It’s that month again – time for Rocktober

Last edited:   29th September 2014

In the tenth month of the year we promote Rocktober – a period during to shout about how good Leicester/shire is for rock music.

This has been done before

Read out Rocktober in previous years

So, what is it?

Rocktober is a world-wide celebration of rock music. In Leicester there have been previous Rocktober events, designed to proclaim to the world how good the bands are in Leicester and Leicestershire. In 2012 we should be doing it again: shouting about the excellence of our rock bands.

and 2010, 2011, 2013 and now 2014

Leicester’s Rocktober began in 2010 and there is no less need to do it now than there was back then.

Let’s flag up some of the rock things that Leicester is worthy of shouting about:

  • It is the birthplace of Kasabian
  • It has over 500 working rock bands
  • It has over 8 permanent live music venues
  • It has over 4 major rock festivals every year
  • There is usually at least 1 rock gig every night of the week
  • Its bands and artists produce music of national quality

We say there is a lot worth shouting about as far as rock music in our area is concerned.

Where to shout about Rocktober

If you want to add your voice, we suggest you shout on

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • The Radio
  • At gigs
  • To your friends and family
  • Local newspapers

Who should be shouting about Rocktober?

People who can give a shout out include

  • Fans of rock music
  • Members of rock bands
  • Radio DJs
  • Promoters of live music
  • Music journalists, writers and bloggers
  • People who have accounts on social networking sites
  • Singers and rappers (even if  not their genre)
  • The people of Leicester/shire

What to shout in Rocktober

In October we want to hear people shouting about

  • How good Leicester’s rock scene is
  • How wonderful our rock bands are
  • Why Leicester’s rock bands produce fantastic music
  • Why Leicester has a great live music scene
  • Why people should actually come to Leicester to see our bands
  • Where you can see the best bands/hear the best music

It has been claimed that Leicester’s live music scene is the ‘best kept secret in the country’.  It should not be – we should be shouting out loud about our music so that the rest of the country realises that we are here and we are good.

Leicester is now in the in the final stages of its bid to become UK City of Culture. Music is Leicester’s biggest cultural asset.  It could place Leicester on a similar level as Liverpool (European capital of culture in 2008.)

When it comes to culture and the arts, Leicester’s biggest asset is its music both now and historically. There is a growing body of evidence that Leicester has played a significant part in the nation’s modern popular music.

It is time to stop being modest, shy and unassuming about our music.  It is time we started to shout about music in Leicester.

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