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Budgie Smugglers, EP cover 'Live At Quad' 2016

16th November

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From time to time we review records released by artists and bands from Leicester.

We also listen to tracks published online.

Here is our selection from what has come in since our latest posting in September.

Michael Vickers

Giant Leap Year

Six tracks are on the latest EP from Leicester singer Michael Vickers. You did, I don’t. When I’m back home. Things that no one else found funny. Still not forget. Maybe it’s nothing and Lemonade.

Michael Vickers 'Giant Leap Year' EP, November 2016
Michael Vickers ‘Giant Leap Year’ EP, November 2016

“He’s a very good song writer”, was the reply I gave when some one asked me what was good about Michael Vickers. Of course, I then went on to explain how he is a very good live performer. These new tracks are essential listening for all Vickers fans. Musically, they are all very engaging. A music luminary, no less than Dean Jackson, once said of Vickers ‘I like Michael’s style very much indeed. He’s doing good stuff there.’ So, people of far more importance than me have acknowledged how just good Vickers is as a lyricist.

This new collection of songs are among the best I have heard from a local artist in recent times. An artist I have known for a very long time, Vickers has grown, developed and matured musically and creatively into an extremely good song-writer. one whose importance extends far beyond Leicestershire in all probability. Dean Jackson likened Vickers to Ed Sheeran; I see why. It’s a fair comment. But to me, I see him as being closer to Leonard Cohen in certain respects. This magazine has reviewed several of his live shows and we have always said how good he is as a live artist and singer.

You can listen to some of these songs and others on Michael Vickers Soundcloud.

Singer Michael Vickers
Singer Michael Vickers in July 2013

Giant Leap Year‘, the new EP from Michael Vickers is available now on Spotify, Apple music and other outlets.

See the web site for Micahel Vickers for more details.

Jonezy: Stories Part 2

'Stories Part 2' album cover by Jonezy November 2016
‘Stories Part 2’ album cover by Jonezy November 2016

Leicester music artist Jonezy released his first album – Stories – in 2014. That ten track disk has now been followed up by another ten track album – Stories Part 2. Offering a completely new selection of songs, this new release has been mixed and mastered by Yard 26 Digital. Some of the tracks – such as Amazing – have already featured in Jonezy’s live shows; Louder is another song that would have been heard at some of his performances. Keep on Fighting (featuring the Gaitway Brothers from Glasgow) has been available on YouTube for some time. Stars (featuring Alex Van Roose, he of Midnight Wire fame) is another song familiar to gig-goers.

Some think that Jonezy is just another rapper. Nothing could be further from the truth. What this new album demonstrates is that he is a singer and music artist who raps –  but there is much more to it than that. No one else does what he does; his shows are full-on performances. His music blends together pop, hip-hop and rock in a way that few other artists have done.

Copies of the new album will be available at Jonezy’s show on Saturday 19th November at The Shed.

Song titles from Stories Part 2

1. Amazing, 2. Louder, 3. Could be us (Featuring Melanie Turner), 4. Will I Stop, 5. Keep on fighting (featuring The Gaitway Brothers), 6. Hope, 7. Free (featuring LackyC and Frey), 8. So Much Better, 9. Stars (featuring Alex Van Roose), 10 Don’t Muck around.

Stories Part 2 is available on Spotify, iTunes and other major outlets

Find out more from Jonezy’s website

or see our feature article

Now, I have to say, I am a fan of Budgie Smugglers. Leicester’s popular, punk fun band. So it was with particular glee that I listened to their latest offering – Live At Quad – which came out in February this year.

Budgie Smugglers, EP cover 'Live At Quad' 2016
Budgie Smugglers, EP cover ‘Live At Quad’ 2016

Seven tracks will be very familiar to many music fans; songs like Teenage Kicks by The Undertones, Hit me… baby one more time by Britney Spears. So if you’re holding any kind of festivities this Yuletide this would be a good choice of CD to play for your friends.

Tracks on Live at Quad: 1. Teenage Kicks by The Undertones, 2. Hit me… baby one more time by Britney Spears, 3. Rave on by Buddy Holly, 4. Hey Baby, yeah baby by The Budgie Smugglers, 5. Ring of Fire by Jonny Cash, 6. Blitzkrieg Bop by The Ramones, 7. She Sells Sanctuary by The Cult.

See the Budgie Smugglers website


I was at The Shed one night when Chris Ostler came up to me and gave me a copy of his CD. Dedicated and signed. Chris is a singer I have admired for many years. One of the best. A popular artists widely admired by fans in Leicester and all around the country, Ostler is a singer and song writer of considerable ability who has penned some memorable classics – Show Me The World is one of my personal favourites. This is definitely one for my personal collection.

chris ostler
Chris Ostler at the Glastonbudget Wrap show in 2013.

On this disk: First Signs, Nature’s traffic lights, Lamplights, Adjourned, Live to tell a lie, Maybe someday, Jam jar label, The 9th Song and Show Me The World.

Find out more, obtain copies, from Chris Ostler’s website


Hysterical fun to come might seem like an odd and somewhat unlikely title for an EP but it comes from a band I know well – The Mini Nukes. When it was produced I don’t know – there is no date of any kind anywhere on it or on the sleeve so we’ll just have to say its probably early twenty-first century. I’m including on this page simply to say that I have a copy and it’s a good listen, from a local band that plays highly enjoyable ska punk. A ska punk band from Leicester – if that’s enough to make you want to get a copy I don’t know what is.

The Mini Nukes at The Shed on 30th September 2016.
The Mini Nukes at The Shed on 30th September 2016.

Tracks you can hear on this CD: Nukes!, Mushroom cloud, Tricks of the trade, Pubic lice, Another thing, No need, T*ts and a bucket, Letdowns, Pound shop prostitute, Psychsomatic and Monsell maff.

Details are on the band’s website


Also in the pile on my desk is a copy of the disk from Aztec TemplesPlaces. I reviewed this back in January [Music in Leicester]
but I have heard the song quite a few times since then and it’s one that I really love. So I thought I would give it another mention.

Aztec Temples at Rock Bottom, 11th November 2016.
Aztec Temples at Rock Bottom, 11th November 2016.

This is a local band that has built up an impressive repertoire of songs in the comparatively short time they have been around but I place much of their music in the premier league of Leicester music.


Before I go, there is just to remind you that if you are a serious collector of Leicester music then Kevin Hewick’s Touching Stones Tasting Rain is an absolutely must

Singer Kevin Hewick on the main stage City Festival October 2014
Singer Kevin Hewick on the main stage
City Festival October 2014

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