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That Was 2014

The year has been good for music. 2014 was a bumper year for bands, singers, rappers and music artists of all kinds. In this article our Editor – Trevor Locke – reviews the gigs, shows and festivals that stood our for him in 2014 including those covered by other writers working for this magazine.

This review highlights the bands, singers and artists who made the year what is was, in our view.

No pictures in this article but watch out for out photo galleries of 2014.


27th The Shed with Goldstein and Casino Empire.

20th Resin did their annual gig at The Firebug, possibly their last as various members go their separate ways. On stage with them tonight were Martyr de Mona from Stourbidge, Leicester band Temple of Lies and from London Slam Cartel. Read our review of the night and our feature article on Resin.

19th Midnight Wire attracted a sell out crowd at Y Theatre. On stage with them were Casino Empire and Stop That Train. Read our review of the night.

18th Velocity play at the Rainbows Charity gig at The Shed.

13th 8 Miles High and Beneath The Lights were at the Soundhouse.

12th Casino Empire headlined the show at The Cookie Jar.

11th Young Bands performing at The Shed’s showcase gig were extremely good including Before The Crash, Mid City and Flight 15. Midnight Wire played as a guest slot at the end of the show.

5th We The Brave, from Leicester, played at the Glastonbudget Festival auditions show.

5th – Aaron Stratton did a good performance at the Musician.

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28th –  Part of The Problem, Rumjig, Ashmore at Pi Bar.

23rd – Tribal Riot at the Soundhouse.

20th – Nile Delta Buskers at The Musician.

11th – Siobhan Mazzei played at The Shed.

7th – Alligatr played at the Shed.

5th – Young Bands Showcase at The Shed.

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31st – The Stuts were at The Cookie Jar with Casino Empire.

30th – UB40 played at Leicester O2 Academy.

15th – Young Bands Showcase at The Shed.

10th – Cabin Boy Jumped Ship were at The Soundhouse.

4th – Oxjam and the annual Oxjam Leicester Takeover.

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24th and 24th – Two Young Bands Showcase gigs back to back at The shed brought an excellent line-up of bands and singers to the stage.

22nd – The Turkey Cafe was the venue of choice for me tonight; the new open-mic night was a particularly enjoyable experience.

20th – SavFest at the Octogon in Market Harborough saw a smashing line-up of bands and artists, including Jonezy and Captain Horizon from Birmingham.

19th – 8 Miles High, Formal Warning and Violet Cities played at The Shed.

6th – Casino Empire at the Cookie Jar with a strong supporting line-up that included Albion.

5th – I Surrender did an astonishingly good performance for the Glastonbudget Auditions. Their set at the 2014 Glastonbudget Festival was quite amazing, given they are young band.

4th – The Bench That Rocked at The Shed.

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A big month for Festivals and Kasabian on Victoria Park.

30th – Leicester Pride brought a wealth of talent to its all-day live music stage on Victoria Park.

29th – Murmur (now called Mid City), Casino Empire and Ash Mammal were on at The Soundhouse.

24th – The City Festival’s mainstage on Humberstone Gate saw many good acts performing.

23rd – The Kaleidoscope Festival took place in the city centre.

16th – Stop That Train headlined a show at The Cookie Jar.

8th – Neon Sarcastic was at The Shed. One of Leicester’s longest-running bands, they always put on a really good show.

3rd – Brush held its cententary in Loughborough and the two music stages brought us a wealth of bands and artists.

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25th – 26th – Leicester Music Festival took place at the Tigers rugby ground.

22nd – Raghu Dixit the Indian music legend returns to Leicester.

19th – Last Edition played at the Leicester O2 Academy.

11th – Ska band Sonic Boom Six played another stomping show at The Soundhouse.

5th – 8 Miles High, Deep Red Thread and The World Can Wait at The Soundhouse.

5th –  Western Park Festival.

Festival reports for July:  The Hinckley Music Festival; The Leicester Music festival; The Western Park Festival

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28th – Four Point Oh played at The Shed.

23rd – Download Festivial.

22nd – Foxton Locks on the main stage Jonezy and Formal Warning.

21st – Kasabian play their ‘homecoming’ gig on Victoria Park.

20th – Leicester band The Furies play at The Musician.

13th – The finals of Play@LMF is won by Violet Cities.

11th – The Rainbows Charity gigs at The Shed.

8th – I Wanna Be A Rockstar holds its finals at The Shed. The overall winner was Casino Empire.

7th to 8th – Riverside Festival took place at Bede Park.

Young Bands play at The Shed

Finals of Play At LMF

The final of I Wanna Be A Rockstar

Festivals in June: Foxton Locks Festival; Riverside Festival; Download Festival

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31st – Resin at The Firebug.

31st – Semi-finals of the Play@LMF take place at The Shed.

28th – We publish our feature article on Beneath The Lights.

17th – The grand final of OBS takes place at The Musician.

5th – Joe Buck (USA) headlines at The Musician with support from The Bobcats and Preacher & The Bear.

3rd – I Wanna Be A Rockstar at The Shed with The Bobcats, Casino Empire and Jonezy.

1st – Invictus, Internal Conflict and Seven Deadly played at The Shed.

Festivals this month: Glastonbudget Festival, Hand Made Festival.

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26th – Sumo was the venue for Smokin’ The Profit and Blunderbuster.

19th – Deep Red Thread, Headwire and Fourpoint Oh played at the Soundhouse.

17th – Flight 15 and The World Can Wait were two of the bands that performed at this month’s Young Bands night.

12th – OBS at The Musician saw Suicide B’s, Part of The Problem and Ash Mammal.

5th – The Firebug with Deadshoot, Midnight Wire and Soundtrack.

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29th – O2 Academy with Titan, Formal Warning and Casino Empire.

28th – OBS at The Musician with Ash Mammal.

15th – Elizabeth Cornish at the Cookie Jar.

14th – The Musician, OBS,The Bench That Rocked, 8 Miles High and The World Can Wait.

10th – Meeting of the Leicester Music Forum.

8th – Pi Bar with Flying Kangaroo Alliance and Midnight Wire.

4th – Play@LMF at The shed with The Simpletones and Jonezy.

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28th – 8 Miles High and Deep Red Thread at The Shed.

25th – Strangler Figs at The Shed.

22nd – By The Rivers and The Brandy Thieves play at The Soundhouse.

17th – Royal Blood at the O2 Academy.

15th – The Bobcats at Pi Bar.

9th – Final of obsUnplugged takes place at The Musician.

7th – Skam at The O2 Academy.

1st – Jonezy, Beneath The Lights and FourPoint Oh play at The Shed.

1st – Superevolver at The Cookie Jar.

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25th – At The Shed with Strangler Figs and Casino Empire.

22nd –  Jaws and Hallowed People at the O2 Academy.

22nd – Young bands at The Shed with Bridged and I Surrender.

17th – The Musician with The Simpletones and The Bobcats.

16th – At The Cookie Jar with God Damn, Flying Kangaroo Alliance and Luzon Bleeding Heart.

11th – The Donkey with Echo Marley.

11th – Bloodshed.

Our band of the month for January – FourPointOh.

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