Music Diary October 2013

Live Music Diary for October 2013

In this month’s music diary, we are trying out a new format.

This month, the latest reports are coming first, so you have to scroll down to see earlier dates.

The other change we will make (from the start of October) are that significant gig reviews will all have their separate posts (all of which will have direct links to them) and we will mention some gigs that fans told us about – even if we did not manage to get to them ourselves.

Thanks to those who have contributed their feedback to way we have been doing things since we started in June.

Your feedback is valuable and so changes are being made.

We are keeping the monthly overview pages of live music because we thing that is a great way to represent the wide variety of music that takes place, each month, in Leicester/shire.

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October’s live music

It’s not October – it’s ROCKTOBER

Another really good month for live music, bands, singers, rappers and the people that make Leicester’s music scene so good.

Thursday 31st October

Another excellent line-up of artists gathered at The Music Cafe for this month’s City Link-Up Unsigned show.

See our review of the October City Link-up Unsigned show in October.

I doff my cap to Leicestershire Music for getting their stuff out first about this show.

Tuesday 29th October

My first ever visit to Rock City and a night with The Boomtown Rats headed by Sir Bob Geldof.

Read the review.

Saturday 26th October

Sham69 played at the Soundhouse

We were there see the legendary punk band Sham69 play at the Soundhouse with support from IVMK (a.k.a. Ivy Mike) from Leicester.

Photos by  © Kevin Gaughan

Sham69 is a legendary punk band. The punkers of Leicester warmed up the venue having come in from the rather damp streets of a late October night.  When I got there local band IVMK was on the stage and in full throttle, belting out some raw and rhythmic tunes and stoking up the crowd.

Sham69 started their set in a sea of red smoke.  In the audience there were people with spiked crests and the hard core fans were pogo-ing to the beats. Much shouting from the crowd mixed with the music created a rowdy, aggressive, somewhat riotous atmosphere and it was clear that people were there to celebrate.

London, 1977, Sham69 was born, the name being derived from Hersham,  Jimmy Persey’s birthplace. They soon attracted a following of skin-heads at a time when punk rock was a force in British music, headed up by the Sex Pistols. The band introduced football-style chants into their songs. After releasing their first record I don’t wanna‘ they signed to Polydor Records and soon after releasing Borstal Breakout and Angles with Dirty Faces, which got to number 19 in the charts and then If The Kids are United which got to number 9.

Drawing influences from Ramones, The Clash and The Damned (among others), Sham69’s song are often politically strident and shot through with social commentary; as the opening line of If The Kids Are United says For once in my life I’ve got something to say.   I think they played Sing When You’re Winning from the compilation album St. George’s Day, one that went down well with the crowd.

The band split up in 2007 but was re-formed in 2011 with the original line-up. Tonight;s show was part of a UK tour with the original set of members.  Time had not diminished the rawness, power and angst of this band.  Loud, shouty and ferocious it was a total experience driven by the songs and the fervor of the audience who sang a good deal of  We’re Going Down The Pub. It was a powered-up punk party. Richard from Corby told me “It’s fantastic.” Various local band members and rockerati were seen in the crowd. So, another night for the record books and another famous band to appear at the Soundhouse.

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See the Sham69 web site | Follow Sham69 on Facebook

Friday 25th October

Holli Coyle and I Surrender at the Shed

Friday night is auditions night for the 2014 Glastonbudget festival.

Starting off the night was singer Holli Coyle; accompanying herself on acoustic guitar, Holli filled the room with her strong vocals and a set of appealing songs. Having been singing for four to five years now, Holli gave us a set of covers and some of her own songs, reflecting influences such as Elbow and Kate Nash.  She has performed at Glastonbudget before and comes from the Braunstone area of Leicester.

Follow Holli Coyle on Facebook | Watch Holly Coyle performing at the Forst in the Park Festival.

Young indie band from Ripley, I Surrender, opened their set with a cover by the Artic Monkeys, following it up with Kaiser Chief’s song I Predict A Riot. With solid vocals from lead singer Ben and good playing from the rest of the group, it was a vibrant and enjoyable set.

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Friday 25th October

Santa Fe and Super73 at The Soundhouse.

After leaving The Shed, I rushed over to the Sloundhouse hoping to catch the set I wanted to see by North Midlands band Kill Chaos. Sadly, I arrived too late and missed their set.

Check out Kill Chaos on Facebook – many people told me they did a really good set.

