Single review – Ro Jordan, Northern Lights

Reviewed by Nanci Rawsthorne

Release date 21 May 2021

The delicate acoustics of Ro Jordan’s latest single Northern Lights blend perfectly with her gorgeous voice, leaving the listener absolutely smitten with her from the first seconds of the track.

Ro Jordan’s Northern Lights is the perfect track for a romantic summer. Just like in her other songs, she has mastered the technique of storytelling in music.

Described as an ‘Old Hollywood movie experience’, the song takes the listener on a journey of romance and infatuation, embodying the feeling of being unconditionally in love with a gorgeous accuracy without being overly descriptive. Jordan uses metaphorical lyrics throughout – though it never feels as though she is overdoing it – creating a beautiful and ethereal sound.

What truly takes over the track, however, is Ro Jordan’s signature powerful vocals. Though this is a more commercial song than the pop ballads she has previously released, Ro Jordan’s vocals remain unmatched. She has a truly incredible voice, incomparable to anyone else, which she knows exactly how to utilise in the best way.
Ro Jordan’s immense talent for production should also be noted. Jordan single-handedly produced Northern Lights, proving herself as an incredibly talented and versatile artist in many different aspects of the music scene.

She is absolutely a force to be reckoned with. With such tremendous talent for production as well as possessing a wonderfully formidable set of vocals and a first-rate ability to write stunning songs, Ro Jordan is one of the most promising independent British artists working right now.

From being featured in the Top 25 Most Played on BBC Radio to national magazine features, it’s clear that the rest of the country is taking notice of Ro Jordan and the waves she is making in the music industry – as they should. With the way she is progressing and the vast amounts of talent she has behind her, it certainly shouldn’t be long before the rest of the world starts paying Ro Jordan the attention she deserves.

Northern Lights is the summer anthem we all need, want, and deserve – an upbeat song that feels like a warm hug. After the tough time we’ve all had, Ro Jordan is providing us with a bit of escapism in her music into a world of honeymoon phases and unconditional love.

From her other tracks Been Here Before and Indoors to Northern Lights, her newest release, Ro Jordan has become an instant addition to my playlists.

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