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Jimmy Amnesia record cover

23rd September 2016


September’s record reviews

A fresh batch of CDs and tracks has arrived

In the pile on my desk are: Jimmy amnesia’s Spread it on thick, Corrupt Nation’s Human Kind, The Jav’lin’s Going Bad, and All That We Are’s Same Stories.

Jimmy amnesia

Jimmy Amnesia record cover
Jimmy Amnesia record cover

Jimmy amnesia has brought out their EP Spread It On Thick; you will recognise it straight away from the image, on the sleeve, of a pot of yeast extract spread. Recorded at Deadline Studios, there are four tracks to enjoy:  Amsterdam, Another Life, So Many Faces and Beautiful.  No shortage of joyous and engaging tunes in those four tracks and I bet most people will be playing it to destruction like me, it’s that kind of music; unstoppable, just put it on repeat and sit back and enjoy. I really liked the way the CD had been put together; a lot of thought and clever design went into it and I think it was well worth the effort. I really enjoyed this one and I am sure you will do too.

Jimmy amnesia is on Facebook and YouTube and Soundcloud.

Corrupt Nation

Corrupt Nation at The Shed, 30th January 2016
Corrupt Nation at The Shed, 30th January 2016

When Corrupt Nation is in town I try to get down and see them.  I like what they do and I like the way they do it; that much is clear from the gig reviews I have written about this band. I was glad to pick up a copy of their CD Human Kind with this tracks:  Human Kind, The Children, Spare Change and Run Away. Much to enjoy here and plenty of songs that have lashings of vitality and energy.

Human Kind is available on the band’s BandCamp page; You can also listen to them on Soundcloud.

Check out the Corrupt Nation web site.

The Jav’lins

The Jav'lins at The Shed, 26th September 2016. Photo:  Kevin Gaughan.
The Jav’lins at The Shed, 26th September 2016. Photo: Kevin Gaughan.

Leicester band The Jav’lins released their CD Going Bad this year. Three tracks are on it:  Going Bad, Wasted on a love that can’t be found and Let the rain wash it away represent all that is good about music in this city and I thoroughly recommend this EP to lovers of the finest blues rock around.
You might have read some reviews of this band recently in this magazine.  We rate them very highly. This CD is a must have item for all Jav’lins fans. The vocals are clear and the recording of good quality.  But it is the songs that are what makes this such a desirable item to add to a collection of Leicester’s musical offerings.

Previously released by The Jav’lins were When R Ya Gonna Find Us? (2012) and Jump The Tracks (2013).

All That We Are

We saw this band at The shed on 6th September;

All That We Are at The Shed, 6th September. Photo by Kevin Gaughan.
All That We Are at The Shed, 6th September. Photo by Kevin Gaughan.

We thought

Plenty of bounce and energy from this band, currently on tour. Big bubbly beats from a band that did their own songs; they fired out salvos of vibrant sounds into the room.  [Music in Leicester magazine]

So it was good to hear their songs again from their EP Some Stories. Bouncy, ear-pleasing songs played with verve and filled with foot-topping beats.  Lovely.

And some digital recordings: The Brandy Thieves’s Old tattoos, Liliths Army’s Got a girl.

The Brandy Thieves

We have been listening to the 12 tracks sent over by The Brandy Thieves. Their Old Tattoos album is marvellous; all of the songs are delightful and completely loveable. I would not like to say that any of them are better than the others but my favourites are Howling at The Moon, Owl & The Pussycat and The Ballad of Sting Jack & The Devil. Any chance to listen to the voice of Andrea Kenny must be taken; she is one of the best female singers around here.

The Brandy Thieves at The Shed. Photo:  Kevin Gaughan.
The Brandy Thieves at The Shed. Photo: Kevin Gaughan.

Songs by the Brandy Thieves are available on YouTube and Spotify.

Find out more from the Brandy Thieves website.

Lilith’s Army

Northants band Lilith’s Army has played in Leicester a few times so we would like to recommend the band’s new track Got A Girl which you can hear on Soundcloud.

Now an all-girl group, we have reviewed the band in our live Leicester pages. A sparkling stage presence, a compelling set of songs and a set of recordings that does justice to what they do makes it all add up.

Lilith's Army at The Shed, August 2016. Photo by Kevin Gaughan.
Lilith’s Army at The Shed, August 2016.
Photo by Kevin Gaughan.

I am sure they will be back in Leicester soon so please make a point of seeing them; it will be well worth it.

The Lids

The Lids have released Floating in my head, which is available now on Soundcloud. A really pleasing piece of music you can hear it on Soundcloud.

It will also be available on iTunes.

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