloom, Endeavour and Luna Kiss

The gig was organised by  The Cookie

Reviewed by Yuki Hozumi

After last night’s London show, Our City Fires came back to their home city of Leicester on the second date of their UK tour.

First band on were Leicester’s Dark Bloom. Composed of Sulley (Vocals and guitar), Ethan (Drums) and Robbie (Guitar). The blend of Sulley’s tender voice and passionate shouts were like drawing a picture by making a shape with a fine pencil and adding colours with thick brushes. In particular, the song, From The Storm, was powerful, with  heavy guitar riffs.

Dark Bloom Photo: Kevin Gaughan

Moving onto the next act, Peterborough based four-piece alternative rock band, Endeavor, stepped onto the stage. Notably, the members are brothers, Shawn (Vocals), Brandon and Shane (Guitar), and Garren (Bass). Their sound reminded me of Bring Me The Horizon. The song played last, Miracle, got the venue hot and sweaty. Eventually, everyone was shaking their heads along with the breezy melody.

Endeavour Photo: Kevin Gaughan

Afterwards, Luna Kiss, a four-piece rock group from Coventry, made the warm basement hotter by their ardent music style. Expressional Chris’s guitar sounds and whispery and clear Wil’s voice were working the audience up into a frenzy.

The song, All You, was enhancing the mood with the gradual changes, from the modest, yet edgy, rhythmic percussion (James) and bass (Ross), to the powerful harmonised sounds between layered vocals and guitars.

Luna Kiss Photo: Kevin Gaughan

As soon as Our City Fires, a five-piece alternative rock band, appeared on the stage, the crowd had no reservations in coming to the front, from the first to the last song, the venue  was a hot, sweaty moshpit,  splashing cider as well as sweat. It seemed like the heat from the musicians and the audiences were taking the temperature to another level on one of the hottest July days on record.

Just Come Home, was the poignant song for this band and the audience, since it was the first released song in their home city of Leicester. When they played the song, it was clear that there was a strong unity in the venue.

By the way, the members are Danny (Lead Vocals), Harry (Guitar), Kieran (Drums), Danny (Bass), and Guy (Guitar).

Our City Fires Photo: Kevin Gaughan

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