Disappointment soon gave way to satisfaction as Santa Fe took to the stage. A new Leicester band, they are Darius Cobb – Bass Guitar, Lead vocals Hayward Cobb – Drums, Piano, Backing vocals, Steve Jordan – Guitar, Backing vocals and Mark Woodyatt – Guitar. Big thumping sounds and compulsive beats captured the crowd and caught the vibe of the evening.  As the band explained on its band page:  ‘Santa Fe’s melodic approach to rock music is structured and considered, blending all out rock with intricate independent instrumental sections and big riffs.’ which is both true and accurate I thought.  With  the likes of Thrice, Biffy Clyro, Reuben, Jimmy Eat World and Deaf Havana in their inspirational roots, you would expect to be hearing something good and yes that is just what we got.

Santa Fe has a debut EP Tremors out now on Itunes.

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Super73 on stage at The Soundhouse
Super73 on stage at The Soundhouse

Super73 headlined.  They were at the same venue a year ago when our reporter Kevin Gaughan saw them; he wrote ‘The band comprises of ex-members from some of Leicester’s long establish and well respected rock bands, namely, Themselves, Ictus and Citizen Smith. As far as I was concerned, there was no room for error, complacency, or putting in a wooden stage performance‘ following that up with ‘even before they started, they surpassed my expectations by playing a pre-recorded intro, during which the background chatter was replaced by silent anticipation. Launching into the first song of their high-octane, hard-rocking set, I wasn’t disappointed – musicians who have become masters of their craft, culminating in a show that seemed greater than the sum of it’s parts.’ Well said Kevin because tonight’s set was a cracker: full of rivetingly good tunes, lashings of charisma,  driving rhythms and a relentlessly good set of high-octane songs. That’s what makes an ace band – the music, the energy, the commitment, the passion to give it all they have got and they for sure achieved that tonight.

Super73 at the Soundhouse - Mark Whinkless
Super73 at the Soundhouse – Mark Whinkless

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Saturday 19th October

OXJAM took to the streets of the Cultural Quarter for the annual festival of all things music, in aid of the charity Oxfam.

See our main page of reports on the Oxjam Festival

Leicester hardcore band Ascend The Skies put on rocket-fuelled set at The Shed attracting a sweat-dripping crowd of moshers into the basement for half an hour of crazy screaming and dancing that was entirely epic.  With the incredibly neat Will McLaughlan in charge of the proceedings, the crowd witnessed some awesome scenes including skateboarding across the floor, lots of people slipping up on the slimy wet tiles and much frenetic head-banging. It was mega!

Ascend The Skies at The Shed
Ascend The Skies at The Shed Photo  Music First Promotions

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The main stage saw a really good performance from Fighting Evil is Cool, the Ska/Punk band from Notts/Derby. They had the large crowd dancing with a set of infectious dance numbers, delivered with considerable life and energy by front man Dicko, backed up trombone, sax and a full band. Funny, entertaining and musically up there, it was a superb set and just what the crowd wanted. A party hard band!

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Despite a torrential downpour, Smokin’ The Profit lit up Orton Square with their music and as soon as the rain finished, people came out from their shelters to dance in the streets. Ska and reggae had been the theme of the Orton Square stage throughout the day and STP added a brilliant set to the programme.

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Alexandru at the BBC
Alexandru at the BBC just before his appearance on the Tony Wadsworth show

Jonezy from Leicester and Alexandru from Norway were on stage on Saturday evening at The Shed. Earlier in the day, Alexandru appeared on BBC Radio Leicester, doing an interview about his visit to the UK and singing a song, live on air.

Read more on this | Watch Alexandru and Jonezy in the BBC studio doing the live broadcast

See our main page of reports on the Oxjam Festival

Friday 18th October

Leicester rapper Jonezy performed with Alexandru from Norway

Jonezy and Alexandru at the shed on Friday
Jonezy and Alexandru at the shed on Friday

The duo were on stage at The Shed as part of the auditions show for the Glastonbudget Festival 2014.

See our article about their performance, including photos and links to videos.

Read about Jonezy and Alexandru at Oxjam.

Saturday 19th October

Park Bench Society, Smokin’ The Profit and others at Oxjam

Park Bench Society at Curve
Park Bench Society at Curve

A host of Leicester and Leicestershire bands and singers gathered in the Cultural Quarter today for the annual Oxjam Takeover music festival.

We are still adding to our report but you can see what we have got so far.

