2013 Live Music in Leicester

Live music in Leicester in 2013

Our month-by-month  guide to live music. The reviews referred to in this postng were published in Arts in Leicester magazine. They have since been removed.


January 2013, saw obs Unplugged at the Musician, Joe Morrell at the Cookie Jar, Martha Bean’s EP Launch, Refuge and Mia and the Moon at The Craddock, The Delis Mix, Rhett Barrow and By The Rivers.


February 2013, Kenworthy and the Cream Tangerines at the Cookie Jar, the launch night of Youth of Loughborough with Luzon Bleeding Heart and Jonezy, Chris Ostler, Luna Kiss, The Dirty Future, Bleechbox, The Dambusters, an open-mic night at O’Neill’s, Delphic at the O2, Drongo at Lock42, The Harrowbrooks, Tom Nurse, A Night Under Water and Leaving Party, Ascend The Skies, Nylon Sky and Drowning Grace  at The Shed, The Jav’lins at The SoundHouse, Surrender The Coast at The Cookie Jar.


March 2013, Skam and Hells Addiction at the O2, Samuel Idwal on Radio Leicester, the start of I Wanna Be A Rockstar, Charlee Drew at The Cookie Jar, Formal Warning and Neon Sarcastic at Sumo, young bands play at The Shed, the Alternative Music Collective at the Musician, student night at the Looking Glass, various OBS heats at the Musician, Punk at The Soundhouse, Resin and Linear at the O2, Din Martin and Raptusound at the Soundhouse, Empire, LBH and Michael Vickers at the O2.


April 2013, Chronographs and a hardcore lineup at The Shed, Siobhan Mazzie, Mark Elliott and The Simpletones at The Cradock, more OBS heats, more I Wanna Be A Rockstar heats, Mark Elliott at The Cookie Jar, Strike Up The Colours and The Jav’lins at The Shed, the start of City Link-up Unsigned at Mobius, The Likely Lads, Tennysons, Incidents, Jav’lins at the Soundhouse, By The Rivers at The Font, Funeral for a Friend,


May 2013, Delis Mix, Formal Warning and KY at the O2, Bethia Mitchell at the Soundhouse, OPM night at the Soundhouse, Siobhan Mazzie Album Launch, The Glastonbudget Music Festival, The Handmade Festival, Leaving Party wins the 2013 OBS at The Musician.


The start of Music in Leicester website The Hinckley Music Festival, young bands play in Leicester, Download Festival, Alexander O’Neal at the O2,  The Riverside Festival, Foxton Locks FestivalMusic Diary for June


Live Music Diary for JulyGlastonblaby Festival, Western Park Festival, Singers of Distinction shows start at The Exchange bar.


Cosby Big Love Festival, Strawberry Fields Festival, the Y-Not Festival, Music Diary for August.


Music Diary for September, Satelitte Empire at the Music Cafe.


Oxjam Music Festival,  Music Diary for October (with Sham69, Santa Fe, Super73, Jonezy and Alexandru, Park Bench Society, Bastille, East and Eden, Bleechbox, Spotlight Kid, The Midbeats, Stop That Train, Three Thirds Below, Rene Lopez and Joseph Arthur, Flying Kangaroo Alliance, Rhett Barrow and the Dedbeats, Alex Van Roose, The Fazed), The Rocky Horror Show at Curve,  The Boomtown Rats in Nottingham, Madina Lake and the Fearless Vampire Killers at the O2, Lawson at The O2.


Music diary for November, By The Rivers at the O2, Demons of Ruby Mae at the Y, The Fores and Jonezy at The O2, Formal Warning at the O2, Skam and The Furies at the O2, The Vamps at Abbey Park.


Music Diary for December, Midnight Wire’s Secret Gig, The Bobcats and 8MilesHigh at the Musician, Sam Bailey at The Athena, The Vinyls at The Shed, Chrome Molly at The Shed.

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