Music Diary June 2013

Live music diary for June 2013

A diary of gigs that we went to in June ∏

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1st June

The Riverside festival – read our review for Saturday

Alexander O’Neal at the O2 Academy

One Suspicious Monkey at the Shed and Ant Henderson’s band from Oxford A&T

2nd June

The Riverside Festival – read our review for Sunday

7th June

The Accidents, The Jav’lins and Midnight Wire at the O2 Academy

8th June

The Young Bands matinee at The Shed

The Saturday matinee featured bands Short Notice from Northants, Deep Red Thread from Thurcaston, rappers Billy B, Sly and Dibbz.

Under 18s took to the stage at the June Matinee at The Shed on 7th June.

Opening the show were rappers Billy B, Sly and Dibbz. All three were good when performing either individually or as a group.  Having performed at several of the matinee shows, the group has shown improvement and clearly have been putting a lot of hard work into their act.

From Northampton, Short Notice played a good set; the trio from Thrapston including two vocalists and played a set of enjoyable melodic indie  rock songs which included some of their own songs and some covers (including Yellow by Coldplay.) A good and confident  performance by these three talented 15 year olds.

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Leicester band Deep Red Thread
Leicester band Deep Red Thread

We were impressed by Leicestershire band Deep Red Thread. The five-piece band was fronted by Sophie Garner whose full-on voice added a strong layer to the band’s hard rock style of songs. They delivered a storming set of powered songs which drew a lot of applause from the crowd.  Laced with some beltin’ guitar solos the band gave us some really good music and I was not alone in saying “want to see them again!”.)

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10th June

Johnny Rotten and Public Image Ltd at the O2 Academy

14th June

Alex Van Roose solo set at The Shed

Midnight Wire frontman and song writer Alex ‘Rooster’ Van Roose performed a solo set at The Shed.

Also at this show, a very good performance by the band Ivy Mike.

14th June

Cream Tangerines and Mattayoux at the Exchange. Two incredibly good bands, a packed house and an evening of remarkably good music.

14th June to 16th June

Download on Friday | Saturday | Sunday

15th June

I Wanna Be A Rockstar – the grand final at The Shed

is won by Leicester band Titan. Tonight the house was full and all the bands were good.

18th June

The Voice comes to Leicester:  Soundhouse and Exchange

21 st June to 23rd June

Hinckley Music festival on Friday | Saturday | Sunday

26th June

Chasing Cadence and A Burning Red State and Depth at the Soundhouse.

Brilliant.   A Burning Red State, post-hardcore metal sounds with open-throttle vocals, pumped with plenty of ballsy attack.  I have seen Depth before, one of the best Hard Rock bands in the East of England. All four of them sang and the music was thrilling. It was an incredibly good set from the Norwich band, one that ticked all the boxes.  Sensationally good music and great to watch on stage. Five piece band Chasing Cadenence also good. On tour from Hertford they delivered resounding rhythms and led by a star-quality vocalist, the put our some majorly good songs.

27th June

City Link-up show at Sumo

At The Shed tonight, Three Degrees Below and Masteema. Awesome hardcore music.

28th June

Cream Tangerines, Preacher and the Bear and  at the Soundhouse and Supersoul (blues rock) with the great Rajiv Mohanlal.)

Superbly good music

I wrote:  ‘Cream Tangerines. An outstandingly good band’ … ‘top class vocals and stunning guitar work from Cam Potts.’ ‘The three Potts … top class musicians.’

29th June

Foxton Locks festival on Saturday | On Sunday

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