Thursday 17th October

Bastille at the O2 Academy Leicester

Bastille promo shot
Members of Bastille

There was magic in the air at the sold-out gig at the O2 tonight, as well over 2000 fans packed in to the main hall to see Bastille. Inside,  the atmosphere was hot, the fans excited and,  with a load of freshers going to their first gig in Leicester (which might well also have included last night’s appearance by Babyshambles),  the feeling of excitement was tangible. With support slots from To Kill a King and Bipolar Sunshine, the stage had plenty to offer and to keep the fans going before the main act of the night came on stage.

If you want to know how to be a top band, watch Bastille. Just get a lead singer with a massively good voice and a personality to match, write a set of songs that will have thousands of fans switching on their iTunes and away you go.  We saw them at Summer Sundae last year, commenting ‘Bouncy songs, ear-pleasing melodic lines, excellent vocals.’  Since then,  they have hit the big time with some chart-topping tunes. Given that their life started in only 2010, they have witnessed a meteoric rise. The four band members  – Daniel Smith, Chris Wood, William Farquarson and Kyle Simmons (all kids of the 80s) –  represent a phenomenal pool of talent and their single – Pompeii  – charted at number two in the UK, last February.

Bastille at the O2
Loads of fans must have got photos on their phones much like this one

Two guys I met in the crowd told me they listen to Bastille’s songs every day and had never seen them live before, had never been to an O2 show and were now only a few meters away from the musicians who they clearly loved, big time. That’s what you can get at our local O2 – being near enough to see what’s happening on stage and soaking up the atmosphere of a sell-out show. I asked them “what does it feel like to be there tonight”; they said “we’re buzzing.”  Well, that says it all.

Bastille at the O2
A bit rough but it conveys the atmosphere

Bastille delivered a set of highly good tunes, riven with catchy rhythms and bolstered with breaks and beats that came together in a set of ear-licking melodies.

So, what are they like as a band?  Beltin’. Do they have good songs?  Well over 2000 people paid plenty money to see them tonight.  Me, I liked their music a lot. They keep writing new songs, they are great on stage, they all work well together when live, they have rhythms that make you want to turn up the volume,  they play the kind of stuff that people in their tens of thousands want to hear. Can’t say much better than that.

Visit Bastille’s web site | Follow them on Facebook

Thursday 17th October

Matt Zara at The Depot

Matt Zara at the LCB Depot
Matt Zara at the LCB Depot

Young guitarist Matt Zara provided the musical background at an event held at the LCB Depot tonight. The event was held to garner public views on the future development of the cultural quarter.  Matt played a series of  instrumental tunes, including his take on Sting’s Englishman in New York. Clearly one of the most brilliant musicians of his generation.

Tuesday 15th October

Glastonbudget held one of its audition shows at The Shed.

East of Eden at The Shed
East of Eden at The Shed

East of Eden, a four piece indie band had a lead singer backed by two other vocalists and beltin’ set of songs.  The band recently changed its name to avoiding clashing with another (established) band; so now they only clash with a famous film (starring James Dean, 1955, based on John Steinbeck’s novel.) Well naming band is never easy. Not to worry, I am sure that people will remember them for their goodly music. They looked like a band that meant business.

Bleechbox at The Shed
Bleechbox at The Shed

We were there for Bleechbox one of our favourite pop/punk bands, who had come into town from the remoteness of Lutterworth from which (on  a Tuesday night) there is no public transport.  So even if they were low on numbers they were not low on commitment, telling me they were intent on getting on stage, having fun playing and doing an enjoyable set, what ever the outcome – that’s the spirit! That is just what they did – they got up and jumped for joy, both musically and physically. Well done Bleechos for giving us music that had no lack of energy and stage craft

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Saturday 12th October 2013

Esben And The Witch / Teeth Of The Sea / Thought Forms 

Keith Jobey reports

Halloween came a little early to Leicester when on Saturday night a witch was spotted at the Cookie Jar. Esben And The Witch to be precise, forming one third of a triple headline tour along with Thought Forms and Teeth Of The Sea

Esben and The Witch at The Cookie Jar
Esben and The Witch at The Cookie Jar Photo Keith Jobey

Esben And The Witch are undoubtedly the big name of the three, although Thought Forms and Teeth Of The Sea are in no way there as a fill in  and, since this is a triple headline tour, the bands have been varying the running order throughout the tour, taking turns to open and close.

