Single review – Spacetoast, Little Red Car

Release date: 25/09/2020

Reviewed by Imogen Cresswell

“I woke up this morning and all my friends had gone…”

With great ambition following their huge success with previous releases, alt/rock four-piece Spacetoast have been working diligently to produce their brand new single Little Red Car. This single, expertly produced by ROFL Audio in Nottingham, is set to be released on the 25th of September 2020, and is anticipated to be a hit. 

Along with their two popular singles Hate You and Bedroom Song (read the review here), this song provides a subtle uniqueness when compared to other Spacetoast tracks, and certainly should not be overlooked. It is wonderfully presented, in which every element produced complements the tone, the atmosphere, and the message of the song. This track also acquaints us with the ever-improving career of Spacetoast, in regards to the premium sound quality it exhibits. It is surely a treat for the ears to hear all the members and their ‘weapons of choice’ provide us with such a pristine sounding single that will have many of their loyal fans aching with excitement for its official release. 

The meaning of this song lies within the heart of the ever-talented Spacetoast vocalist and guitarist Dan Hewitt. The story follows the confused and frustrated feelings of someone that may not be travelling in the same direction as their friends through life. It is sure to strike many with its aggressive lyrics and harsh vocals, and the relatable lesson embedded within that shows perhaps not everyone will stand by your side as time changes.

You cannot fault the powerful grunge tones produced by guitarist Elanor Sanders and bassist Matt Roulstone, and the impeccably dexterous drumming produced by Joe Hewitt. Simultaneously, these four musicians allow us to see something in this track we have not seen much of before – a look into the very real word of Spacetoast, and why they allow others to enter it. 

Overall this single has an adopted pop/alt-rock structure, in which the influences of Nirvana contribute to the making of this piece, and elements from Sonic Youth and Smashing Pumpkins can be heard too, from that unmissable, air-ripping fuzz and prominent guitar licks. 

Spacetoast have spent their time around many bands in which they have guided them down the path to popularity and a strong fanbase. Providing support for Leicester based band Barracuda’s headline gig at the o2 Academy Leicester (06/09/2019 – read the review here), showed to be a significant occasion for Spacetoast, in which they then carried their fans through to Nottingham, where they supported King Nun at the Bodega. Between these events, Spacetoast wowed us all when they sold out The Shed in Leicester (read the review here) with their headline gig and single release of Bedroom Song.

This band has limitless potential that will extend further than any of them would have imagined. They are a band that has shaken the Midlands, and will certainly ricochet through the rest of the UK.


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