Single review – Luna Rosa, I In The Centre Of Pride

Reviewed by Aleksandra Brzezicka.

I In The Centre Of Pride is a cathartic psycho-punk scream of a last dying prophet who can make us all see the fuming non-sense that’s been fed to us. Whether we decide to keep on pretending or take a stand against the absurd, it’s on us.

Luna Rosa, an alt-punk formation from Corby, in collaboration with Magic Garden Studios, makes their come back with a single from their new EP that’s due this October.

While before they’ve been digging around issues such as existential dramas of the modernity, struggle to stay real and the identity crisis, this time they got right to the centre of the matter.

Even though lyrics are generally poetically catastrophic, the simplest one ‘Don’t die for me or this country’ is an authentic essence of the whole track. The track that desperately tries to throw some light on the social and individual hypocrisy while recalling a capitalistic (‘it’s a prophet for the profit’) image of the glorious death, holy murderers or praised politicians. If you want to stay in the dark, you’ll share the blame.

While hypnotic bass notes along with rock ‘n’ roll dreamy riffs put you in a trance, non-stop fast-going drums spice it up a bit with march-like bangs. The final line, ‘What a life we’re living,’ sang by McDade not only let his vocal shine but summarises the strange feeling of helplessness in our hopeless world.

Are you ready to let go of your pride to really start living?

I In The Centre Of Pride was released on July 26, 2019 and is available on all major streaming platforms.

I In The Centre Of Pride on Spotify.

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