Best not turn up late for this one thinking you’re skipping the support bands. The band you’re coming to see may open. This also meant it was possible that some people may also leave after the opening band! Especially since the running order for the night was to be Esben And The Witch to open, Teeth Of The Sea to follow and Thought Forms to close the show. 

Walking into the Crumblin’ Cookie just prior to the Cookie Jar doors opening, there was already a real buzz about the place. You could sense immediately that this show was going to have a good feel about it. 

Esben and the Witch had requested that the main spotlights be kept off, which meant they were largely in the dark with only the drummer having any light cast upon him. Not great for snapping a few photos, but I guess the band like it that way. The deliciously dark trio then proceeded to wow the audience with moments of fragile delicateness gradually building up to a crescendo of noise. To the extent that you are left wondering where all the sounds are coming from. 

Looking at my notes the next day I’d only written two words down about them. It simply read ‘Esben fantastic’. So there you go, nothing else to say about Esben And The Witch. 

Teeth Of The Sea were next, a psychedelic influenced 4-piece band based in London. With a stand up drummer, a masked keyboard player and vocals few and far between, it was quite rave like at times with hypnotic trance beats. Trumpets replacing whistles and not a glow stick in sight though. More electronic than Esben, but still on the dark side, and like Esben, they left you standing watching in awe. 

Then it was the turn of Thought Forms, tasked with the ‘how do we follow that slot’. They made a lovely noise, usually starting quietly, then adding layers until you were blanketed in their groove. Sparse but sweet vocals and more guitar reliant than the previous two bands they produced mesmerising sounds. That’s how you follow that. 

It was good to see that most of the crowd had decided to stay until the end, with enough people there to make the compact venue feel full. 

Hard to believe three bands of such quality bother to share a stage, and at under a tenner to get in, there couldn’t have been anywhere better to be in Leicester that night. The Cookie Jar reliably puts on a good show but this was something special. A special mention for Tinny the doorman (standing in for Elliot), doing a stellar job of keeping up with the flow of people in and out. 

Esben and The Witch Photo Keith Jobey
Esben and The Witch Photo Keith Jobey

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Friday 11th October

Spotlight Kid were at Lock42. Describing themselves as “Shoegaze, Dream Pop, Fuzz”, this Nottingham band has played before in Leicester.

Keith Jobey reports:

One thing I do like about Lock 42 is that the support acts are usually local and always seem to be someone I’ve not seen or heard before. Local support one was provided by Children Of Leir. A psychedelic two piece comprising of Greg Hunt (guitar and vocals) and Stuart Gray (keyboards and vocals). I was left a bit undecided about these. The first song had left me unimpressed, but the second was more to my taste. And it was the same with the next two. A decent enough set, although not to my taste, and a bit of a mixed reception from the crowd. Very much mid table in my personal list of support bands, they no doubt will appeal a lot to some people. 

Leicester band Linear at Lock42
Leicester band Linear at Lock42 Photo Keith Jobey

The second act of the night was provided by Leicester’s Linear who brought along the biggest crowd of the evening. Linear are a likable bunch of lads, a five-piece comprising of Jack Franklin on vocals, Joe Garratt on drums, Jacob De Bruyne on guitar, Jack Pennington on guitar and Joe Brassfield on bass. 

Have you ever wondered what would have happened if Thin Lizzy had got Morrissey to sing for them? Well wonder no more, have a listen to Linear. I don’t mean that in a bad way. I just can’t help it but Jack Franklin does sing a bit like Morrissey. The band combines a mix of styles which at times is classic rock sounding. Somehow this all works to create an interesting, listenable band.

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Spotlight Kid at Lock42
Spotlight Kid at Lock42. Photo Keith Jobey

Headline band Spotlight Kid, from Nottingham described itself shoegaze, noise pop, dream pop. With the recent departures of guitarists Karl Skivington and Chris Moore, Spotlight Kid no longer has the triple guitar layering that used to fill the room, whenever they played. However, they have added a new guitarist (Jimmy Taylor, playing his first gig with the band tonight) so they’re back up to two and thankfully, still sounding awesome. With the fuzzy, overdriven, reverbing guitar layering going on a solid rhythm section is needed. Which Chris Davis and Matt Holt provide with great ability.

