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in May 2015

Our monthly look at some of Leicester’s live music

Firstly – gigs coming up; Secondly – gigs we went to (scroll down for that)

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1 Coming up…

May 22nd to 24th

Glastonbudget Music Festival 2015
Glastonbudget Music Festival 2015

Our reports on Glastonbudget 2015 are nearing completion.

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30th May

Sileby. Mia and the Moon Album Launch and mini day festival.

The Green Place, Sileby LE12 7RS  from 3pm-9pm

12th to 14th June

Posters for Download 2015
Posters for Download 2015

It will soon be time for Download

Keep an eye open for our report on the festival, after it has finished.

Coming up in July, an iconic Leicester band is to perform for one last time.

Read more about The Heroes.

2 Went sent to see…

Sunday 31st May

Scribble Victory at The Soundhouse in 2014
Scribble Victory at The Soundhouse in 2014

Alex Van Roose was one of the line-up of artists performing at The Shed’s acoustic gigs tonight.  Also on stage was Scribble Victory, the Derby Duo. Two exceedingly good acts.

Saturday 30th May

Aztec Templates at The Shed, 7th March 2015 Photo RhinoFeroSs photography
Aztec Templates at The Shed, 7th March 2015
Photo RhinoFeroSs photography

I went to The Musician to see Aztec Temples. Stating The Obvious, also from Leicester, was another of the top-notch acts on tonight’s line-up.

Friday 29th May

Victory Heights featured photo

Four Point Oh, the Leicester hard-rock band put in a smashing performing tonight at The Shed. The night was put on by LC Promotions. The line-up included the always good Invictus, Oracle, and USA band Victory HeightsOracle, a four piece hardcore band was pretty good.

See a slide show of photos from the show by Mat Borland

At The Soundhouse, I saw the brilliant Once Vagrant Souls.

 Once Vagrant Souls at The Soundhouse
Once Vagrant Souls at The Soundhouse

Read about Once Vagrant Souls at The Soundhouse

Thursday 28th May

At The shed there was a great line-up of bands; my favourite was The Great Imitation.In the basement we heard sets by Mr. Shay, Twisted Pennys, and outstanding performances from These Septic Stars (from Southampton) and the drumandbass/metal sounds of UKID. Upstairs we heard Alwaid (from France), Lost Effect,  Aphastate and Aonia. UKID stood out for me. An amazing act.

22nd to 24th May

The MIL media team were at Glastonbudget for the 2015 festival.

Read our full coverage of the Glastonbudget Festival 2015:

The overall report, Friday at Glastonbudget, Saturday at Glastonbudget, and Sunday at Glastonbudget.

The Shadow Cats at Glastonbudget 2015 Photo: Jesper Joergensen
The Shadow Cats at Glastonbudget 2015
Photo: Jesper Joergensen

19th May

Keith Jobey went to the Musician to see Canadian band Moon King.

and music artist Jonezy performed at The Soundhouse.

Jonezy at Beaconfest
Jonezy at Beaconfest

Saturday 16th May

The grand final

obs musicians group shot
Musicians taking part in the OBS Final at the Musician in 2014

We were at The Musician for the Grand Final of the OBS

See our photo gallery of photos from the OBS.

15th May.

Our man Kevin Gaughan was at The Soundhouse tonight to see some great bands

including Linear, Rock Savage, French Leave, Dig Lazarus and The Stolen Sea.

12th May

RhinoFerroSs photographer Renaud  was at The Shed for us to see a band from France:  1969 Club.

Also tonight we saw Catalyst 5 from Northants. A pop and punk band that played a pretty good set of covers.

Read his report.

9th May

We enjoyed a brilliant night at The Shed at a show presented by Dreaming In Colour Productions.

with Great Imitation, Not My Good Arm and a solo set by the lead singer of 8Miles High – Oliver Kidd-Martin –  among others. Leicester band Suicide Bees were there. The Decoy put on a performance that many people said was good.

Not My Good Arm at The Shed 9th May 2015
Not My Good Arm at The Shed 9th May 2015

The music of Not My Good Arm fizzes with energy. I love this band’s compulsive beats and richly vibrant rhythms. Singer Tom Heywood keeps the vocals soaring over the back line and on stage their performance is full of zeal and commitment. Their songs beg you to get up and dance.  Another great act that never fails to please is Great Imitation. James Scott-Howes and Ryan Talbot are the two original members of the group.  James is the elite athlete of Leicester singers. His act sparkles with energy. I remember when they appeared in Birmingham at the Surface Unsigned festival. An act that is irrepressible.

James Scott-Howes of Great Imitation Photo Kevin Gaughan
James Scott-Howes of Great Imitation
Photo Kevin Gaughan

See photos from this show.

6th May

We were at The Firebug to see

Bombdogs, Aztec Temples and The Jangles.

See our feature article on Aztec Temples.

5th May

The Shed for Temples of Lies, Invictus, Huron and One Machine.

Invictus at The Shed
Invictus at The Shed

We saw Invictus on 11th April and said “…it was good to see Invictus again; the Leicester band with front man Kristian Price delivered a mind-blasting set of their metalcore songs with goodly helpings of raw stage presence.” Tonight they put in a scorchingly good performance, It was breath-taking. Huron: a five-piece band that is playing at this year’s Download festival. Utterly thrilling. One Machine. The five-piece band with a free-standing lead singer, were great to watch and had a set of hugely complex songs that were stimulating. This is a band that works better on a vast festival stage; squashed into The Shed their sound was attenuated but let’s not complain because having a band as good as this in our little old venue is of considerable importance. This was the first time that the band has played in Leicester.

2nd May

Little Dead Town's lead singer
Little Dead Town’s lead singer

The Soundhouse for Little Dead Town, The Sun Never Set, The World Can Wait and Breathe The Silence.

Read our review of this night.

1st May

Our band of the month is Aztec Temples

1st to 3rd May

The Hand Made Festival

Toy Hand Made Festival 2015
Hand Made Festival 2015

Our coverage of the festival is up now.

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