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Contents of this magazine in 2015.

The list below includes both changes to main pages and the latest posts; the list is being compiled as the pages are added this year.

Monthly reports for 2016

December – our round-up of live music during December.

November – our round-up of live music during November.

October – our round-up of live music during October.

September – our round-up of live music during September.

August – our round-up of live music during August.

July – our round-up of live music during July

June – our round-up of live music events during June

May – our round-up of live music events during May

April – our round-up of live music events during April.

March – our round-up of live music events during March.

February – our round-up of live music and events during the month.

January – our round-up of live music events during the month.

Subjects, topics, articles

Aztec Temples (gig review)

Bands – how to get your band listed in 2017.

Bands from Leicester and Leicestershire in 2016.

Bands from Leicester during April.

Bands from the past – 2008

Books by post.

Budgie Smugglers, Leicester punk band (featured in 2016)

Carlos Stein’s column: sounds familiar.

Courtney Askey, review.

Current awareness about the music industry.

De Sade (band).

Editorial comment.

Enderby music festival 2016.

For articles about specific festivals see the entry with the name of that festival

Festivals of music in 2016.

Festivals of music in 2017.

Gaye Bykers on Acid.

Gigs – our list of gigs in Leicester, selected and edited by Keith Jobey.

Glastonbudget Festival 2016 report page.

Good Friday.

Handmade Festival 2016 full report.

Heart and Soul at the Y Theatre (September 2016)

The Heroes… story of a band (book).

History of music in Leicester.

The home page for the series about the history of music.

History of Music – the period from 2000 to 2013.

Irene Rae (singer)

Jonezy – Leicester music artist

Jonezy – at The Y Theatre in September 2016.

Leicester bands (listing of)

Listening post – a page about record reviews and music tracks.

Listening post – a page of record reviews for September.

Maybeshewill (band).

Media for music (including radio) in 2016.

Media in print and on-line; see Other Scenes, our page about music-related publications.

Metal in Leicester.

Metal – more metal in Leicester.

MIL4Bands band feature artcle.

Music media

National bands coming to Leicester.

News in 2016.

Nik Turner.

Notes about music and bands.

The noughties (2000 onwards) music history.

Open-mic nights in Leicester.

Original bands showcase (obs) 2016.

Oxjam Leicester festival in 2015

Oxjam Leicester 2015 list of participating acts

Oxjam Leicester 2015 photos.

Oxjam Leicester festival in 2014.

Oxjam Leicester in 2013.

Oxjam Leicester in 2011 and 2012.

Leicester Oxjam in 2010.

Punk scene in Leicester.

Radio stations in Leicester, 2016.

Reckless Youth (band)

Record reviews.

Record reviews: listening post January 2016.

Record reviews: listening post for September 2016.

Record reviews: listening post for November 2016.

Rehearsal and practice rooms in Leicester.

Riverside festival 2016

Shonen Knife review.

The Skunk-Boy Project at The Cookie.

Some Sort Of Showcase (events).

Trilogy (band).

Uprising, show at De Montfort Hall

Upstairs/Downstairs at The Shed.

The Vim Dicta (USA) in Leicester.

Websites and other music media in Leicester.

Western Park festival 2016

Writing about music (article).

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