Spotlight Kid in Leicester at Lock42
Spotlight Kid in Leicester at Lock42. Photo Keith Jobey

Vocal duties are covered by Rob McCleary and Katty Heath, complementing each other, with vocals, like guitars, layered over each other. The trick Spotlight Kid manages to pull off is that within the multiple layers of noise emanating from all sources, great tunes exist, eager to get out. And get out they do. Playing a nine song set made up largely of tracks from last album ‘Disaster Tourist’, interspaced with recent singles ‘Budge Up’ and ‘Sugar Pills’ and next single ‘Can’t Let Go’, they more than satisfied the sadly sparse crowd. Shouts for an encore didn’t achieve the desired goal, bringing to the end what was an awesome sounding show. Watch this video.

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Friday 11th October

We went to the Leicester O2 Academy to see

Joseph MacWan a singer with his band and some foot-tappingly likable songs with a Caribbean feel. Warming and full of attractive breaks they made a good start to the evening’s entertainment.

Joseph MacWan on Facebook.

The Midbeats (Leicester) featured three good singers and a lively performance.  The Midbeats has an EP which is out now in iTunes and they sang the lead track from in ‘This Old Town.’

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Stop That Train (Leicester) headlined the show with their set of reggae-style songs.  The trio of Geno Ayre-Lynch, Harry Robertson and Josh Grant have done well since they started up and then got through to the grand final of the OBS earlier this year, being pipped to the winning post by Leaving Party. All three members of the band contribute to the vocals – including the drummer – so that gives them a gold star in my book.

Follow Stop That Train on Facebook | Watch STT at tonigh’s show |

Thursday 10th October

Music First Promotions night.

We went to The Shed to see

Taxi Treats (Stratford Upon Avon)

Stringfingers (Peterborough)

Three Thirds Below (Nottingham)

Strike Up The Colours (Leicester/Melton/Oakham) featuring Jonezy (Leicester)

Taxi Treats, from Stratford upon Avon, gave us a well good set of their fast-paced pop/punk songs delivered with sharpness and good attack.  Follow them on Facebook.

From Peterb0rough,  Stringfinger went down well, with their lead vocalist Perry Sims doing some energetic rap for their of hip-hop/rock songs laced with turntable scratchings from Ed Billing. An unusual band with a really good set of musical treats, we loved them.  Good vocals and infectious tunes, they were top notch.

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Nottingham’s Three Thirds Below brought their dazzling set of Alternative Rock, Rock, Punk, Post Hardcore songs to the Shed stage again.  Having played in Leicester several times recently, TTB have gained a following of people who like their strong vocals, rip-roaring tunes and good stage craft.  With songs that have excellent melodic lines, sampling the nu-rock sounds of the early ‘noughties’, three solid front singers and driving rhythms, they are a stand-out band and they always put on a good show.

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Jonezy and Strike Up The Colours
Jonezy and Strike Up The Colours Photo Music First Promotions

The night brought a delicious helping of pop in the shape of Strike Up The Colours who were joined on stage tonight by rapper Jonezy. Just as String Finger had shown earlier on, rap vocals goes well with a full band and these guys certainly put together a magic set of sounds, including songs by SUTC and some from Jonezy’s reppertoir, a set they might well repeat on 8th November when they will be at Leicester’s O2 Academy.  We love SUTC’s highly memorable pop songs and the new combination of rock and rap adds a powerful new dimension to what these two acts have been doing separately.

Strike Up The Colours on Facebook | Jonezy on Facebook.

Wednesday 9th October

The Musician hosted a night of music from the New York artists, Joseph Arthur and Rene Lopez at a show promoted by Magic Teapot.

Rene Lopez at The Musician
Rene Lopez at The Musician

Rene Lopez opened the show, singing and playing guitar and accompanied by a drummer.  His richly sonorous voice and delightful personality captivated the audience, delivering songs that were vibrant and infectiously rhythmic.  Providing a set that was expressive and upbeat, Rene’s set was musically quite unusual for Leicester, described on his Facebook page as “electric Latin Soul”, the songs had a colour and vibrancy imbued with the delicious flavours of his Italian/Latino background.  Rene said “Growing up Puerto Rican in the Bronx, music was all around me, so I don’t remember any real epiphany.” Behind the mic you could easily connected with the personality, seeing the likable and engaging person that kept the audience quietly spell-bound.

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Rene Lopez joined Joseph Arthur for the headline set of the evening. With Rene on bass plus backing vocals and Bill on the full drum set, Joesph played electric guitar, it was clear that the group had attracted a crowd of fans for their set here in Leicester.  In many of the songs, Joseph displayed his skill on the guitar, weaving into the songs some remarkable solos on the strings,  showing that he was both a singer of distinction and gifted instrumentalist.

