Meri Everitt of the Flying Kangaroo Alliance Photo Rob Gurney

Wednesday 5th February 2014 at the The Donkey.

Wake Up Promotions presents Skyves, Flying Kangaroo Alliance, Six Broken Sticks, The Mutineers and one4six2.

by Keith Jobey
with a little help from Meri Everitt and Keeley Knight

There are a lot of options for the music fan to pick from tonight in Leicester, but the line up assembled by Wake Up Promotions at the Donkey is the one that appeals to me most of all.

The unusually named one4six2 is a solo musician/cartoonist playing his first gig tonight. He uses loops to create a backing track and employs a number of cartoon cut-outs to act as a backing band. It’s a minimalist sound, and he grows in confidence by the end his short set of three songs. It’s an encouraging start for him and is warmly applauded.

The Mutineers is a five-piece band based in Rugby. Generally playing a straightforward rock style, they are slick and have plenty energy. Pirate punk is how they describe themselves and as if to prove it there are a couple of skull and crossbones on display. Although there is no sea shanty played with menace there is a song toward the end of their set with a pirate type riff to it, and they occasional include a harmonica. So yeah, Pirate Punk seems a good enough description. They are an enjoyable listen but I feel they’re missing something. By the end of their set I’ve put my finger on it. They’re missing a crowd. Nothing wrong with the band, just need a nice, energetic crowd bouncing along to them.

The name Six Broken Sticks apparently is a reference to the number of drum sticks they destroy. They are a three-piece with an alt-indie, post-punk sound. We’re told the opening song is a Boris Johnson cover. Then we get told off for applauding it at the end because of it being by the aforementioned Boris. This droll humour continues throughout the set from the deep voiced frontman Tom Creese. A voice when combined with their musically style makes them stand out as a more distinctive band. A bit more familiarity with their songs and I think I could really get to like this band. No broken drumsticks tonight though, only one projected across the stage.

I won’t dwell too much on the next band, Flying Kangaroo Alliance. I’ve covered them a few times previously so go check out those reviews if you’re keen to know more about them. And you should want to know more because tonight, as usual, they rock. It’s not surprising since they are on a roll, playing their third gig of the year and with several more already lined up in the next few months. This regular gigging is paying dividends as their ten song set is delivered with passion and energy and a competence that shows why they are becoming one of the must see live bands in Leicester today.

Unfortunately, time is running out for me as the final act Skyves begin setting up towards 11pm. I have to depart and I notice others doing the same. This is not a reflection on the last band, more the fact that last buses are leaving and early starts the next day are calling. Not sure if it is intended to run so late but it’s not great for the last band to see the crowd drifting away like this. But to ensure they aren’t left out of the review I’ve enrolled Meri Everitt and Keeley Knight from Flying Kangaroo Alliance to pass on their thoughts. Here is what they have to say about them:

We loved their t-shirts as an immediate impression but were slightly wary when the lead singer said he had never used the distortion channel on his amp. He played effortlessly well on guitar and pushed through a cold to do some damn good singing. The bassist and other guitarist were also really good! So competent and talented. The drummer was something special. Very varied, interesting drumming and never out of place. In fact nothing was out of place in the whole band, they had a wonderful vibe and made the room feel comfortable. They had us rocking one moment, chilling another and dancing the next… but without losing their unique style. A bit ska in places and a Californian rock in others we’d be interested to see a longer set.

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