Joseph Arthur in Leicester
Joseph Arthur

What drew the crowd in was the artist’s engaging rapport with them, sharing humour between the songs.  Joseph’s songs displayed striking lyrics and lashings of originality. Often upbeat and fast-paced, the songs had plenty of verve and vitality, driven along by Joseph’s considerable stage presence and Bill’s work on the skins.

Joseph Arthur drawing while he sang at The Musician
Joseph Arthur drawing while he sang

At one point, during Joseph’s acoustic set, an art-board was produced on which he proceeded to draw with a set of coloured pens. Singing and drawing at the same time, Joseph produced a picture to go with his song, aided by some fans who held the board up while he worked.

Joseph Arthur and Rene Lopez at The Musician
Joseph Arthur and Rene Lopez at The Musician

Follow Joseph Arthur on Facebook | Get a sample of Joesph Arthur’s work by watching The Ballad of Boogie Christ on YouTube.

Tuesday 8th October

At the Shed, artists gathered for the regular GlastonBuget festival 2014 auditions.

We saw, young singer Dan Freestone, Brothers, George Simpson

Local singer George Simpson put on an astoundingly good set. Backed by a group of musicians that included Benn Hartmann, George’s songs were a great pleasure to hear.  With his richly toned vocals that were full of colour, amplified by the vocal backing of Benn Hartmann, the whole set worked really well, George’s vocal technique was spot on. A really listenable set of songs, both the full band and solo numbers received enthusiastic acclaim from the audience. There was variety in the set, some numbers being vibrant and vigorous, shot through with catchy melodies and richly orchestrated backlines, other being softer and more atmospheric. Excellent!

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Dan Freestone is a young singer who shows promise and clearly has a great deal of talent. The teenage singer/songwriter gave us a thoroughly enjoyable and impressive performance. One to watch!

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Monday 7th October

Curve – The Rocky Horror show

The Rocky Horror Show at Curve
The Rocky Horror Show at Curve

We were at Curve tonight to witness the opening night of the Rock Horror cult musical The Rocky Horror Show.

Read our review on Arts in Leicester

Sunday 6th October

The Soundhouse 3rd Anniversary weekender – day 2

Grace and The Magic Roots played today. Keith Jobey writes:  I thought I’d catch the band prior to them, Grace and the Magic Roots.Although I’d heard of them,  I was totally unfamiliar with their music and they didn’t grab my attention immediately. But after a song or two, as the reggae infused folk started to show more,  I began to enjoy it more. There was even a hint of bluegrass towards the end in a pleasant thirty minute set. Worth coming along a bit earlier to see and one who I’d happily catch again.

Follow Grace and the Magic Roots on Facebook.

Flying Kangaroo Alliance
FKA – Soundhouse
Photo Keith Jobey

Flying Kangaroo Alliance almost didn’t happen. Singer Meri Everitt being ill throughout the day and just getting there in time to squeeze a set in. Ordinarily they would have swapped with the following band but unfortunately, he (was arriving with Meri. So after a short anxious wait, a delicate looking Meri arrived and the band immediately took to the stage and rattled through a set of six songs in twenty minutes. Blam! Back on time and another great performance from the band, showing how slick they are getting in the process.

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Thanks Keith.

The headline set of the day was a performance by Rhett Barrow with his band The Dedbeats.

The Deadbeats - Rhett Barrow
The Deadbeats – Rhett Barrow

 One of Leicester’s most acclaimed original rock bands, The Dedbeats featured the vocals of the amazing singer and song writer Mr. Rhett Barrow. With his characterful stage presence, Mr. Barrow led the Dedbeats in a set of original songs that were rich in memorable melodies and compelling rhythms.   It was a superb performance from a band that stands out as one of the most colourful and musically talented groups in the city. Not only a huge pleasure to listen but one that added depth through their excellent stage craft and considerable dedication to the music that they were making.  Magnificent.

Deadbeats and Rhett Barrow at the Soundhouse
Deadbeats and Rhett Barrow at the Soundhouse

Follow The Dedbeats on Facebook | Listen to their songs on Bandcamp

Saturday 5th October

The Soundhouse anniversary weekend

Mark Ryman-Tubb at the Soundhouse
Mark Ryman-Tubb at the Soundhouse

The first day of the third anniversary weekender at the Soundhouse.

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Friday 4th October

Fubar with The Fazed and Alex Van Roose

I have long been a fan of The Fazed, partly because front man Dave Sherratt is a very fine singer and partly because they are all talented musicians. Sadly, they have just lost their drummer (on the look out for a new one.) Playing an acoustic set, they were a good choice for the intimate setting of Fubar, a small and friendly establishment that deserves to be more widely known and frequented.

Alex Van Roose at Fubar
Alex Van Roose at Fubar

Alex Van Roose (we call him Rooster) is more widely known as the lead singer of Leicester band Midnight Wire. He also performs solo sets and I have to say, Alex is one of the most entertaining solo singers you will find in our local area. It is more than just being able to sing well that makes Alex stand out – he is also an amazingly good entertainer.

Chris Sherratt and Alex Van Roose
Chris Sherratt and Alex Van Roose

 Tonight Alex was on top form, engaging individuals in the audience, displaying his fun personality and giving it plenty of humour and wit. After singing a set of his own songs and a few of his favourite indie covers, Rooster soon pulled some other singers up from the audience for a jam session, with Dave Sherratt and Calvin Jeffrey.  Rooster loves performing, for him it’s not a chore but a chance to shine and have fun entertaining people and that he did big time.

Jeffrey, Sherratt and Van Roose
Jeffrey, Sherratt and Van Roose

Friday 4th October

Lock42 with Supersoul, Chimpanzees and others

Kevin Gaughan was at Lock42 tonight to see

Chimpanzees (Alternative Electro-Psych-Rock band from Leicester) – watch Kevin’s video of this band performing tonight at Lock42

Leicester blues/rock  band Supersoulwatch Kevin’s video of this band performing tonight at Lock42

Supersoul’s Raj Mohanlal also plays with Smokestacks – we reviewed a gig with Smokestacks in September.

Thursday 3rd October

David Norris’s birthday party at The Shed

Fans, friends and family gathered at the Shed tonight to celebrate the birthday of David Norris from Music First Promotions.

Opening the show, Jonezy put on a remarkably good set. Reflecting his love of rock music, Jonezy’s new song fuses rap with elements of post-hardcore metal.  Now that is unusual!  His delivery was technically brilliant –  the whole set being produced with razor-sharp precision and with his renowned ability to engage the audience.  An artist who performs to the crowd and with them, Jonezy is a very people-focused performer (not something commonly associated with rappers) but then Jonezy is not your average rapper and, as a solo performer, his work stands out for its energy, commitment and sheer exuberance. Having a style of performance that is unique, Jonezy has thrown off a lot of the stereotypes often associated with rap artists and had developed a style of his own – one that appeals to music fans who do not normally like urban music. We might call this style ‘Luffy rap’ (the two most notable exponents both being residents of Loughborough.

Leicestershire band Strike Up The Colours seems to be in demand for birthday parties! It is easy to see why. SUTC has one of the best set of dance tunes around at this time, tunes that are memorable, melodic and immediately attractive. They are phenomenally good song smiths. Being able to write popular music is a skill but SUTC show they are past masters of the art.  Not only do they play ear-pleasing music but also they do it with a sense of fun and humour that brings it alive. Highly enjoyable.

Nottingham’s Three Thirds Below describe themselves as being ‘post-hardcore/alternative’ (Alternative Rock, Rock, Punk, Post Hardcore.) They were very good because they have a great sense of stage craft (performing the music, not just standing there like stuffed dummies playing instruments), their music was strong on impact, they had a lead vocalist who had bags of personality and their songs delivered the excitement of power-rock.  Whether post-hardcore was your thing or not, you could not help being drawn into their set. An excellent band.

Wednesday 2nd October

Madina Lake and Fearless Vampire Killers at the O2

Fearless Vampire Killers in Leicester
Fearless Vampire Killers in Leicester

at the Leicester O2 Academy

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Wednesday 2nd October

Lawson in Leicester

Lawson at the De Montfort Hall
Lawson at the De Montfort Hall

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Tuesday 1st October

Soundhouse sign
Soundhouse sign

Rhett Barrow celebrates the 3rd year of his open mic night at The Soundhouse with a big party bash.

Lots of artists will be coming down for set sessions or open mic slots.

This free entry show starts at 7:30 pm

Wednesday 2nd October

Lawson in Leicester with Room 94 and Paighton at the De Montfort Hall. Read all about it.

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